Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama Youth??

Friends, by now you've probably heard about the "address" that the President will deliver to the nation's public school children - simultaneously - while they're in school - on Tuesday. For some children, it will be the start of their year. For others, it's the first day back after a Labor Day break. Either way, parents will be caught unawares, uninformed & unable to give/deny permission for their children's participation in this unprecedented 'Presidential address' to the captive audience of our nation's school children.

A few days ago, I went to a luncheon sponsored by Freedomworks where author Mason Weaver & Fmr. Hs. Majority Leader Dick Armey were speaking. They said a lot of things about the state of our government, but the main point that each man stressed? Decide today, Act tomorrow! I had arrived decided (that we must act), but was still perplexed as to what I could actually do...

Next day, I answered my phone to a voice speaking with agonizing urgency, "Have you heard?...This is how these things get started...look at history...Hitler Youth..." It was time to act...

What follows is the exchange I had w/ my school Superintendent. I share it in hopes that, in the slender window between now & 9-8, anyone who can use it & ACT on it, will:

Sent: Wednesday, September 02, 2009 1:59 PM
Subject: President Obama to address school children
Dear Dr. M & Board Members,

Just today, I learned of an address that President Obama is scheduled to make to the nation's public school children on Tuesday, September 8th.

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009

I would like to know if our School System in taking part by having children K-6 (or older) watch/listen to this address. Please let me know.

From Dr. M: We are working on that using an internet link. I haven't heard whether all the logistics have been worked out. We will be posting something about this on our website home page.

From Dr. M.: It is my understanding that the student message (duration is supposed to be in the 5-7 minute range) will be broadcast at noon next Tuesday. Obviously many of our students will be at lunch and will have to miss it. I am certain that this speech will not be partisan in any way - it will encourage students to do well in school so that our country can remain competitive. I think that you would approve of his message and I would encourage you to watch it on C-Span or come to school. If your children are eating lunch at noon, they won't be watching it.

From me- final response:
Dr. M,

Thank you for your prompt response to my email, and I appreciate your anticipation of my concerns. Whether the President’s “address” is partisan or not is not at issue. (I assume it will not be, having read the curriculum that accompanies it.)

Our country’s current political climate has produced unparalleled Government control in our society, and has raised to high alert suspicions of socialist motivations (& worse). In such a climate, for the President to deliver an unprecedented “address” to every child in the nation’s public schools (w/o parental informed consent, on the day after a holiday break) is inappropriate. It further ignites fears of an intrusive Government “Nanny State”. It also demonstrates abuse of the station of his office against parental authority. Our public school children are a captive audience whose parents have not chosen, nor been informed, nor given permission for their children to participate in this event.

Our family respects the Office of the President, but we demand that the man who holds this office respect the reach of his authority and influence in our daily lives. Further, we find offensive the school system’s lack of the due diligence of informed parental consent in this matter, regardless of the content or duration of the address. Therefore (because we happened to stumble across this knowledge), our children will not be in their school buildings during the President’s “address” on Tuesday.

Thank you again for your timely response to my inquiry...

I'm thankful that my friend came upon her information. I'm thankful that my mind & posture had been prepared by those two fine speakers toward doing something. Mr. Mason had asked of our lunch group, "Are you frightened, or are you motivated? Decide now what your country is going to be, then act to make it happen.

This is our country, friends. It's time to take it back.



LL said...

The situation is alarming and the fact that the federal government (through funding) has such profound leverage on schools makes "the feed from the White House" that much more concerning.

I have heard that they intend to make it a monthly broadcast if this first one works well.

Bungalow Bill said...

I am starting to wonder if this at lunch is a talking point. Every school official I have talked to or I have seen interviewed always says at lunch as if that is to make us feel better about what is going on.

On August 24, our local schools received the information. You just have to wonder if 'at lunch' was part of their direction. Don't want to lose those federal unconstitutional Department of Education subsidies.

Anonymous said...

LL, I hope you are joking. Monthly? Hell, if that's the case, why not have Mr. Obama's Neighborhood where he goes to the Neighborhood of Make Believe to make people like Marx and Castro look like nice people living in an imaginary castle. He loves the camera, so is it out of the question to donate 30 mintues of time each day to further this indoctrination?

curriculumcoord said...

According to a news article I read "...some parents won't be allowed to "opt-out" their kids everywhere. At least one school district, Tempe Elementary School District No. 3 in Arizona, is not permitting parents to pull their children out of class during Obama's speech.

"I have directed principals to have students and teachers view the president's message on Tuesday," Superintendent of Schools Dr. Arthur Tate Jr. said in a statement Thursday. "In some cases, where technology will not permit access to the White House Web site, DVDs will be provided to classes on subsequent days. I am not permitting parents to opt out students from viewing the president's message, since this is a purely educational event."

Holy Cow! Parents don't have PERMISSION to opt out their kids???

Z said...

I sent this especially to California parents and grandparents I know, Susannah....thank you SO much.

Except, like I emailed you, I DO believe there is agenda-driven bias in the curriculum, too.

GOOD Job, Susannah...a true American MOM! We need millions more like you....xx

Z said...

By the way, I'm hearing a LOT of parents keeping their kids home that day. I'm calling that the KIDDY TEA PARTY ....don't let them call our kids ASTRO-Sand boxers!

James' Muse said...

I'd like to see what this address entails. I think everyone should have the right to pull their children out. That being said:

You called this "unprecendented." Not true. Reagan gave a speech on CSPAN to school children in 1988, which was broadcast in schools.

Anonymous said...

ach tung!

BetteJo said...

Anybody going to have a real tea party? I mean - tea and cakes or whatever they do, not a protest. Kids would love it! Give them an alternate activity.

I'm so glad my kids are older.

Susannah said...

LL~ It's as if there's a funnel over my child's head & they're gonna pour whatever they want straight from the Oval Office. Monthly? When I read that earlier today, I just about threw up on my keyboard...This has gotten out of hand.

Clay~ "Lunch" is a stupid play. Anyone who knows school children, knows that lunch is staggered from 10:30-1:15. "At lunch" is irrelevant, & they know it.

Anon~ Yeah, maybe they'll cast Diane Watson as the Queen in that castle...Hey, welcome - do come back - next time tell us who you are. We don't bite, I promise.

Curric.~ "Holy Cow! Parents don't have PERMISSION to opt out their kids???" Over my dead body. My kids will not be @ school on Tuesday.

Z~ Thank you SOOOOOO much, my West Coast partner in crime! I'm glad to know we're not the only ones keeping our kids home. Astro-Sandboxers? Let 'em 12 y/o can take 'em! He's taller & stronger than me! You're so encouraging. I needed that today. Thanks.

James~ Of course they should have the right, & exercise it.

"Our country’s current political climate has produced unparalleled Government control in our society, and has raised to high alert suspicions of socialist motivations (& worse). In such a climate, for the President to deliver an unprecedented “address” to every child in the nation’s public schools..."

In such a climate, with people's fears & suspicions aroused, with a gov't that is insinuating itself (or trying it's best to), this "address" planned under the cover of darkness, with no parental apprisal or consent, being carried out on day 1 (or after holiday wknd.) b4 anyone can catch 'wind' of it...No, James, Reagan never did THAT.

Do you have children in the public schools? Do you know how helpless you'd feel if something like this was going some malignancy is spreading all around you & there's nothing you can do to stop it -- and now it's coming after your CHILDREN??? I'm guessing you don't, but I could be wrong. Maybe you do...If so, & you're still not convinced, take a look @ this--- ---- A friend sent this to me AFTER reading my post. It absolutely made my skin crawl.

Anon~ leave a name, please..."pay attention" --- and?

Jim said...

George HW Bush did it, too.

Children shouldn't be encouraged to excel? They shouldn't plan their education? They shouldn't take personal responsibility for their success in school?

Truly evil concepts, no?

You Beckaroos are truly amazing.

Susannah said...

BetteJo~ We may go to the Zoo...we'll see.

Jim~ Content is NOT the issue, & I'm really not in the mood to repeat myself. See my response to James, & take a look @ the video, too.

I am nothing like amazing, but my children ARE, so back off.

James' Muse said...

Susannah: Big difference here. Private vs. State. These children in the video you posted were doing it for an Obama supporting ad during the last presidential race. Those kids were probably the kids of the parents in the video; children of his supporters. So a private group was singing his praise. So? It means they brainwashed themselves into idiocy.

The kids at the end are doing so in a school, via state orders.

Susannah, while I agree you should have the ability to pull your kids out of school, this is NOT unprecedented, and saying that "In such a climate, with people's fears & suspicions aroused, with a gov't that is insinuating itself (or trying it's best to), this "address" planned under the cover of darkness, with no parental apprisal or consent, being carried out on day 1 (or after holiday wknd.) b4 anyone can catch 'wind' of it...No, James, Reagan never did THAT."

You are fooling yourself here, and are bordering on partisan hysteria. The political climate was just as heated a few years into the Iraq war. I remember, my last year of high school, when 3/4 of my class (and a sizable majority of the under classmen as well) staged a walkout in protest. I remember watching them in awe of their lockstep. It is what I saw from the left, and now I am seeing from the right.

Reagan, and George HW Bush too, both did this. With similar messages. Without parental consent.

Had Bush II done this, would you have pulled your children out? He was just as polarizing as our current president, and his administration insinuated itself into our lives just as much, but in different arenas. Would you have pulled them out? I highly doubt it. Why? Because he was a Republican.

As I said, you are now reminding me much of the hysteria my liberal friends were falling into during the Bush administration, claiming he and his police state were going to get us all. Please, take a step back, realize that no US President is Hitler. We haven't made any moves to invade anyone. There is no talk of scapegoating our problems on minorities or anyone being put into concentration camps. Nothing of the sort. Take a step back. Calm down. Stay vigilant, but calm down.

Susannah said...

James, I do thank you for trying to be move me toward deep breathing. You're right. I did get a little too worked up (simultaneously along w/ 100's of 1,000's of parents
across the country - BEFORE this made big news).

Perhaps we're all making too much of this: Education Secretary Arne Duncan disseminating the speech & curriculum material DIRECTLY to principals across the country -- CIRCUMVENTING ELECTED school board members and superintendents, who are now facing parents who weren't even supposed to KNOW ABOUT THIS until it was over. Nah, I don't think so. (You really don't have a 'dog in this fight' er, um, child in these classrooms, do you?)

I'm calmer this morning, thankfully, but my resolve is solid.

Interesting. My husband asked me the same question you're inferring, "What if it had been George W.?" Thoughtful question; so I paused, breathed & thought. (I know he shares my position, respects my passions, & loves our children as much as I do.) My answer to him was the same as my final response to my Superintendent - 2nd paragr.

Another writer, w/ more keen political acumen than myself writes this morning (of why parents don't trust Obama's funneling himself into our children's schools),

"O's bureaucrats can whitewash offending language from the Sept. 8 speech-related documents, but they can't remove the taint of left-wing radicalism that informs Obama and his education mentors. A spokesman maintained that the speech is 'about the value of education and the importance of staying in school as part of his effort to dramatically cut the dropout rate.' BUT THE HISTORICAL SUBTEXT IS FAR LESS INNOCENT.

[Um, isn't that what I was saying, too? Please, read on for the explanation...}

"...The 'change' agenda trains students to think only about what they should do for Obama -- and rarely to contemplate how his powers and ambitions should be limited and restrained."

Re: from whence BHO is 'informed': Bill Ayers, BHO's friend/neighbor/ally & mentor,said in a speech in Venezuela 3 yrs ago, "...profound educational reforms underway here in Venezuela under the leadership of President (Hugo) Chavez. We share the belief that education is the motor-force of revolution...I look forward to seeing how he and all of you continue to overcome the failings of capitalist education as you seek to create something truly new and deeply humane...Teaching invites transformations, it urges revolutions small and large. La educacion es revolucion!"

[the writer summarizes] "This is why informed parents do not trust the Educator-in-Chief and his 'comrades.' You can take Obama from the radicals in Chicago. But you can't take the Chicago radicalism out of Obama."


Susannah said...

"There is no talk of scapegoating our problems..."

Let's see...MSM's constant demeaning of regular citizens..."Tea Baggers" "Angry Mob" "Birthers" "Astro-turfers"...all-out, full on attempt to alienate people from their right to exercise free speech, to make them seem odd/different/crazy to the public @ large...

hmmm...I wonder how it was those concentration camp things got started...(Please, I'm not implying that chain link & ply-wood is being erected as we type.) Just a thought re: the propaganda & culture war that is being waged.

I'm done for now, & will be gone all weekend. Hope you folks have a lovely weekend! Take good care & love the ones you love.

Micheleeroo said...

Why do parents have to wait to find out what a politican is going to say to their kids? Why doesn’t he publish his general comments so parents can be assured he is not there to make a poitical campaign speech? Why the secrecy? BO is a proven liar. Did not hear Rev Wright in 20 years. Hah! Doesn’t really know Bill Ayers. BS!

Ask not what your kids can do for their country but what their country is doing to your kids.
The progressive statists are the decay of morals and society through their documented actions, not as our illustrious math teacher thinks. The collective should stick to math, history just is not its forte.

All hail the Obama jugend! nothing to see here, move along, if you want to be further brain-washed, go to Shaw Kenawe's blog and see what she just wrote.

skidmark said...

've said it before and I will say it again, when someone writes the history of this one term President, it will clearly point out that any President needs the TRUST of the voters, otherwise it all crumbles....and when you have objections ...not to a speech...but to the proposed Teacher Aids which in and of themselves were somewhat repugnant, all you do is breed more mistrust......and then along came Czar Von Press Secretary Gibbs's the silly season...and hearing all about Von, it sure in hell is.

I am amazed at how little people are paying attention! The problem with Obama speaking at to the schools is that his aides wrote a lesson plan that was NOT just about staying in school and instead was filled with how are you going to help obama? And pleaase stop playing the racism card! It is definitely not true and getting really old. It is his ideas and plans that are the problem not his skin color. As an independent, I am outraged at the fascism of this administration.
Have you ever seen America this divided in the last 50 years? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Or, is this what politics is really about? I do believe this will help America rediscover itself.
We don't hate the left, we feel you are just confused and tricked by the spin masters, but you seem to have a hate for us and we are around half the population also. Let's both look for the truth together. Maybe together we will find it.
This is PURE propaganda! Shame on the president for this underhanded tactic. If he were to just talk about studying and working hard, but asking our children to write letters to themselves on “How they could help president Obama” is beyond communistic

bluepitbull said...

Across our state many schools are rejecting the Obama speech.

SAISD is giving parents the option of bringing their kids home and letting them watch it online.

Jim said...

"We don't hate the left, we feel you are just confused and tricked by the spin masters, but you seem to have a hate for us and we are around half the population also."

Yep, it is we who are confused, not you who listen to Beck, McCaughey, Hannity, Malkin and Limbaugh. We are tricked by the spin masters and you are not.

We do not hate you. We are just as incredulous of you as you seem to be of us. You think half the population are sheep-like fools, and only you are educated and wise. Those of us with college and post-graduate degrees, 30-40 years of life experience, jobs in business and industry, raising children, paying taxes, fighting wars, living through the cold war and Viet Nam War are somehow ignorant or misguided about our country's history and traditions and have no sense of what America should be and what kind of lives and environment our children and grandchildren should have.

Our hopes and dreams are every bit as valid as yours, whether you like it or not.

Jim said...

"Bill Ayers, BHO's friend/neighbor/ally & mentor"

Ayers was a neighbor, and an ally only in the sense that he sponsored a fundraising party for him. There is no evidence that he was a friend or a mentor. That's Beckaroo-type made up crap.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Us wicked republicans are at it again. out to get poor innocent Barack Obama.
Watch how the Left Wing Liberal/Communist will demonstrate their 2 face hypocrisy and blame everyone but Obama for the Commie Bastard, anti-American, Left Wing Wacko Van Jones SO CALLED "Controversy"

Thanks Glenn Beck, you did well. Now lets get rid of the rest of the criminals, tax cheats, commies etc

Mary said...

Sorry but George W. still had old time politics on his agenda. He was not anti America, nor apologetic for Americans, nor did he seek to take our country in a direction that was detrimental claiming it was for our own good. I would trust him in a room alone with my children any day, anytime. I can not say that about President Obama. If anyone claims to trust him with their children whole heartidly without reservation, I would recommend that they drink a strong cup of joe and WAKE UP!!!

Jim said...

What do you think would happen in that room with the President and your children?

My Thoughts said...

The destruction of America is underway as planned.

We must band together and stop it now.

Joe said...

Heather Higginbottom referenced the original release from the administration as planning to ask the children to ""write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president."

That is where the flap began.

It is true that Reagan spoke in schools...via video tape, which the schools had the opportunity and blessing to show or not.

It is true that George HW spoke in schools. His message was what Obama now claims is his: Stay in school and get an education.

But the motives of President BO are at the very least suspect based on his original intent.

Higginbottom called the original statement "inartful."

Yet the two versions of the plan are diametrically opposed to one another: "enlistment to a personal cause" and "encouragement to st stay in school."

What if President BO had been able to get away with the first plan? Would the likes of James Muse and Jim be concerned then?

Our schools are no longer public, but are government schools. The governemnt seeks more and more to have absolute control over them.

That is NOT a good thing, whether the leftists think so or not.

Mary said...

Exactly, which is why I home school my children Joe.

Southern Drawl said...

I am thankful we home school and have for the last 14 years!

Jim said...

"What if President BO had been able to get away with the first plan?"

The first plan being "enlistment to a personal cause"?

"Would the likes of James Muse and Jim be concerned then?"

Not in the least. I'm not a paranoid delusional. If it is the personal cause of the President to encourage children to stay in school and to take personal responsibility for themselves and their eduction, I'm totally on board with that. Why aren't you?

Personal responsibility. Isn't that Commandment 1 of the Conservative philosophy? Of course it is unless Barack Hussein Obama espouses it.

The Lone Voice said...

I just heard a news blurb where an Obama spokesperson described the current fuss ensuing by President Obama's proposed talk to the nations school children as ''silly''.
IMO what's ''silly'' is the entire Obama Administration and their seeming tin ear to what this nation is all about and their inability to hear what the people are saying, much less understand any of it.

Arrogance, thy name is Obama and Company
Our Constitution is being trampled and spit on by BHO and the Marxist dems in Congress. It is our job as American citizens to stop them using peaceful disobedience.
I find it amusing that these ignorant "journalists" like to bash Beck, Republicans, Drudge, etc. for uncovering Jones! If the media such as Politico did their job, Beck, wouldn't have to do it for them. That's why Americans are so angry. No one cares to research this administration. The media are just trying to cover them up.
Hey, radical lefty's, we're just getting warmed up.

Jim said...

Well, here it is. The President's speech.

I read it, and I think I've figured it out:

Just take the 11th paragraph, omit every other word, and replace it with one of the opposite meaning, read backwards, and you have a new socialist manifesto!

Susannah said...

Michele~ "Why do parents have to wait to find out what a politican is going to say to their kids?" They shouldn't have to...& from what I've seen, it has been posted on the DoE website. I've read it. Problem is NOT the content of his speech, but the subversive means he used to get it into the classrooms by bypassing elected school boards, etc. THEN there was that blatant fascist-style "lesson plan." Please. Thanks for stopping by, Michele. Do come back again!

Skid~ Now we can add "silly" to the list of derogatory things said of us, right? Thanks for reiterating what I've been trying to say about the fascist flavor of brainwashing that BHO is trying to pull past us.

Thanks for coming by. I appreciate your input!

Bluepit~ I wish our School Board would've done the same. They voted Friday afternoon - ONLY because several of us hounded them w/ emails, demanding they do something. They voted 5-4 in favor of it. Fine, but here's what I told my school board friend & the Republican who cast the deciding vote: "...we will not allow our children to be subjected to communist-style propagandizing...I know you mean well, but calling this a 'family decision' misses the entire point...the content of the speech is not the point either. The very fact that you, an elected official didn't even KNOW about this until 2 days ago, and then only thru media, proves my point that this was a subversive act by an administration which informs itself with radical socialist & communist influences. Because this has been so easily insinuated into our local schools from the Federal level, I am, for the very first time, considering pulling my children out of the public schools..."

Susannah said...

Jim~ "Our hopes and dreams are every bit as valid as yours, whether you like it or not." Of course they are. It's just that they're wrong for our country.

"Beckaroo-type made up crap" OK. The first time you said this on my other post, I had no idea what you were talking about. Now I get it. I'm a little slow here, b/c I've never even watched more than 5 minutes of Beck, & that was just last week on the Van Jones thing...My,'s a wonder I can think for myself! Um, & who's McCaughey?

DD2~ Thanks! Yes, BHO, the poor innocent lamb! How horrible it must have been to find out his friend Van Jones was a communist - & to find it out from BECKaroo, of all people! ;)

Mary~ You're right on! It's all about the agenda...& to answer Jim's question, I'm not going to leave that to chance. My kids will not be in "that room" w/ him when he delivers that speech to the masses' children.

MyThts~ "as planned" indeed. Let's just hope we've caught them - & are waking up to the smell of Mary's coffee - in time to save our country!

Joe~ "But the motives of President BO are at the very least suspect based on his original intent." You & Mary are right on here. BHO has proven himself un-trustworthy where the good of our Republic is concerned. His motives are suspect, his means are suspect as well. The same was not the case in the other instances.

Mary & SD~ For the first time, I've begun to pray about this. I have been convinced that it's not my thing (& I really don't think it is), but if the Lord would have me do it, then I trust He'll equip me...

Jim~ oh boy..."enlistment to a personal cause" of the dear Leader...we all must give our ALL for the cause of the dear Leader! Every man, woman, child - for the cause of the dear Leader. Train the children while they're young to think not what they can do to better themselves, but how they can enlist themselves toward THE CAUSE OF THE DEAR LEADER!! And then you ask why we're not "on board" with that...kinda like Joe Biden telling us it's "time to get with the program" & pay more taxes. No, Jim. I don't think you're paranoid or delusional; just very, very misguided. (Or maybe just too stubborn to admit when you've been taken a fool. I don't know - you tell me...?)

LoneVoice~ Yes, just add "silly" to the list of lovely & respectful characterizations that have already been slung toward us...Thanks for stopping by & commenting. Do come again!

Jim~ If you still think the content is the issue, then you're intentionally disregarding our entire discussion, & you're wasting your time here. However, I DON'T think you're disregarding our points. You can't defend how this was done, the motives behind it, the "curriculum" they were going to try, & I think you KNOW we're right. B/c you can't defend it & you're (perhaps) too proud to admit BHO was DEAD WRONG, you're trying to change the argument. You're thinking we'll follow your argument's nice winding path into oblivion. Sorry.

I do appreciate your input here. It challenges us all to sharpen our thoughts (or me at least). Do keep coming back.

Jim said...

I recognize that to you it is not primarily about the content.

The only thing I think that was done that shouldn't have been done was to send out a curriculum that personalized the President's effort. To ask student's what they can do to help the President only feeds into the Beckaroo's hands and their fantasy of some Obama cult. The administration should have seen this coming a mile away and I blame them that they didn't.

They should have positioned it as what can I do for my country and for myself to help the future of my country. Now, Beckaroos would probably object to this too, but if so, they would simply be bringing into question their own patriotism.

There is absolutely not ONE THING WRONG otherwise with this speech or the way it was handled. To even imagine that Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush would be required to have YOU vett their speeches prior to delivering them to school children is simply ridiculous.

And if George W. Bush's personal cause was to defeat the evils of islamo-fascism or stop the killing of babies, would you enlist in dear leader's personal cause?

"It's just that [your hopes and dreams are] wrong for our country."

Says you.

My World Is Changing said...

It is not just talking to the students that is in question, it is the lessons that go along with his little talk. How can I help the Pres.? How many of you libbies would have liked Bush having such a lesson? The dem party sure has changed since JFK. Help the Pres. - make posters that have his slogans on them, pledge service to the Pres WOW has the party changed.

Keep them home and have your own lesson on the Constitution. Maybe our leader should read it again. He has forgotten 99% of it.

Ted Kennedy said...

Kids listen to Marxist indoctrination from dysfunctional parents grandparents and other mentors. Take copious amounts of hard drugs while avoiding any personal responsibility. Find some wealthy radicals that can mentor you and give you sinecures aplenty. Fill yourselves with hubris and an undeserved sense of accomplishment and privilege. Cover your past paper trails and all, succeed at nothing, then claim your right to dictate to others how to live. If so blessed play whatever victim card you have ,halfrican will do. Oh and be sure to rail against your country for sins real or perceived and never waver from your myopic self abortion. In summation be a worthless,"boutique educated",crack smoking lay around, never get a real job and them maybe you too can run for President.

Jim said...

"How many of you libbies would have liked Bush having such a lesson?"

If Bush had a lesson plan that asked children to think and write about what they could do to HELP PRESIDENT BUSH make this country safer from terrorist attacks I would have loved it.

Susannah said...

Jim~ "They should have positioned it as what can I do for my country and for myself to help the future of my country." Indeed. That would have been just fine by me, except for the serpentine circumventing of all elected School Boards across the country, the funneling of the Oval Office agenda straight into our classrooms (regardless of that agenda). Fact is, the manner by which this was handled was disrespectful to the process of democracy (bypassing local authorities, therefore assuming POWER), & therefore reeked of manipulation. Their 'curriculum' just happened to get snagged in time...

MyWorld~ "Keep them home and have your own lesson on the Constitution. Maybe our leader should read it again." We went to the zoo!! Fantastic day & FAR MORE educational. Did you know that a Sperm Whale can hold its breath for over 2 HOURS??

Ted~ Sounds kinda like you've been there...?

Jim~ Good question, though I answered it already to James, sev. comments up. Bush never directed attention to HIMSELF, as if he was a singular entity, bravely fighting a wicked foe. As I recall, he distinctly spoke in terms of 'we/our/us' (instead of the 'I/me/mine' that litters BHO's speeches), & resurrected the collective term "Homeland." If he had done otherwise, I would have sensed it & had a big problem w/ its arrogance.

Now. What other dead horse shall we beat?

Jim said...

More dead horse beating:

"except for the serpentine circumventing of all elected School Boards across the country, the funneling of the Oval Office agenda straight into our classrooms (regardless of that agenda). Fact is, the manner by which this was handled was disrespectful to the process of democracy (bypassing local authorities, therefore assuming POWER),"

I'm pretty sure that there were no federal officials standing in each classroom turning on the TVs and computers and forcing children to watch the speech. I'm pretty sure that no feds showed up in district offices or principals' offices with guns demanding that students watch OR ELSE. My wife works in a district office and she says neither Obama or anybody else showed up to insist that all kids watch or federal funding would be withheld.

So I think it's safe to say that this "circumventing of all elected School Boards across the country" baloney, baloney.

Finally, "Bush never directed attention to HIMSELF" as evidenced by landing on an aircraft carrier and strutting around in a flight suit demonstrating his prowess.

Susannah said...

Feel better now Jim?

I'm moving on, as evidenced by my new post. Thanks all.

An American Girl said...

While I disagree with the way Joe Wilson handled himself, but adamantly agree with his sentiment. I have to give him some kudos for actually feeling so strongly about the healthcare issue. He was certainly more passionate about his ideas on the issue than our dear President is. But, regardless of who that President is -- is not acceptable.
As for the speech, I did not watch it, because I knew in advance that I wouldn't believe anything that Obama would say. .

Jim said...

I guess so since I seem to have provided the last, best argument. :-)

vrajavala said...

He only made three lies in his speech
1. "my father left the family when I was two." (His parents never lived together. Stanley was in Seattle 2 weeks after giving birth to take classes at U Washington)
2."when we were in Indonesia, my mother didn't have money to send me to the school where the other American kids went." (His step-father had adopted him and, thus, as an Indonesian citizen, he was able to attend public school; also his step- father was an oil executive)
3.He said his "home town was Chicago" (he grew up in Seattle, Honolulu, Jakarta, and Honolulu again)
why the lies?
1. sympathy vote (abandoned)
2. I'm American
3. chicago communist vote

Jim said...

1. "left the family" doesn't need to mean physically. My dad was away at war during most of the first three years of my life yet he had not "left his family." Obama's parents divorced when he was 2, and I think that could easily qualify as his father leaving the family at that time and no grounds to claim a lie unless you are a nitpicker.

2. His mother was an American, as was he. Perhaps the American school was more desirable and provided a better education. You really have no grounds for claiming a lie here.

3. If I were a politician living and elected in, let's say San Francisco, but was required by my office to live most of the time in Washington, I would call San Francisco my "hometown" even though I was born in St. Louis. "Hometown" can be any place you care to call home, in my opinion. Again, no lie here.

Strike three. You're officially an Obama hater.

Susannah said...

Vraja~ Welcome! Glad you came by & joined the party. Good points you make here - all.

(Don't be offended by Jim. He used to have interesting & challenging things to say. Now that the world is no longer Obama's oyster, he has become quite defensive. Eh, Jim?)

Jim said...

"eh, Jim?"

Don't know what you're talking about. I don't need to defend. I refute. There's a lot of false claims and straw men going around all over the place including here.

If what you want this blog to be is a place for only people who agree with you to scratch underneath each other's chins, then just let me know and I'll split.

Susannah said...

No echo chamber here, as you can tell, Jim. You're welcome here any time. Know that.

It is puzzling, though, b/c our intial discussions (some months ago) did seem to carry a different tone from your side. I'm reading a new tone these days, which I interpret as defensiveness (e.g., calling my new friend Vraja an "Obama hater" based on ONE comment she's made). It isn't your original carriage; seems more reactionary, knee-jerk, or whatever. I could be wrong. Probably am.

But you have to admit, Vraja didn't deserve that.

Take it easy. I don't care to kick anybody out unless I've already deleted their comments, which you clearly see I haven't.

Jim said...

OK, maybe I was quick to use that term. But the 3 "lies" that that V offered were totally rinky-dink, BS claims simply to find fault with the President. Given that, I have to wonder why this lame attempt to call the President a liar is made.

If you want to say there are questions about how illegal aliens would or wouldn't receive health care from tax payer funds, that's a legitimate question. It's complex. Even if the bill specifically forbade paying for health care for illegal aliens UNDER THIS BILL, unless hospitals throw sick and injured people out in the street because they can't prove legal residency, some tax payer money at some government level will be spent.

Does that make the President a liar?

Buck Ofama said...

If Jim needs to call someone an Obama hater he doesn't have to pick on vrajavala. I volunteer! I hate the bastard and the camel he rode in on. Fock Ubama.

Jim said...

Well, you'll obviously be among the first to be sent off to the FEMA death camps.

Buck Ofama said...

Give me liberty or give me death.

Susannah said...

Jim, dear~ (Remember that from Peter Pan?) "I have to wonder why this lame attempt to call the President a liar is made." If you really don't get it...(& I left another comment for you on the Joe Wilson post explaining it again), then it makes me think you're perhaps the 'partisan hack' that you're forever accusing the fine folks here of being: that you'll believe whatever he says, regardless of the ambiguity of the bill, regardless of the defensiveness of BHO's tone or the blatant disregard for the People's long as it's Obama.

'Just trust the dear Leader...He wouldn't do anything to harm us...We can vote him out if we don't like it...' Meanwhile, he's appointing avowed communists, who believe that the US planned/allowed 9-11, to unscrutinized positions of power, who'll be able to further his agenda - unchecked by ANYONE, but the pres himself (kind of like the position that'll 'oversee' the determining of citizenship for health care).

Jim, dear, you're smarter than that, & I believe in you. Open your eyes. Please.

Buck~ I hate to have to keep asking you this, but your tone is so ambivalent, I can't get a clear picture of what you're trying to say. Can you tweak your message just a tad?

Jim~ Heaven forbid
Buck~ indeed. Would that we had more with the courage of Patrick Henry...We must remember who we are.