Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ann Coulter: Dr. George Tiller & the 'Culture of Death'

So. How's this for reframing the context of murder?

Memo to Pro-Abortion Liberals: Sometimes a DOSE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE is painful, but really - it is for your own good.

(minute 3:28-4:15, 4:40 to end)

Go get 'em, Annie...


Anonymous said...

It continues to amaze me that the party of the people has chosen for it's leader such a man as Obama. Even more amazing, is the way the news organizations have decided that the issue is settled. The Democrats will get NOTHING done as usual and somehow manage to blame the GOP. Nothing new there.

bluepitbull said...

Funny about Ann. No one will argue to her face, but they talk profusely behind her back.

She makes realistic points and can reinforce them easily.

Bryan said...

After Cain murdered Abel, God asked Cain, "What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground" (Genesis 4:10.)

From America's ground the voice of the blood of millions of children, have cried unto God, and God has heard. Repentance in this country is sorely needed, before it is too late.

Susannah said...

AmerGrl~ We can only HOPE they get nothing done. Thanks for coming by.

Bluepit~ She's brilliant, strong & tenacious. She'll put it like it is & people don't like that - not at all PC. I love it!

Bryan~ Repentance, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Exclusive photos of the George Tiller memorial!

Anonymous said...

Must see of Ann Coulter on youtube

Z said...

Oh ,yes....let 19 muslims kill Americans and "not all muslims do that!" Let one 'christian' (who turns out NOT to be one) kill this Dr Tiller and we're ALL SCUM, right?
I hadn't seen that..thanks, SHE IS SO RIGHT. Susannah.xx

Steve Harkonnen said...

Ann certainly has a very interesting background. All of her books are brilliant. I'm known to read them over and over again. One of her best supporting arguments, with facts, is the blowout LIE on the story of Joe McCarthy.

Joe said...

Coulter is so right on, and she never gets flustered. That's a whole lot better than I could do.

Susannah said...

Anon x2~ Why not leave a name? That Tiller thing was a bit morbid. But, consider the source, I guess. The other link was empty. Next time, clue us in on who you are, please. I don't want to have to delete for the sake of keeping things on the up & up.

Z~ Amen Sista!! I find myself saying that to you a surprise, there! :)

Steve~ Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry to say that I've not read her books. I just know she's right on!

Joe~ You said it, friend! And I'm sure I couldn't go up against Bill O.!! No way!

Joe_D said...


t’s been a fractious, divisive week here on the blogs. More and more blogger don't just disagree with the opposing party, they despise them -- and hate. People don't just challenge someone's views -- they challenge the other person's integrity. Enjoyable, informative, and civil discussions between people with different points of view are becoming rare. I really blame the left for all this. It started when they couldn't except that Bush beat Gore. They called Bush every dirty name in the book and they haven't stopped even now that he's out of office. Like him or not, this was not right or was it fair. So Obama is going to get a bit of the same medicine, and why not? I may be predigest being a conservative, but I feel that liberals are the worst for making racist and sexist comments. What goes around comes around.

The problem is that there is a double standard, if liberals put out cartoons depicting Condoleeza Rice as Aunt Jemimah, with big thick exaggerated lips and statements about how dumb she is, they get away with it. Meaning that the only people who seem to care are obscure web loggers like me.

And it is the liberals doing stuff like this. If a conservative commentator or cartoonist like say Rush Limbaugh were to call a prominent black Congresswoman an Aunt Jemimah, he would be hounded off the air. The comparison of Don Imas and David Letterman is a good example.

Can't we all just get along? I doubt it but that would be nice, are you ready to stop criticizing Bush and accept the war in Iraq, stop camparing him to a Chimp, stop calling him all those dumb things, etc? It takes two to tango. So don't expect any better when Michelle is called on her big ass. Or Obama's ears etc.

How many times did we hear about the Bush daughters getting caught having a beer? Big deal.. But when Al Gore's son was driving drunk at 110 miles an hout, it was a "Private matter"!

I know it's cliche, but really - Can't we all just get along? Can't there just be debating w/o name calling, race baiting, finger pointing, etc?

But over the last many months I sort of got to know a lot of people on this board and I find myself drawn back. While my candidate didn't win this election, I want to move forward with a positive attitude and a great hope that I'm wrong and Obama will be the great President many people here believe he will be. Yet I see post after post still bashing away at Republicans and I'm driven to defend "my guys". I actually get the feeling that there are some Liberals who are going to be a bit miserable having their guys controlling the Oval Office, the House and the Senate. They're so used to bashing for the last 8 years, they just can't stop themselves!