Friday, December 18, 2009

Reindeer Watch!

Hi Friends!

I'm here to touch base. We've had so much going on at our house - as most people, I'm sure. But, maybe our situation is unique...We're reindeer watching!

Our children are into Santa Claus -- ok, mainly the youngest one...Thus, they've been watching for 'sightings,' across the night skies. I've also been extremely busy with these "Reindeer Watch" responsiblilities, & have needed to put blogging aside (please humor me, my family does). Unfortunate as that is, I am extremely gratified to report that our efforts have met with success!

As a bonus, I have gleaned photographic documentation, lest any skeptics cross this path.


Please note:
As with a Messiah from On High born in a most unlikely place, what one expects (reindeer watch included) is not always what one gets...

Oh Santa! Please wait for me!!



bluepitbull said...


You guys have a very Merry Christmas. God bless your family.

Susannah said...

Thanks, Bluepit~ We're sure counting on a Merry Christmas. Hope you & yours have one too. God bless you & your sweetheart, too!

Janie Lynn said...

That's as good a reindeer as I'VE ever seen! Really cute too!

the malcontent said...

Love the pictures Suz. Great job

Merry Christmas to you and to yours.

Ducky's here said...

How did you get a Jack Russel to sit still long enough for that?

Joe said...

Didn't I see that pooch in a Geiko commercial?


Susannah said...

JanieLynn~ I thought so too! He didn't pass muster for the 6 yr old, though! ;)

Mal~ Thanks! We had fun - or I should say, I had fun. My dad sent me an email notifying me of his "Free Otis" campaign. He says he doesn't believe in exploitation of Grand-dogs.

Ducky~ Welcome! What a treat to have you in this neck 'o the woods! Otis is all Jack, but it's amazing what he'll do when food is involved!

Jo-Joe, my hero! I only WISH he was in the Geiko commercials! People have said, though, that Otis looks like the (late) 'Moose' who played the dog on "Frazier." I think he kinda does, too.

Merry Christmas, all! Thanks for coming by.