Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow 2009!

Okay, so it really did snow this time! Here's a look across the street. Look at that blue sky peeking through the clouds. Beautiful!

This one's out the bedroom window...

And this was taken off the back deck. Gorgeous against the crystal blue sky!
Of course school was canceled, as were most other things (churches, businesses, etc). School's out again today, though mostly b/c of 'black ice' warnings & power outages. Everything you see on the street above was dry by 5:00 pm yesterday. Easy come, easy go...but it was GREAT fun while it lasted!! Just ask Otis, who had never seen snow - HILARIOUS! And, then there are my daredevil sledders who are comparing bruises this morning. This is what kid memories are made of...


Susannah said...

Oops! I'm sorry to whoever left a comment on the first version of this post. I replaced the post (was having some publishing problems) before I realized there was a comment. Sorry! Come on back & comment again... :)

Always Right said...

Great blog, I love those pictures and I love your blog and your name.


Z said...

Here I am again, Susannah! Can't keep a California girl from admiring SNOW PICTURES (though I raved about the beautiful snow I saw on TV yesterday to a friend in Boston, and he LET ME HAVE IT "do you know how long it looks beautiful? five minutes, then it's slosh!" Cracked me up!

Thanks for coming by geeez...so glad you liked that video, too! xx

Cappy said...

Ooh! Pretty!

cocked and loaded said...

Looks like you got a little more
than we did in chatham county.

Susannah said...

Hi Susan! Thanks for coming by (& for the follow). Glad you were here!
Z - thanks SO much for coming back! Even though I zapped your first comment. :)
Welcome back, Cappy!
C&L - How much did y'all get? Not sure what the official tally was here, but it seemed like about 4-5 inches. Yippee!