Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day!

Hi friends~
Just a quick note today. Hope everyone has had a lovely Valentine's Day!

It has been a BEAUTIFUL day here - just what we've needed! Walked 3 miles with the pooch & my sweet husband this morning. Then, I was able to get out in the yard & play w/ the pruning shears (know me well, & you know it's one of my favorite things!). Our daughter's fever is finally gone, & she's able to play outside. I hear her singing a little tune, as she twirls her daddy's golf umbrella in the fading sun. Our boys are shooting hoops in the driveway. I hear balls bouncing & the clatter of boys' yelling mingled with laughter. The occasional bark from Otis reminds passers-by that this home is under constant guard.

All of it is the lyrical, funny, cacophonous, quirky music of home. And it is beautiful.

Valentine's Day, indeed.


Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day Susannah ..I hope you have a wonderful day


Z said...

Susannah, I'm so glad you came by my site from the BIG DUDE'S!

I saw your picture then couldn't believe as you mentioned husband..daughter...boys!...And it's SO good to hear "sweet hubby" ...I loved that! You have a wonderful happy young face!

I LOVED this post..simple, but I WAS THERE with you (plus, I've always wanted to see N. Carolina!)

Happy Valentine's Day to you! I'm so glad you enjoyed that Nebraska video. BIG blessings to you and yours! Z

cocked and loaded said...

Hope you and yours had a happy
valentines day.

Frasypoo said...

I went with hubby to work and cleaned the bathrooms there !!!
Tho my dog slept all day long !We had gone on a 10 mile run on FRiday so he was resting!!!

Susannah said...

DD2 - You too! Thanks for stopping by!
Z - you're very generous w/ your kind words about my 'youth' (which I esp. appreciate, since my oldest -12y/o- is now taller than me!) My husband & I really liked that video; & you should come see NC. It's a lovely place to be! :)
Fras - Cleaning bathrooms??...Oh, I forgot, you just got home from a CRUISE!! I guess work was waiting. :) Otis & I power-walked 3 miles yesterday & he hopped/ran on 3 legs half the way. I checked his hind foot 4-5 times,but couldn't find anything wrong! He wasn't in pain, just hopped along like a little (fast) bunny! What a crazy dog!! (Our 1st Jack used to do the same thing in the snow, but Otis had no excuse but goofy-ness!)
~Take care all!

Susannah said...

C&L, I was so busy w/ my dog story, I forgot to say "back atcha" to you! Hope you're well!