Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Logistical Troubles II: Call to Action

Okay so this week, I got a little revved (okay, a lot revved) about this UN Climate Change Treaty thing, & what BHO's signing it would do to our nation's sovereignty. My heart was racing & I had to go into my yoga breathing. One of my sweet friends, who is on my blog-send email list, apparently got revved too & shared it w/ her husband. He's a student (& teacher) of history, & the closest thing to a Constitutional Scholar that I rub elbows with!

While I still don't trust BHO (or his administration) to not send me into cardiac arrest, I'm somewhat more secure that our Nation is not on 'the brink.' The following is my friend's husband's response to 10-20-09's post:

Don't worry too greatly about the treaty - other than its implications for those who have never read closely our beloved Constitution. Yes, our bundle of sticks - which I commonly refer to as liberty - is made smaller by any small foray into international meddling.

In two different places in the Constitution, there is outright argument for there being NO LAW higher than the Constitution. The first and most obvious is the SENTENCE of the Article that begins with something to the effect, "This Constitution...shall be the supreme Law of the Land." The other occurs in an earlier Article and lists, in order, that the Supreme Court and its lower Courts behave "under the Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made under them."

So, the Brit [Lord Monckton] first of all, doesn't seem to understand OUR Constitution. He further assumes that the President's signature is the end of the game. Two-thirds of the Senate - after its "advice and consent" on any treaty negotiated by a president - must vote in favor of Ratification of said Treaty. Let's recall that it was a Republican president - the younger Bush - who wanted to be able to fast track trade negotiations like the FTAA. Has the FTAA landed yet? No, thanks to John Birch Society grass roots efforts. Bush did get through CAFTA to extend NAFTA, so shame on the Senate for not speaking up! Shame on us for not standing watch!

So, screw Obama, let's re-take Congress, one house at a time.

Write BURR and HAGAN [NC Senators] to get their input on how they will vote, write letters to newspapers exposing their view, then start the letter writing campaign to both...
emphasis mine

[Your sweet friend's Husband]*

So, for now my pulse can slow; I can breathe easier. But our friend admonishes us with good reason. We have not been "standing watch." And now we know better. It's time to live better. For it's not only our own pulse at risk, but the heartbeat of our very Nation that depends on it.

*Many thanks to 'my sweet friend's husband' for the response, & for the necessary permission to post it here.


James' Muse said...

I agree with your friend: I feel like, as Americans, we did not watch the presidents we voted in. I voted for Bush, and I feel that too many people blindly supported everything he did after voting him in.

I voted for Obama, and now that he's in I try to concentrate on keeping him accountable, which is why I criticize him on my blog at times. It isn't to attack him, it's to stand watch and keep him accountable.

Regardless of how we vote, I think that our civic duty does not end at the voters' booth; rather, the voters' booth is the beginning and we must follow through and hold our leaders accountable. Too many years have passed since Congress and the President actually listened to their consituents on a non-election year.

Dan said...

I too posted that video. I was thinking that the Senate had to ratify it, but that didn't seem that far fetched. But two thirds, that is a little more comforting.

Uncle Mike said...

James' Muse said...
I voted for Obama

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I knew that you were a "Closet Liberal" all the time.
Welcome to the side of Fluffy Bunnies.

Your man BozObama is a traitor. He should be kicked out and forced to live in Europe. Like in France with bloody miserable s.o.b. people. That's what he deserves. You're too good to be saddled with an ingrate man who has no pride in USA. I'm starting to believe that he doesn't have one drop of American blood running in his veins.
Liberals have to be educated in the error of their ways and led to think clearly about issues like national security, fiscal responsibility, and personal freedom. We can't beat them into submission. Rants may feel good, but persuade no one.

James' Muse said...

Uncle Mike: Way to take something I said out of context. I also voted for Bush. You missed my entire point to take one thing and rant, while decrying ranting at the end of your own rant.


Anonymous said...

James' Muse said...

I also voted for Bush.

Ya know the Bush Gore election was a bit more reasonable, but any one that voted for Obama has to be a complete idiotic MORON!...

BetteJo said...

Thanks to your sweet friend's husband! I was freaking a bit about it too, the thought that kept running through my head was - "he can't just do this all on his own, can he?"
I'm so glad to learn he can't!

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with "Husband" - we really have no choice but to effect voter-enforced term limits in congress. This is a MUST, and cannot be the rhetoric "we gotta clean House" like we've seen in the past - It never gets done. PLEASE don't let that 2/3 majority thing give us TOO much comfort! We're down to the wire, where it is very possible for a single leader to sign away our sovereignty if we are not very careful, just as James' Muse said. Letters, e-mails, phone calls ... we need to light a fire under congress like they've never seen before!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Glad to have this assurance, cause after I saw the video, I almost went into cardiac arrest!! I could not help but wonder what was happening and why someone had not taken steps to stop it.

James said...

James' Muse you ALWAYS seem to talk out of both sides of your mouth.
And that's SO typical of liberals.

James' Muse said...

James, I don't even know you. You don't know me. We've never conversed before today. Talking out both sides of my mouth? Better than talking out of my behind.

Also: I'm not a liberal. But it doesn't really matter. You missed my point as well, and did the typical neo-con troll thing: attacked me even though we've never even talked before. Bravo. Way to be an adult.

James said...

I never claimed to know you, but I have been reading your comments as well as your blog.

You can call yourself whatever you want to. But a spade is still as spade no matter how many times you shuffle the deck.

"the typical neo-con troll thing: attacked me even though we've never even talked before"

Now that's the typical LIBERAL response.
Thank you for proving my point!

Anonymous said...

Obama certainly has the "commie staff" in his administration to help provide him the expertise to turn this country into a Marxist one..
The Government telling business executives how much they can earn, I don't care the context here or the purported economic exigencies of the moment, that's pure Marxism plain and simple and if some people find my views to be somewhat radical then don't visit my blog, because that's what I'm all about. I simply want my country back.

And for what it's worth.

I just read what James' Muse said, and that James said about him. And in my opinion James' Muse, you claim to not be a liberal but there is no question you lean to the left.
Oh well.. enough dribble.. Not that my personal opinion matters and not that you asked for it, but it’s my opinion and I stick to it.

James' Muse said...

James and Professor of Life:

For what it's worth, I'm not a liberal. I lean to the left on some issues, and to the right on others. You don't really know me, so it's not really fair to attack me. And that's not "a typical LIBERAL response" that's a typical HUMAN response: I desire civility.

Susannah, my point was that I have voted for the last two winning Presidential candidates. I feel like I personally failed to keep the last one accountable, and I don't want to make the same mistake with the current one.

We all too often vote someone in, then feel that we either need to attack whoever won because they are the opposite party, or that we need to blindly support them because they are the same party. I think those of us that DID vote Obama in have a lot of work to do to keep him accountable to actually doing his job, while those that DIDN'T vote for him need to keep him, respectfully, on his toes.

Same goes for Congress. Vote people in, but make sure they do the job they were hired to do.

What Was I Thinking? said...

In todays, political arena, either you are a Republican or a Liberal, there is no in between with this administration ..
You either support the redistribute everyone's wealth policy or you don't.

Susannah said...

James~ You've said some provocative things. I like that. "I voted for Bush, and I feel that too many people blindly supported everything he did after voting him in."

I did too. I did NOT support him blindly. I think that much more to the truth is that so many blindly HATED him & ANYTHING he did, primarily b/c of media influence. His problem (besides spending too much $$ & the questionable trade deals my friend mentions) is that he underestimated the power of the MSM. He trusted (like his father) that the American people would basically hold to their common sense & not get swept up in the onslaught of negative press. So he didn't defend, didn't fight fire w/ fire. He remained silent & allowed the MSM to define him. Biggest mistake he made, imo.

"...our civic duty does not end at the voters' booth; rather, the voters' booth is the beginning and we must follow through and hold our leaders accountable."

Indeed, but who cares about 'duty' anymore? I'm too busy watching Dancin' with the Stars!


Susannah said...

Dan~ I'm comforted by that too. The Constitution of ours is a Master Work of Art, no? Brilliant in its scope. And BHO doesn't believe that this country is Exceptional among nations??? Makes me just want to cuss...or smack him, or something.

UncMike~ Yippee! You're back!
"Rants may feel good, but persuade no one."
Indeed. Precisely why I didn't cuss earlier. (That, & my dog doesn't like it. He's the only one up now.)

James~ UncMike wasn't ranting (nor were you, btw). He was stating a truth, that some who voted for O-Commie-Bama are having a hard time swallowing these days.

Now, what Anon just said; THAT was a rant. A mini one, but a rant nonetheless.

BetteJo~ "Thanks to your sweet friend's husband!"
I already have!

RWL~ Amen, brother! We really must act. Really.

Gramma~ It's time to keep our finger on the pulse, as it were. Like I said, the heart of our very Nation depends on it.

Susannah said...

James-just-James~ Glad you're in the game, but please try not to pick fights with the other players.

James~ Like you told me once - 'breathe.' Nobody has "attacked" anyone. This isn't Swash(tika)Zone, after all.

It seems as though James-just-James has pushed a button though. Perhaps someone who's very conservative sees your views as liberal. But they're yours. If you believe your views, stand by them, & be self assured. If you don't really believe what you say/write, consider changing that 'proud RINO' emblem on your sidebar.

Maybe you're more conservative than you want folks to know. It's OKAY, it really is!! Be proud! We need your intellect & articulate mind. But, imo, we don't need any more RINO's. That's what got BHO into office. What's the point?

Either way, you're always welcome here.

James-just-James~ So is it Poker we're playing? I call dealer!

Professor~ Glad to see you! I want my country back too; before it's too late.

James~ Still no attacking that I can see (I would know. I have been truly attacked @ other blogs, remember?). They've just expressed their interpretations of observations they've made. There is a significant difference.

As for your point, it's a very good one. However, my friend's husband is right to distill it down even further to the Congress. It's really THEM that we need to hold acoountable. After all, the POTUS can't do a whole lot on his own. (Even if he IS listening to the People, which this one ISN'T.)

Now, how's that for getting us back to the original point of this post? ;)

WWIT~ Glad to see you back!
"You either support the redistribute everyone's wealth policy or you don't."

Exactly; and it permeates EVERYTHING he has done, is doing & will attempt to do for the next 3 1/3 years.

Yung Dre said...

But, imo, we don't need any more RINO's. That's what got BHO into office. What's the point?

Great point Susannah !

Think about it James Muse while your smokin whatever it is that your smokin..

I ToldJah So said...

Hi Susannah, I just ran into this blog from a link on another blog and I just wanted to say hello and congratulate you on doing such a good job here. Kindly stop over ot my humble place and say hello. And bring some of your commenters along.

I'm Just Pissed Off said...

My advice to my Republican friends is not to visit any Liberal blogs, where you will only get to be insulted by those name calling IDIOTS!
I visited a blog today and the first thing I saw was apicture of Rush Limbaugh pictured as a Cry baby. Then I made the big mistake of reading and posting a comment. Well, needless to say I was jumped all over by a pack of attacking Liberal wolves. It was not a pleasant visit.

And the other thing that bothered me was that some very hateful things were said there about Palin and Glenn Beck and GW Bush. So I felt the need to say something to try to put a stop to the childish nonsense.

Because of this harassment I was prompted to make this post.
I do not appreciate mean people especially when all I did was post my opinion that was not in the bit least argumentative, but they try to turn it into one anyway.

James' Muse said...

Since you posted this on my blog as well, I'll post my response:

I'm not really sure of what you're talking about, pissed off anonymous. I read that thread. Looks like you came in, said some unsubstantiated talking points, and got refuted. Which you then tried to turn around and do an argumentum ad homimen, but that didn't work, so you then went around posting this. If you can't handle factual refutation, maybe you shouldn't be visiting blogs at all.

Eric said...

Truth101, Why don't you go gargle with some razor blades!

James, Stop crying and get back to the topic at hand.
It seems as if you are always defending yourself.

You both sound like a mutant with humanoids.

James' Muse said...

Eric, Truth101 isn't here.

I wasn't defending myself just then. But you should know that intelligent debate does not consist of ad hominem attacks. Our politicians do that all too often. Let's stop the petty attacking.

And I'm not sure what a "mutant with humanoids" is.

I ToldJah So said...

Jame Muse
a "mutant with humanoids"
Is the supposed to be earliest ancestors of modern man.

But when someone calls you that, it's a BIG Put Down.

Joe said...

Liberals don't think, they "feel like."

Liberals are more concerned about being treat "fairly" than dealing with actual facts.

I wonder to whom President BO is supposed to be accountable and how anyone proposes to accomplish that goal.

What Was I Thinking? said...

"Logistical Troubles II: Call to Action"

When our Dear Leader Barack Obama promised us “Hope and Change”, what he really meant was that we would change America to a Socialist State and would try to secure himself as the President for lifetime. ie Fidel Castro.

Jim said...

"I wonder to whom President BO is supposed to be accountable and how anyone proposes to accomplish that goal."

He's accountable to the American voters. He'll be held accountable in just over 3 years. That's how our political system works. Someone is elected; they are the executive for four years. You lost. You and I will have our opportunity to hold him accountable in 2012.

In the meantime there is the Congress and the SCOTUS to keep him in check. If that weren't the case, then we would have had single payer health care by now, wouldn't we?

The Right Look said...

I too posted this video on my site.

It had me very worried indeed. Thanks for the follow up!

I'm glad the Constitution is there for us! We just need to "keep watch" as you say so that our domestic enemies don't step on it!


The conservatives response. said...

Don't post on Nasty Liberal blogs
Liberals ARE entertaining as hell ... at least they were before they came into power
So this message to goes out to those, Internet morons and those judgmental people that (like you said, sit behind a computer and bitch and moan) don't get mad girl, get even.
The worst thing about liberals is that they are all talk.

That's right. Liberals are all talk. They do nothing to help the poor the starving, or the suffering or about the war, but talk about it. They preach peace and harmony, but they ally themselves with terrorists and violent communist regimes such as Cuba and North Korea. Hell, they've now allied themselves with the a-hole's friends like Castro, Hugo Chavez, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, all buddies of the Pansy in the White House right now.

They're all for regime change in Iraq, just as long as nobody has to actually DO anything about it. They claim to be for human rights and freedom, but the only action they're willing to take is to slap a "Save Tibet" bumper sticker on the back of their 1975 Volvo.

Since the coronation of Mother Moonbat by the sycophantic leftist media, we have heard nothing but positive coverage that America-hating ass-hole Cindy Sheehan and all those involved in the protests at Camp Crawford. These lunatics have don't nothing but bitch and moan about everything that was good about America.
When we conservatives post on a libs blog all we can expect is a bunch of idiots either calling us racists or the other type that deletes whatever we say.
So jist save yourself the trouble and don’t post there.

Anonymous said...

"Ding, ding, ding - We have a winner!"

"He's accountable to the American voters. He'll be held accountable in just over 3 years. That's how our political system works. Someone is elected; they are the executive for four years. You lost. You and I will have our opportunity to hold him accountable in 2012."

Here we go again with the "we won" stuff and "nyah, nyah, nyah!" This is all the socialists have, and it is getting old. What exactly did they win??? I have yet to hear the answer. Anyone else got some insight on this? The correct answer is that BHO is accountable NOW.

We might have to survive his term before we can get someone responsible in the presidency, but BHO doesn't have carte blanch simply because they bought the election .... nah, baby ... he's still accountable, and it chaps the liberals' asses when their chairman is questioned and held to account. How dare we the people do such a thing!

pfffft. winners, all. LMAO

Frank said...

I just wanted to THANK Rush Limbaugh for taking Barry O’Bammie out to the woodshed and whipping some ass!
Yeah right Shaw, and truth, keep thinking that the American people are stupid enough to buy into Rush Limbaugh being the reason they're losing jobs while incompetent CEO's are getting bailouts:
Put aside the fact that while he was in office, liberals almost never wished for President Bush to succeed. Because it's been the leftwing strategy to take the focus off the Democrat-controlled Congress and President's responsibility for this economic mess we're in and put it on longtime GOP radio host Rush Limbaugh ever since he dared to make the comment that he hoped Obama's policies "failed". However, as Barry Obammis's approval ratings continue to slide and cracks in the armor of Democrat solidarity begin the show, the idea of the GOP being down for the count continues to make a mockery of itself.
Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi’s popularity has fallen to a new low for the year, with 60 percent of likely voters now viewing her unfavorably according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Friday. Seizing the offensive in his ongoing war of words with the Obama administration, Rush Limbaugh challenged Obama to appear on his program “without a Teleprompter” for a straightforward debate on issues important to the American people.
And why won’t Barry O’Bamie go on the most popular conservative radio talk show to debate any issues? Because it’s better for him and cowardly of him to play it safe and diss Rush Limbaugh from afar, while having George Stephanopoulos, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow and the rest of the idiots in the liberal press continue to kiss your ass while placating your socialist agenda to the American public. While he goes on his ass kissing friends shows like Letterman and Leno. And sends out his Michele ma belle to do it for him.
And BTW, it snowed in the South yesterday! WHAT? Snow in the South? Where is Al Gore when we need him?


I personally think that the people like Shaw and Truth101 ar afraid of Rush and Glenn. They are fearful that the truth might bring down their hero OBamba The truth shall st us free, hopfuly st us free of OBamba. The first time I heard Glenn Beck was about four years ago on Saturday morning. I was amazed at how entertaining he was, and how informative he was. I began to listen to him regularly. His show grew and soon he had a TV show. His TV show was quite good, but being on Headline News never had high ratings. Since his move to FOX his ratings have sky rocketed.

The reasons for his success are many. Lets look at some of the things that set him apart:

1. He is a doer.
Other media personalities talk all day long. Glenn challenges his viewers and listeners to get involved. It's not about Glenn it's about us.

2. Personality
The perfect blend of strange humor and righteous indignation. Glenn will one moment be stuffing his mouth with candy on camera, and the next confronting the head of the communist U.S.A. party face to face.

3. He covers the stories that nobody else will touch
He does not take marching orders from the good old boys in the main stream media. He exposed cash for clunkers. He went after ACORN. And lets not forget it was he that took down Van Jones

Daniel Ruwe said...

Barack Obama’s presidential victory has resulted in a lot of poorly reasoned commentary. There are many who, on the strength of two bad elections, declare the Republican party extinct and conservatism dead. Then there are those who declare that Obama’s 52-46 win (with every possible political wind behind him) a resounding mandate for Obama’s liberal policies. And there is a great deal of overblown praise of Obama’s seemingly limitless political savvy and leadership strength. But unquestionably, the most annoying meme is the idea that America has now, with Obama’s win, officially transcended racial divisions. This idea manages to be both obviously wrong and nauseatingly conceited. We now have the most racial divided country that we have had since LBJ came into office. We have an administration that is full of bigoted cabinet members., as well as a President that throws around the race card as much as Al Sharpton does. ..There was little else to choose from in the last election but the choice was very clear, it was really a choice between a leftist socialist racist or an American hero. So of course John McCain received my vote. Once he was the GOP candidate, he was in possession of my full support, if not agreement with his campaign/philosophy.
Can we vote for an extreme lefty whose ideas are a Marxist as Karl Marx himself?
We must identify ourselves and what we really stand for. .

For 10 months, Barack Obama relentlessly outlined his presidential platform. The most important component was change, closely followed by hope. But there were some actual policy proposals too—Obama promised a tighter budget, an end to tax cuts for the rich, universal healthcare, a change from “politics as usual,” and a quick end to the war in Iraq. What has he done so far?

NOTHING! Obama hasn't done anything he promised, even though he has the congress 100% behind him.. He has got us all hyped up on hope and the liberal Illuminati have us thinking he is going to be a hero but will he actually do anything.
It’s a key tenet of Keynesian economics that raising taxes during a recession is very harmful, so it’s a mystery where Congress thinks it will find the money to pay for all these bailouts. The deficit was high enough before the bailout (around a half trillion); now, some estimates put the 2009 deficit at over a trillion dollars. Clearly something is wrong here.

There is a lot of worrying in conservative circles about the liberal dominance of the Internet. It’s hard to argue that that is not the case—the Huffington Post is a major Internet player, and sites like the Daily Kos and MyDD get many more visitors than equivalent conservative sites. And the difference in tone between liberal and conservative sites are striking—conservative websites usually consist of commentary and analysis, while liberal sites take a more strategic, "screw you, we are in power" tone.

Back in the beginning of this failed policy, I, along with much of the conservative movement, supported Obama’s bailout bill. The reasoning behind it, which seemed strong at the time, was the lending market was so terrified of further bankruptcy that some government intervention was needed to stabilize the situation. It sounded logical, and most pundits—though relatively few Americans—agreed with it.
It’s a bit late to wonder what might have been, but it seems that the bailout bill might have been a big mistake. But that’s Obama’s mistake, he can’t blame Bush for that nor can he cop out and say that it was “Inherited” LOL
Thank you for this opportunity to vent.

Susannah said...

Yung Dre~ Welcome. Glad you came by!

I Toldjah~ Terrific! Glad you followed the links & decided to stop in. Hey everybody - check out Toldjah's blog! ;)

All~ Looks like lots of folks have come by while I was gone this weekend. Glad you did. Though it's always nicer when I can find links back to your blog. I'm glad y'all didn't post Anon, but toss out some bread crumb trails, wouldja?

Jim~ Please see Right-Wing Libertarian's response to the accountability issue.

RWL~ "The correct answer is that BHO is accountable NOW."

Susannah said...

Right Look~ You're very welcome for the follow up. Vigilance remains crucial - we must hold our elected officials accountable. And NOT just in election years, right Jim? RWL?

Eric & Frank~ Haven't seen you guys around in a while! Glad you're back.

Trestin~ Glad you found us here. Though I don't watch Glenn Beck (it's a terribly hectic time of day @ our house), the few things I've heard him say sound right on to me.

Daniel~ Glad you found us too! It seems to me that conservatives on the web are increasing: Townhall, Heritage, Atlas Shrugs, etc. I don't visit those others (who has time?). I did NOT support the bailout bill. It did NOT seem, feel, appear, sound like good policy to me at the time; not Capitalist policy anyway...

Nonetheless, we're here now. Again, glad you came by & you're welcome for the vent space. Come back any time!

Anonymous said...

Susannah you have some very good posters here. I especially liked the ones by Daniel and Uncle Mike.

Liberals are so far removed from the real world and what it takes to keep this nation free from terrorists hell bent to destroy us. Political correctness is going to kill us all. Say what you want about Dick Cheney, but he's right. They kept this nation free from terrorist attacks from 9-11 forward. The Obama Administration and Eric Holder are sending us back to the Jimmy Carter days. Lord, save us all.
You can tell the Dems are panicking; that's why they're playing the race card with such abandon. They know they can't win the Obamacare issue on its merits.

Jim said...

"Obama hasn't done anything he promised, even though he has the congress 100% behind him."

What planet did you just arrive from? If this were true, we'd have single payer health care system, wouldn't we?

"They kept this nation free from terrorist attacks from 9-11 forward."

Yeah, but that first 8 and half months, not so much.

"Jim~ Please see Right-Wing Libertarian's response to the accountability issue."

Response fail. "What exactly did they win??? I have yet to hear the answer. Anyone else got some insight on this?"

Uh, 364 electoral votes, the presidency and majorities in the House and Senate.

"The correct answer is that BHO is accountable NOW." Really? So how is that accountability manifested NOW? Are you going to remove him from office prior to the election? How will you do that?

Susannah said...

Professor~ There are definitely some cool folks that come by here! Daniel & UncMike are two of the fresh faces. Makes for a good time, huh?

Jim~ I think what 'Congress 100% behind him' implies is more along the lines of '100% Democrat control of Congress' - which is simple FACT. That BHO hasn't martialed those resources in order to close Obamacare speaks to the unpopularity of it, & contrived notion that "single payer" is what the system needs.

RE: Bush/Cheney keeping the country safe - "Yeah, but that first 8 and half months, not so much."
That's just wrong, Jim, as you're fully aware. We could go through the whole song-&-dance about what Clinton/Gore, Bush/Quayle, Reagan/Bush, Carter/Mondale, etc. missed in that regard that led up to 9-11-01, but that's not productive. And frankly, it would likely make all of our kind commenters yawn.

The phrases, "Hindsight is 20/20" and "Armchair quarterback" come to mind.

I'm not sure what you're talking about 'response fail.' ??

As for accountability - he absolutely IS accountable for what he's doing. I recall a certain other Pres. who was held accountable for his behavior, and was impeached accordingly.

THIS Pres. knows he is being watched very closely, whice is why he is surgically targeting those people/organizations/groups who are exercising their right to speak out. His strategy - "kill" all who speak against us - not very different from some left wing blogs...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Guess it's called a mobius loop!

"Uh, 364 electoral votes, the presidency and majorities in the House and Senate."

but yet, in truth:

"NOTHING! Obama hasn't done anything he promised, even though he has the congress 100% behind him.. He has got us all hyped up on hope and the liberal Illuminati have us thinking he is going to be a hero but will he (won't) actually do anything."

Just like the Nobel Prize. Not a single tangible accomplishment, despite an majority in each of the houses within congress. Stimulus? Fail. No jobs, no potholes, no change, no hope. Crony pay-off and earmarks only.

Health care? Fail. All we have is about 20 different "bills", none of which have the support required EVEN THROUGH THEIR RESPECTIVE PARTIES, to pass any time this year. Each of these bills must "rob" an existing entitlement program that was set into place by the same people (democrats) who can't figure out why none of these 20 bills are remotely popular.

Conservatives are simply holding their ground right now, allowing the knee-jerkers to pretty much bury themselves.

What good is "we won" if they cannot accomplish any of the socialist plans they set out to pass? The short answer is that the election votes (all 52% of them) were purchased with funds that haven't even become available yet. Now the people and businesses whom the socialists expect will be paying the bill are having second thoughts, and BHO is having a tougher time squeezing that cash out of us than he previously thought.

Liberals have NOTHING. Even their slogans smack of something a third-grader would say on an unsupervised school playground. Look around you ... see the real failure among the damage these socialists have done ... to our children ... to our poor ... to our country.

Susannah said...

RWL~ Standing & applauding...

Jim said...

"I recall a certain other Pres. who was held accountable for his behavior, and was impeached accordingly."

OK, impeach him. Go ahead. What are the charges? Look at the Constitution for grounds, then supply the actual case with FACTS. Then write your congressman and ask him to bring charges against the President.

Come on. Do it. Make your case. Remember, "he's turning this country into an islamo, fascist, communist, socialist state" is an opinion, not a fact, and does not prove a constitutionally impeachable offense.

"His strategy - "kill" all who speak against us - not very different from some left wing blogs...hmmm"

This is false. Obama is not calling out Fox "News" because they disagree with him or his policy. He's calling them out because they push lies to promote the Republican talking points.

If Fox "News" reported that Obama supports a public option and critics say that that would drive private insurance companies out of business, that wouldn't be a problem.

But Fox "News" reports that Obama supports death panels and encourages veterans to end their lives and that's simply not true. And that's not simply Hannity. That's their "News" shows.

Susannah said...

Jim, dear~ An example of the fate paid by another Pres. doesn't indicate MY plan for the current one. Per your request, it was offered as an EXAMPLE of how Pres. can be held accountable, concretely, w/o elections. (Your defensiveness belies your confidence, btw.)

And, imo, the more BHO goes after Fox News Channel, the more fascist he appears. I say, let him keep it up! He's digging his own political grave. People see what he's doing & don't like it. At all.

As for FNC, it's about @#$% time somebody told the REAL TRUTH in the News!

I know, I know. Truth is always relative to Libs; as is morality, ethics, beginning/end of life, etc. Trouble for them is they believe they're the only ones ENTITLED to own the boundaries of relativity.

FNC? More power to 'em!!

Buck Ofama said...

I didn't like the term "death panels" but when a former vice-presidential contender utilizes the term - that makes it legitimate news whether or not President Obama likes it. In fact, it becomes a more relevant news story BECAUSE OF Obama when he tries to add Ezekiel Emanuel to the cabinet with the job of formulating heath care legislation and the man has authored such papers as "Principles for Allocation of Scarce Medical Interventions." (And the proof is in the pudding - the Senate pulled the end of life counselng language from the bill after FOX reported on this possible interpretation.) Thank God for FOX NEWS. And shame, shame, shame on Obama and his thugs for trying to suppress the one and only adversarial TV news outlet out there. Has he so soon forgotten that it was the adversarial press (adversarial to GB) that got his lily-livered pansy @ss elected? He expects us to respect him as a Commander in Chief and he's scared sh*tless of Bill freakin' O'Reilly. LOL

Jim said...

"Your defensiveness belies your confidence, btw."

You keep asserting this, excuse me, crap about me being defensive. Refuting or at least debating nonsense is only defensive in your mind. I'm quite confident in what I say and what I believe and feel no need to defend it.

Oops, there I go being "defensive" again, at least in YOUR mind.

I suppose you COULD hold Obama accountable by impeaching him. But first you'd actually have to have some impeachable offense. Since you can't, you can only vote out his congressional supporters in 2010 or him in 2012.

Otherwise, keep howling at the moon.

Sandy said...

I wouldn't characterize it as howling at the moon. More like howling at our Senators and Representatives to not allow a President who is far left of the mainstream to bully through his agenda just because there is a Democratic majority in both houses. I'm thankful that not all Democrats support single payer health care and a carbon tax but if they/we don't howl a little no one would know and we could end up with unwanted legislation. Maybe we will anyway and we'll have to see how that affects the 2010 and 2012 elections. If the Dems/liberals win again (as long as they do so legimately without voter fraud) I'll accept it. I won't like it and I'll keep howling. But I'll accept it. That's America.

Jim said...

"Maybe we will anyway and we'll have to see how that affects the 2010 and 2012 elections. If the Dems/liberals win again (as long as they do so legimately without voter fraud) I'll accept it. I won't like it and I'll keep howling. But I'll accept it. That's America."

Thank you for a little bit of sanity, Sandy.

Susannah said...

Buck~ "Thank God for FOX NEWS. And shame, shame, shame on Obama and his thugs for trying to suppress the one and only adversarial TV news outlet out there."


Jim~ I said, "the more BHO goes after Fox News Channel, the more fascist he appears."

Interesting. In your 'assertion' that you're not defensive, you completely ignored this statement. Could it be that it's indefensible?
All the other hooplah about hypothetical impeachment is a distraction to the very serious threat (that this man poses to our Republic) articulated by my statement. And you chose to ignore it.

Sandy~ Welcome back!
"If the Dems/liberals win again (as long as they do so legimately without voter fraud)"

That's too large an assumption to 'accept.' Consider the # of voter fraud lawsuits against ACORN currently on dockets of several different states. They're corrupt to the core, they're propped up by BHO & his ilk, and that's NOT AMERICAN.

And I won't accept it. Sorry to be so disagreeable.

Btw, you think all this is 'howling,' Jim? My friend, I have a feeling we ain't seen nothin' yet.

Heaven help us.

Jim said...

"I have a feeling we ain't seen nothin' yet."

Heaven help us!

"the more BHO goes after Fox News Channel, the more fascist he completely ignored this statement.

I ignored it because it is nonsense. Obama isn't "going after" Fox News. His administration is calling out Fox "News" for echoing the FALSE talking points of the Republican noise machine. Many people, reporters, journalists and others are criticizing the Obama administration. No problem. Smearing the administration with falsehoods? Problem.

Is it "fascist" today? Or socialist? Marxist? Nazi? Which is it today?

"Consider the # of voter fraud lawsuits against ACORN currently on dockets of several different states." Which lawsuits would these be? Do you actually have any evidence that any of the Mickey Mouses that individuals hired by ACORN "registered" and ACORN turn into election officials actually cast votes?

Can't find any can you?

Susannah said...

Jim~ "Is it 'fascist' today? Or socialist? Marxist? Nazi? Which is it today?"

I never actually said Nazi, you did. But all the others will do nicely, thanks.

I said, "...lawsuits against ACORN currently on dockets..."

My mistake. I should have said "lawsuits against ACORN 'historically' on dockets..."

But Jim dear, your challenge is so easy (when you've got easy material)!

Take a look:

And that was just the FIRST on a long list of search possibilities... Wanna try again?

Jim said...

"But Jim dear, your challenge is so easy"

Um apparently not. Neither of your sources cited say anything about Mickey Mouse or any other illegally registered "voters" ever actually casting a single vote.

They only show fraudulent registrations. We know that. We also know that ACORN officials turned in many of those registrations into authorities themselves.

You have failed to meet my challenge.

Susannah said...

Ok Jim...

We're talking about an organization that is corrupt 6 ways from Sunday: twisting, strangling, dismantling our fair election system - & using MY $$ (& our President's blessing) to do it - & you're talking about Mickey Mouse...

Okay Jim, you win.


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