Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Post-Election Letter to her children

A very poignant letter from a mother to her children, documenting 9-6-12. This is not my work (all credit to Jill), but certainly my sentiments.

A post Election letter to my Children - and why your mother cried all day!

As she fell asleep lying next to me tonight, my five-year-old, got tears in her eyes (mostly just exhaustion) and said she was sad Obama won. I laughed as she was mimicking her mother, who, at the start of the day, hugged her good morning and began crying telling her Romney lost and her mother was sad. In this moment, I realized I needed to write down my thoughts for my children on this post-Election Day, why I am so sad today and why I will keep fighting tomorrow.

I voted for Mitt, but it wasn't because he was Republican, I hate being labeled into a box. I wasn't even voting for Mitt -per se- no doubt he would have been a great economic leader, which is what this country so desperately needed. I was voting for more than a man.
*I voted for the idea that reward comes with hard work, not handouts. That people are the solution, not the government.
*I voted with the notion that our President should be held accountable for his actions, and that on 9/11/12, a US Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in a terrorist attack, and that our current President blamed it on a video. 
*I voted because Obama apologized to terrorists and to the world for our First Amendment and the right to free speech.
*I voted because I belong to a religion that has seen much hatred, and cruel videos and musicals [Jill is Mormon], and yet I believe it is a right for others to speak, so I peacefully ignore those cruel words and videos and musicals.
*I voted because God leads this nation and the Democratic Party removed his name from their political platform. [emphasis mine]
*I voted because I believe contraceptives are a choice and not a right; and even more that women should pay for their own and not expect others to do so.

*I voted for the unborn who are killed by partial birth abortion. I voted not to pay for abortions with my tax dollars.

*I voted for economic recovery and for that silly belief that if you can’t afford it- you shouldn’t get it.

*I voted for Capitalism and the American Entrepreneur.
*I voted against redistribution of wealth and the thought that the government can decide who has too much and who deserves more.
*I voted against a President that seeks to divide (class warfare, war on women, race divisions), and voted to Stand United with my fellow Americans, no matter their race, gender, or financial worth.

*I voted for the belief that this nation was founded on principles that need to be embraced, not “fundamentally” changed.
*I voted for you (her children's names).
*I voted so that you would be able to grow up in the America I have been privileged to know. I write this so that you know that my vote was not in vain.

I realized today that I stood with 48% of American voters, united for a better tomorrow. I will continue to work and serve, and pray so that each year that 48% grows. I learned today that being humble to the Lord and working hard is difficult and tiring, but it’s the only way. I learned that I must make sure, as your mother, that you learn about America, the good and the bad. I learned that America is only as strong as her people. I learned that I am strong...I learned that even though the outcome is not what I had hoped, fought and prayed for, that a victory was won because of the liberties that allowed me to say I VOTED.
Thank you, dear friend. You are not alone. May God, in His mercy, somehow see clear to bless America.



Crucis said...

Amen, Sister!

DUTA said...

Very true and touching letter!

Jill M said...

Again thank you for your support and for sharing this. It is amazing what good people can do if they stand toghether.

Susannah said...

Crucis~ amen.

DUTA~ I am so sad, so angry, so disappointed in my country. I cannot even express it. You predicted this, & I didn't want to believe it. I STILL don't believe it. I pray for Israel almost daily. Please pray for my country too, dear friend.

Jill~ What a privilege to have you comment here. I can't tell you how thankful I am to know that there are women like you who believe what I do, & are not staying quiet. Heaven help our country.

Joe said...

Jill's daughter is fortunate to have a mother who cares that much.

Would that we all would communicate with our children like that.