Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Which the Left Reports Tax Tea Parties...

You know, I'm actually surprised they reported it at all. If the MSM wanted to salvage any journalistic integrity, this was their chance. Friends, they just couldn't help themselves. What's the old saying? "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear..."

Lone Ranger came to the rescue by leaving a very helpful comment @ Mark's blog .

This is Greg Gutfeld w/ Fox's Red Eye. (Warning: Offensive material)

This is Gutfeld's entire panel discussion. (Warning...)

Oh, & here's MSNBC's Rachel Madow's classy take. (Warning. again.)

So. If I'm hearing them correctly...When the George Soros ilk finances the traveling band of Cindy Sheehans (bless their hearts), it is headline news, intense journalism. But when I call a few friends, buy poster board & markers, make signs w/ my own hands, then drive to a site having NO idea what or how many await me (only to find almost 2,000 have done the same thing-with very little financing & organizing, save our own wallets & personal emails), to exercise my right to Free Speech...When hundreds of thousands across the country have simultaneously done the same... This, this is MSM's fodder for sexual ridicule, dismissed as peasantry, wholly written off with sneering, smug dispatch.

If this is what the MSM calls free press journalism, somebody get a bugle & play Taps. We just witnessed its dying gasp.



Bungalow Bill said...

I don't think they ever came out to report it, just smear it. I tried calling CNN to tell them how digusting they are, but you quickly get trapped in their electronic phone system being forwarded here and there. They don't care.

Melonie said...

Don't miss MSNBC's take on the matter. Janene Garaofalo (or however you spell the ignorant little twit's name) was on some guy's show when I was flipping through the lovely 7 channels we get on AFN.... first words out of her mouth were that Republicans, white supremacists, and conservatives are RACISTS. Basically her take on this is that a) everybody involved in any of those three and/or the TEA parties is doing this because they "hate one black man". Hmmmmm..... that's not MY reason.... but wait....that would be because, according to her, we have "swelling in the brain" that makes it push against our frontal lobes preventing us from THINKING.

The worst part is our soldiers and military families like myself had to put up with this TRASH on our TVs. I normally applaud AFN for trying to cater to all walks of life in the military community by offering CNN, FOX, MSNBC and other channels - when they could very well limit it to Pentagon news and AFN news and feed us whatever the Big Guys say the military should "know". But considering her rant made me physically ill.... and when you've only got 7 channels, "just change the channel" doesn't work that well.... ugh.

The worst part was she spat her hate speech and enjoyed acting like she's some sort of brain surgeon or researcher... just because you can pronounce the word "neurological" doesn't make you smart yourself. *sigh* Oh but wait - my swollen conservative brain must be limiting my ability to think clearly and recognize her for an uber-cool activist (as she fancies herself) as opposed to seeing her as that sarcastic woman who is still bitter that none of the jocks wanted to date her in high school. Golly - I wonder why.......

Susannah said...

Clay - I think you're right. There was never any intention to report (as CNN's Susan Roesgen proved). Try emailing them. At least it'll have to be read by someone - you'd think.

Mel - I LOVE your spunk! You're my kinda girl (but we knew that already). Tell that sweet husband of yours that he's got one heck of a woman on his hands! :)

Mark said...


Just one small correction. Rachel Maddow is on MSNBC, or as Mark Levin calls it, MSLSD. Not CNN.

But it's an easy mistake to make, all those snarky left wing news organizations are different parts of the same jackass.

BetteJo said...

I am so angry about all of this "coverage" and the insulting and dismissive tone throughout. But I guess I can console myself with their ratings and knowing they will be no more, soon.

Joe said...

"We just witnessed its dying gasp"

I certainly hope so, as they no longer serve any societal purpose.

Susannah said...

BetteJo~ There is an argument on the Left that the Right has people who are dismissive & insulting, too, so "nyah, nyah"... To me, it's like saying David was insulting & dismissive to/of Goliath. Trying to make the MSM look like beaten-down victims of vicious attacks by the Right (therefore, they must return in-kind) is just silly. Frankly, a waste of my time.

Joe~ "they no longer serve any societal purpose" I think you're really onto something. Thanks.