Saturday, September 27, 2008

Primary Perspectives

“I admit it! I’m a conservative republican evangelical Christian – unashamedly so…”

Such was my ‘coming out’ to some precious liberal friends recently. This, my official debut, came after doing a bit of personal inventory with the changing political winds at my face. Later, I reiterated my proclamation to some of my closest friends (who were probably thinking, “This is news?”), just because it felt so good to say. These aren’t words that I would have so emphatically written or said before. But now, somehow candor is essential. It's time to speak some things.

It started with a discussion that led into a bit of politico-speak wherein the Governor of Alaska & the Republican nominee for Vice President, Sarah Palin, was being derided. I listened with interest, but didn’t tip my hand, and later left the conversation with gnawing unfinished business. After I screwed up my courage, because there is no coming back from such things, I composed a crisp email, detailing my ‘outage’ to the original conversants, who I trusted enough to not deride me too. Below is a bit of what I wrote them that next day:

Girls, I know we're coming from different places, but let me tell you what she represents to me...Sarah Palin is a woman who - for the first time ever on the national stage - represents me. She's not an angry woman trying to be a man; not a woman who claims to champion my views, but who is so far out of step w/ me that she may as well be on Pluto. She is a woman who loves & respects her man, loves her children, loves being a mother. She is not afraid to be smart & savvy, but won't beat you about-the-head-neck-&-face w/ it. She is unapologetically committed to her faith, & she is conservative politically...

So, why start a web log over this? Because I was watching the day her candidacy was announced - and was absolutely stunned. An eerie déjà vu draped itself over my shoulders, and I felt like I was looking in a mirror. Finally - a real woman (who could actually be me), with the potential of being Vice President of the country. A real woman who cares about the things I do - not someone who screams far-left hyperfeminist propaganda & then swears she's speaking for me.

Why write here & now? Because I’ve been writing for some time with a sense of discovery and anticipation, and with a notion that perhaps I have something to say. And because that day, I experienced a shift in perspective.

I'm not sure who'll win this thing, but the pundits are right. Governor Palin’s candidacy is a 'game-changer,’ -- for me, anyway. Primarily, she gives me real hope that conservative women now have a voice in the Women's Conversation of our time; that the left no longer has a monopoly on "issues that women care about." She is a role model for thousands of women - who now see & know that you don't have to be abrasive & shrill in order to be tough & strong.

That's why they've been trying to kill her voice, kill her reputation, kill her credibility - literally kill it, before (shhhhhh!) any other women get the Big Idea that the feminist agenda has challengers...The media part of it has been beastly, and yes, quite personal. Because when the media tear her apart, they're tearing apart women like me.

So, there you go. Many thanks to Governor Palin for the shift in perspective. And thanks to the other Sarah Palins in my life, some who’ve helped me chart a course since before I have memory. Thanks to those who abrade my conscience, encourage my struggles, cheer my victories, and give me opportunities to serve in kind. You’re helping me live fully, helping me hone our voice and perhaps discover some big ideas.



Melonie said...

Hmmmm.... were we separated at birth and I just didn't hear about it? Because this is EXACTLY how I felt about the announcement as well. Gov. Palin had been on my "radar" briefly when I wrote the Workerette blog (for working women) because of the press' fascination with her having Trig and heading back to work. I have my thoughts on that..... but that'd be a whole 'nother blog post some day. ;-)

Great post! I'm glad you linked back to it as I hadn't read it in your archives yet for some reason.

Susannah said...

Separated @ birth...hmmm...

Now see, b/c of Gov. Palin, girls like you & me KNOW we're not alone. We're beginning to see that there are more of "us" - perhaps - than there are of "them". We give each other "real hope that conservative women now have a voice in the Women's Conversation of our time; that the Left no longer has a monopoly on the 'issues that women care about'."

Girls like me, Sarah Palin & YOU are why I started this blog in the first place. Hallelujah!!

...separated @ birth...wonder what my big brothers would think about that after all this time - TWO little sisters? Ye gads!

Melonie said...

Well, we just need to get you working on that Naughty Librarian look. Sarah and I have that down. ;-)

Do you think they'd feel any better about a new little sister if it meant a REALLY awesome brother in law and a cute niece/nephew? My daughter looooves to make craft projects...perhaps I can sway them (and clear off MY fridge) by having her send them some. muahaha

In all seriousness though - AMEN AMEN AMEN. :-)