Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Demon Pass"

"Demon Pass" aka 'deem and pass,' as in, the Senate Healthcare dead.

Does this mean they have enough votes of cowards who're afraid of Nancy & Harry? Who would rather sell their country & constituents down the river, than actually use their spine to stand up against the thugs a la Hussein?

I've never witnessed such a yellow, flaccid, impotent group of people in my life. They don't deserve to wear the flag that undoubtedly rests on the label of their hand-tailored suits.

God help us, because this is what we're heading for:

God in heaven, help us. Provide us with some sleepers, please.
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Janie Lynn said...

If they manage to pass this - we'll remember in November. I am absolutely beside myself at this point.

DUTA said...

There's a lot of November mentioning in blogs. What makes people think that the american voter's intellect won't go on strike again as it happened on the big election day. I wonder.

Susannah said...

Janie Lynn~ Me too. It's not looking good, is it?

DUTA~ I don't know how to answer you...I'm hoping against hop at this point.

I'm not of Jewish descent, but I love Jesus & He was a Jew. If this thing passes, can I emigrate to Israel?

Jim said...
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Susannah said...

Say it again, Jim. I'll delete. Don't @#$% with me tonight.

God is in control. Not Nancy, Harry or Barry Hussein.

My God is in control.

Jim said...

Yes He is!

God bless America!

Susannah said...

Amen. Amen to that.

Thanks Jim.