Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Which Obama says 'It's Miller time'

Obama invites Officer Crowley & the professor to the White House for a beer. He concedes his words had been ill-chosen, but he stopped short of a public apology.

Just what we need…a President who butts his nose into police matters at the ‘local’ level, infers the worst --“racial profiling" -- presumably because the accused is of-a-certain-race & 1 of 3 arresting officers isn’t; makes a public statement besmirching the police department, stirring a racial firestorm that he struck all by himself…

Then it’s, ‘Oops. My words were ill-chosen…but we can see how racial issues are still very sensitive in America...’

Sure; when the President makes it so!

Just what we need in times like these. (His supporters call him cool-handed, steady & level-headed, remember? And they said Sarah Palin wasn’t ready for Prime Time…??)

His answer to the problem that he created? ‘Hey guys, come on over to the White House & let’s have a beer.’

Classy, Barak; real classy.

Just what I want of the American President: micro-managing law enforcement based on deluded perceptions of racism. (Those Reverend Wright tapes just keep on playin'...) Then we get – the whole world gets - this dignified image: regular beer guzzlin’ Joe, yucking it up with the fellas.

Not that I’m against having a beer with friends, mind you. But the President of the United States of America should be of a more dignified persuasion. The ‘office’ should carry authority & honor. A meeting with him should assume a higher caliber of social intercourse than poppin’ tops in the Oval Office.

I said from the beginning, this guy is a low-class, ill-refined, undignified, socially unsophisticated boob. He proves me right almost daily, friends.

If that makes me sound like a snob, I apologize to your sensibilities. I won’t, however, back away from my position.

The Office of the Presidency deserves better.

The American People deserve better.

I deserve better - than this.


Melonie said...

I was shocked by the beer comment too. I did agree that the line about not being able to get the press off his lawn was mildly funny - until the thought struck me that since it's the White House, it's technically not HIS lawn.

It's ours.

We, the People, own that lawn. And if those boys do have their beer fest (will there be brats, too? ha) they better make sure to clean up after themselves. So there. *stomping off in a snit*

Cristina M. said...

You forgot: "narcissist". Abandon all hope and change!

Average American said...

Susannah, I'll reserve the right to call him an asshole (1st amendment) and keep my guns (2nd amendment) and he can keep his change!!

It's seemingly little things like this brew-ha-ha, which was NOT a little thing, that shows how miserable of a choice he was for the Presidency of our once-great country. The man should be tossed out of OUR White House on his keester!

BetteJo said...

Seems to me Mr. Obama wants to micro-manage the car companies, the banks, my healthcare and yours, why not local police issues?

We may as well face it, our president is a control freak. He wants control way outside the bounds of the presidency. Would emperor satisfy him? Grrr..

Cappy said...

Beer should help.

Basically, O shot his yap off because what he said is what he believes. He is deeply ashamed of America. Average guys are just stupid losers to him, only fit for taxing and being told what for. It fits the pattern.

Stupid clingers

Stupid plumber

Stupid cop

Stupid Flanders.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand people demogoguing cops from the comfort of their living rooms or work cubicles.

Z said...

I thought the BEER invite was a little patronizing...

Odd he'll apologize for US all over the world but not now, when he really did step over the line.

Someone mentioned his comments were 'reflexive' in their racism and that honestly scares me.
good post, Susannah..I'm glad you're back! Thanks for coming by. xxx

Joe said...

From President BO: authority - YES; honor - NEVER.

He said, "I could have calibrated those words differently."

"Calibrated?" What on earth does that mean?

This man is so sophomoric!

Susannah said...

Mel! (SO glad to see you! How was your trip?) OUR lawn, indeed. When you're done w/ your *snit*, come on back!! :)

Cris~ Glad to see you too! I just read Krauthammer, who said, “A lot of the Obama presidency is a contest between his intelligence and his arrogance..." I think that'll do for the narcissism, don't you?

AvAm~ Thanks for coming by! Tossed out on his keester - yep! MIserable choice is right, my friend.

BetteJo~ I thought what you're thinking too. It scares me, that his 'cover' has only been blown just recently --- and so many are still not paying attention!

Cap~ You hit the nail on the head. He thinks he's the authority on race & that we'll take anything he says...But he said what he believes - which makes me sick.

Matt~ See comment to Cap above...also, it's like the 'armchair QB' or the 'backseat driver', isn't it?

Z~ Interesting thought about the apology...hmmm. See what Cap says about 'reflexive' thinking. I think he's exactly right.

JOE!! Glad to see you! (How 'ya feelin'?) 'Calibrated'---that's a guy who knows he has stepped in bigg doo-doo trying to 'smart' his way out of it. Nice try...didn't work.

Euripides said...

This POTUS seems to have a bad case of foot in mouth disease. The problem is he keeps calling news conferences to prove it! When will the media catch up to his swath of misdirection?

WomanHonorThyself said...

The American People deserve better...amen girl!

Susannah said...

Eurip~ Yes, he has a 'disease' - just not sure what it is yet...And did you hear? They're now calling this thing the 'beer summit'. else will they legitimize this thug?

WHT~ Indeed!