Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Movies of all Time??

Alrighty, then! Let's see if we can change the subject...

Our new friend, Fredd has a recent post in which he lists - according to his opinion - the Top 10 movies of all time. Because I was intrigued I read with pleasure, then added a few of my own in his comment section. Fredd's post got a discussion going between my sweetheart & me, & here's the list we came up with: *S indicates Sus' choice, H indicates husband's choice

15) Prince of Egypt (1998) -- S

14) Driving Miss Daisy (1989) -- H

13) Top Gun (1986) -- S, H

12) Apollo 13 ( 1995) -- H

11) Beaches (1988) -- S

10) Jaws (1975)-- H

9) We Are Marshall (2006) -- S, H

8) Shawshank Redemption (1994) -- H

7) The Sound of Music (1965) -- S

6) Dirty Dancing (1987) -- S, H

5) Rocky (1976) -- S, H

4) The Patriot (2000) -- S, H

3) Braveheart(1995) -- S, H

2) Forrest Gump (1994) -- S, H

1) Schindler's List (1993) -- S

So, what would you add, subtract?
What say you?


Nickie Goomba said...

I would add in a film called The Apostle with Robert Duvall. It's one of my all time favorites.

Big Fish would be in there too.

Sandy said...

Yours is a great list Susannah (and Mr. Susannah) and like you, I would definitely have to have The Sound of Music, and The Patriot in my top ten. But my remaining eight would probably be Tombstone, The Unforgiven, Ocotber Sky, Splendor in the Grass, The Wizard of Oz, Christmas Vacation, Gone With the Wind and, my favorite Big Fish! (Good taste Nickie Goomba!)

My husband would insist that The Godfather be in there too!

I am having the end of year blues tonight, so thanks for the diversion!

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Thanks for pointing me over to Fredd's place, Suz ... Happy New Year to you and your family, btw!

Is there any way you could sneak "The Shootist" (John Wayne) and "The Day The Earth Stood Still" (original version, 1951) onto your list? heh!

Jim said...

I have to also go with The Godfather. My List:

The Godfather
Crimson Tide
The Thing (John Carpenter)
The Manchurian Candidate (original)
Twelve Angry Men
The Spirit of St. Louis
Stalag 17
Bridge on the River Kwai
Seven Days In May
Advise and Consent

Also especially like your choices:

October Sky
Jaws (almost made my top list)
Schindler's list
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Apollo 13

For laughs:

No Time For Sergeants
Teahouse of the August Moon

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

Oh geez!!!! 12 Angry Men!! Failsafe!!! I agree totally. This is much harder than it looks!!!

And ditto on The Godfather!

bluepitbull said...

Where is "The Godfather" in all of this?

What about "Ben Hur" with Charlton Heston?

Susannah said...

Nick! I never saw Apostle. A lot of the ones I'm seeing in comments came out when our kids were teenie-tiny. We've missed a lot of movies in the intervening years!

Sandy~ You're the person I heard about Big Fish from the first time (Nick, I knew I'd heard of it somewhere!). Brush off the blues, baby, 2010's the year for the comeback!! ;)

RWL~ You're welcome! I have more time to get back to reading people's blogs - finding a lot of interesting stuff out there!

You can add anything you want! And Happy New Year to you!

Jim~ Good list - thanks for sharing! A lot of those I haven't seen, but 12 Angry Men (original), the Godfather (which I've never seen entirely), & Ghandi - definitely!

RWL & Bluepit~ Jim's got your Godfather! My Husband mentioned it, but somehow it didn't make the list (probably b/c his typist hadn't seen it all the way through).

Bluepit~ BEN HUR!! Why didn't I think of that? Fantastic in the epic film category!!

Excellent, all! Happy New Year!

Fredd said...

Great list of Bests: I forgot about Sound of Music in my list: saw it a few nights ago for the 15th time, really good stuff.

Right up Schindler's List genre, how about 1983 flick 'Sophie's Choice,' with Meryl Streep, if you thought Schindler was the best.

Joe said...

Did not like most of those, except for Jaws (the FIRST time I saw it, not the 375 times it has aired as a TV movie)and Shindler's List.

I like movies that say: "This is what I'm going to do," and then do it.

For that reason I liked: Fireproof, The Passion of the Christ, The Exorcist and The Godfather.

jadedfellow said...

Dear Susannah,

"The Wind and the Lion"? Good reminder that terrorism has been around for a very long time.

If it is to be combatted effectively we can't alledge it to be something it ain't.



Tho; it may be my youthful crush on Candice that refuses to grow up.

BetteJo said...

I don't watch a lot of movies but my all time favorite movie is also pretty ironic considering my leanings now as opposed to the 80's when the movie came out. Hair.

I love it!

Susannah said...

Fredd~ Sophie's choice! Uhhhhhh! what a heart wrenching thing that was! Enough to tear your heart out! Maybe I liked Schindler b/c it was a bigger-picture view of that horrible period. Sophie's Choice was retrospective, am I remembering right?

Joe~ My husband has seen all of your picks except Fireproof, and he would include all of them, I think. I never saw Passion of the Christ. As my precious Pastor's wife friend said, "I don't need to watch that disturbing violence to know what my Jesus did for me." I'm of the same opinion, though my husband was deeply moved (dare I say changed?) by it.

What? No Braveheart? No Patriot? ;)

Susannah said...

Jaded~ Don't know The Wind & the Lion. Maybe we should look into it? :) And you're exactly right about calling terrorism what it is, no whitewashing!

BetteJo~ Hair! Ha! Somehow, that makes me think of "Jesus Christ, Superstar" - which I loved on stage. I guess I think of that as a theatrical performance rather than a movie.

Thanks for the fun, all!