Sunday, November 2, 2008

Roll Call.

My friend Tanya has kept me informed, updating me with a Reuters News service article, “Palin Effigy Removed from US Home After Protests.”

It’s gratifying to know that there has been sufficient pressure that Mr. Morrisette removed his display, but not before others were incited into countering with ugly displays of their own. Mr. Morrisette’s comment exhibits his complete ignorance of human nature (or maybe his keen understanding),

“There was a huge mob scene. The whole thing became a life of its own.” (Was he surprised or gleeful? We can’t know for sure…)

Still, I find puzzling the statement of the Mayor’s spokesman, “He had made his point and it was becoming counter-productive."

I wonder just what, exactly, was Mr. Morrisette’s point…? And which part was counter-productive: his point or the public outcry? Devoid of direct answers, I’ve drawn my own conclusions & I’m actually glad for the clarity this episode has rendered. I’m glad I know who in the Media Elite is willing to set aside bias, & stand up against such a spectacle. And I also know who is apparently willing to remain silent, hoping they might not be exposed, hoping we, the unsophisticates, might not notice.

I’m glad. Because they have been exposed; we have noticed, and I think we're all quietly taking names.

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