Sunday, May 31, 2009

I was Tagged!

Okay, so about 5 days ago, Z "tagged" me! Since she's been blogging a lot longer than I have, I wasn't real sure what this meant. (Whew! It doesn't mean that I've got some computer virus, as I at first feared!)

It means that I'm supposed to tell you & her 8 random thoughts or factoids about me. So this oughta be an interesting exercise (for me, at least...):

1) I don't usually get writer's block on my blog unless I'm asked to write about myself or personal things about my life. You may've noticed I don't do that much. There's a reason for that: so far they're all nameless & they'd prefer to stay that way.

2) Like Z, I LOVE music! All kinds except maybe heavy metal & rap. I'm a singer - not professional - please! My singing is worth about what most people have ever paid for it! :) But I LOVE to sing!

3) I was a soccer player as a kid & in college. I turned in my cleats for running shoes, & ran on my own for years. Hey, it was cheap & easy! In the past 8 months, I've hung up the running shoes (maybe temporarily, maybe for longer) in favor of Pilates & Les Mills "BodyFlow" classes. Pilates has been excellent for muscle tone, core strength & flexibility. BodyFlow is this WONDERFUL combination of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates. It is a wonderfully strenuous experience that ends in a 10 minute meditation time. I use it most times for calming my mind, my body & for prayer.

4) I don't watch much TV. Contrary to what some of my recent visitors might believe, I don't even watch much Fox News. I will confess, though, I LOVE American Idol, The Biggest Loser & Medium. My favorite AI is David Cook. I thought Danny Gokey should've won this year. I thought either Tara or the young kid should've won Biggest Loser this time, not the blond mom who sent her overweight daughter home. My husband & I tape Medium every week @ watch it together - we get SUCH a kick out of the looks on Joe's face when he's awoken from dead sleep by Allison's nightmares! Ha!

5) I'm an avid gardener. My Grandmother, whose flowers comprise most of what I've got in my flower beds, used to tell me it was her 'therapy'. She also told me that gardening was a spiritual experience for her, that it taught her a lot about who God is, always making things new - bringing new life to once dead things. She was a quiet, wise, dear, loving woman. I miss her still. Sometimes when I'm in amongst her flowers, I feel her presence move through me & it takes my breath.

6) My favorite person in this whole wide world is my husband. He is the love of my life. He is my true soul mate, & the longer I know him the deeper I love him. The older we get, the more he surprises me with who he is; the more he surprises me with who I am as a result of his influence in my life. He is everything to me. We'll celebrate 17 years of marriage in June. God is so very good, friends.

7) I'm the youngest of 3 children. I have 2 older brothers - which may explain some things...! My oldest brother is retired Coast Guard. My middle brother is the Pastor of a new AMIA church 'plant'. I'm a stay at home mom with a career-on-hold as a Master's level Licensed Professional Counselor. It remains to be seen if I will further pursue this career in mental health counseling.

8) My dog is another one of my favorite people! And I am really, really enjoying getting to know my new blogging friends! I so enjoy your blogs, your visits here & the rapport we're all building. Thanks so much for your friendships!



BetteJo said...

I write about myself all the time but for some I find being tagged to do it incredibly difficult!

heidianne jackson said...

what a great list, suzanne. glad you shared! i'm still waiting for those i tagged to put their posts up...

Z said...

what a great list, thanks, Susannah!
it's wonderful to learn tidbits like this...I just read a book about a man of faith and how he finds God in his garden all year long..I loved it.

What fun to have two older brothers...we're all sisters (Lots of them but I never tell because I've been warned by people about anonymity! seems extreme precaution to me, but...)..anyway, I used to tease my folks that I wanted them to adopt a 20 yr old VERY good looking older brother for us! They did NOT bite!!!

I love hearing you talk about your husband, it makes me so happy to know there are good young people in the world.

Then, you MUST tell me about your exercise regime. Maybe we can talk off line about that (on my gmail address?) because I need a little input on something. Thanks!!

(only blogging 1 1/2 yrs myself..I'm OLD but ...!!! :-)


Pamela D. Hart said...

Susannah: Thanks for sharing yourself with us. You sound like a very nice person. I'm enjoying your blog. You are a good writer and have a unique way of getting your view across.

Frank the Carpenter said...

I have always loved your blog Sue...
You tell it like it I try to do.
Just watch your back with "Your new friend Shaw"

Susannah said...

BetteJo~ You want me to tag you?? Maybe an advance notice would help?? :)

Heidianne~ I'm SO glad you came here! I've seen you around, but I don't think you've come here before!! (or at least not commented...) Thanks!

Z~ I always begged for a little sister, or a Siamese cat. My parents didn't take the bait on either. :) (Did you get my email?)

Pamela~ Thank you so much for your kind words, really. I'm so glad you feel welcome here; that's my aim. Thanks again for the nice words. You seem like a kind person. :)

FRANK!!! It has been a while!! So glad to hear from you! Yes, I do try to "tell it like it is" or @ least how I see it...Those of us doing this need to hang in there for each other. Thanks for your encouragement.

Oh - Shaw & I are getting along just fine so far. It's not her that I need to watch over my shoulder for - it's her friends @ her joint blog - 'Swash Buckler', or something like, Pamela? :)

Take care, everybody!

heidianne jackson said...

suzanne, i've actually visited several times - but i don't comment everytime i go someplace - just ask z!

but i do like your blog and i have blogrolled it so i hope some others will find you as well! have a great rest of your monday!

Susannah said...

Heidianne~ (what a neat name!) Well, I guess double thanks are in order! Thanks so much for the blogrolling. That's a great compliment!

Girlfriend said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Susannah said...

Hi friends~
Just so you know, anonymous comments will be deleted here, no matter how well-meaning or kind-hearted they are.


MACW said...

I enjoyed this post very much. I appreciate the tag and I will work on mine later this evening. I've been blessed with a great husband as well.
Thank you for sharing!

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Oh, I'm late. Sorta like I was that time at gym class when I had to run 10 laps with something on my head not normally worn as headgrear, but I digress. Very nice snapshot of yourself, Suz. Thanks for sharing some really cool stuff about you.