Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Remember this?

...then there really should be no surprise here, people. Hussein was telling us who he was the whole time. It's just that nobody wanted to believe him.

Believe him now?
Send this to everybody who regrets they voted for Hussein,
& tell them to redeem themselves on November 2nd.


Grandma J said...

Seriously! Wait til all the losers find out their "free" healthcare isn't really free.

cocked and loaded said...

These people are a clear and present danger to our republic
in their quest for power and

Crucis said...

Done and done.

My Files said...

Chris Matthews has fantasized on-air about seeing Rush Limbaugh shot in the head. Sandra Bernhardt says she wants Sarah Palin gang raped. Bill Maher wishes that Glenn Beck had been shot to death.

Is Sarah Palin to blame?

The person responsible for smashing windows at Democrat Headquarters in Denver was 24 year-old "transgendered" Obama supporter Maurice Schwenkler.

At the 2008 GOP Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota, Democrat activists David McKay and Bradley Crowder planned to firebomb GOP convention-goers with Molotov cocktails. They were stopped through an FBI investigation.
Alec Baldwin wanted to stone Henry Hydes family to death..
Black conservative Ken Gladney was gang-stomped and repeatedly called "ni**er" by four Obama-supporting SEIU union goons at a Town Hall meeting in St. Louis, Missouri.

Five campaign workers were attacked at GOP headquarters in Galax, Virginia, by Obama-supporting Democrats Daniel Meinecke and Cara Hindman.

Again, is the Democrat Party's burgeoning base of sociopaths somehow Sarah Palin's fault?

Janie Lynn said...

I can't even stand to look at him anymore.

David Wyatt said...

It was as plain as day from the first time we ever saw the man. There's no excuse for anyone to have been fooled. I'm surely not that smart & I figured him out from day one. Janie, I've NEVER been able to look at nor listen to him.

Commie Blaster said...

Al Sharpton said You Voted For Socialism so you got waht you voted for...And knowing Obama as he does, on the evening of the House Healthcare vote, Al Sharpton claimed publicly on camera, “The American public overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected President Obama” and Obama "has delivered what he promised."

Is Al Sharpton's statement correct? Did America vote for Socialism? Isn't Socialism a form of government that cannot co-exist with the US Constitution? Don't socialist governments usually and ultimately result in dictatorial, elitist communist rule, with poverty for the masses?

There is a tremendous and overwhelming quantity of facts that show Obama, members of Obama's Administration and members of the US Congress are Marxists-Socialists-Communists-Maoists. So, isn't it more likely that Obama and many others in Congress have decided (on their own) that they want to transform America into a socialist/communist nation? Should Americans allow the US to become socialist? Or should they protect the Constitution and remove these socialists from power quickly before they do any more damage to our country than they already have.
Socialism and the US Constitution are incompatible. America has been at war with Communism for 90 years and many proud veterans have given their lives to protect America and to liberate other countries throughout the world from this oppressive form of government.

Contrast this with Obama. Now there is overwhelming evidence that Obama is a Marxist that has been surrounded his entire life by Communists, Socialists, Marxists and Maoists. For example, Obama's former spiritual leader for over 20 years, Rev. Wright, is a Marxist and so, too, is Obama's current spiritual leader, Jim Wallis. Further, it is an indisputable fact that Obama has appointed Communists, Socialists, Marxists and Maoists to his administration. As a Marxist, Obama's pledge to uphold the US Constitution is worthless, as evidenced by his actions since his election.

Obama's goal is to fundamentally transform America (to Socialism or Communism or worse). He is attempting to destroy America from the inside.

Jim said...

Commie, if you're going to take someone else's writing word for word, you should at least give them credit. Otherwise it's plagiarism.

Socialism and the US Constitution are incompatible.

Maybe. Not sure exactly where the Constitution mandates one economic system over another. But I'm willing to be shown.

On the other hand, I guess a lot of our lives are affected, protected, maybe even enhanced by "socialism". Fire departments, police departments, power and water systems. Go figure.

Jim said...

It was as plain as day from the first time we ever saw the man.

Uh huh. Pretty much explains it all.

Stopthepresses2 said...

We can’t afford to wait for November. Why wait until Obama tries to force another socialist program down our throats? Now is not the time to shrivel away. Now is the time to stand up and fight back harder then ever before. Now is the time to take the fight to them. Will you join us on a campaign to DESTROY THE MOUTHPIECE OF OBAMA'S SOCIALIST AGENDA, THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA? WE ARE IN A FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY, A FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE. Join the fight here,

Z said...

Hi, Susannah,
And this isn't the only picture of him not covering his heart with his hand, is it.
Yes, we knew and some of us realized what he was about and some heard him say "I didn't know Bill Ayers," found out he DID know him quite well, and voted for a liar. Go figure.

Jim, if you mean that has something to do with his color, boy are YOU off the beat. He's a jive punk elitist and we knew that from the start. I'd give ANYTHING to have a Black Conservative president who DOES show his love for this country. I GOT IT when Whoopi said, after the election, "I can unpack my bags now.">>I GET THAT...but we need a Black American WHO PUTS US FIRST, not the world, no appeasing, no screwing our one ME ally Israel, no taking missile shields from our friends who depended on us, no socialized healthcare, no owning car companies, etc etc etc.
Just TELL the truth as much as any president can, and show you understand the constitution, Obama, we'd be happy with that...put AMERICA FIRST.
Color's got ZERO to do with it but your inference was clear and I wanted to address that.

The Wordsmith said...

I didn't believe him then and I certainly don't believe him now.

Susannah said...

Grandma~ yep. The only problem is that the 'benefits' will go to those who aren't paying for it before those who get the bill actually have to pay...then try to take it away from the 'have nots' & see what happens.

C&L~ Could not agree with you more.

Crucis~ Good. Remind them every week until Nov. Then monthly until 2012.

MFiles~ Maybe she's taking the George Bush scapegoat title...? The irony is lost on them, though. They're entitled to blame everybody but themselves, see?

JL & David~ I never could stand to look @ or listen to him either. He oozes condescending entitlement.

Susannah said...

CBlstr~ Bingo. "He is attempting to destroy America from the inside." Remember, he's just the puppet man for the 'movement' that's been brewing for decades. We have to get rid of more than just him.

Jim~ Thanks for the reference. Doesn't matter to me where CBlstr got it...makes sense to me.

...and it all comes back to race with you, doesn't it? Perfect example of how a perfectly honest political disagreement is called racism. Sad, boring song, Jim. Get a new one.

Btw, Z put you in your place, my friend. Thanks, Z.

Wordsmith~ Great to see you. Haven't seen you in a while. Me? Don't believe a word he says, but sure do believe him when he shows me.

Jim said...
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Opus #6 said...

I hope the Obama voters all see the light and wake up to how he is hurting the country.

Jim said...

Care to illuminate Opie? Please tell us how he is hurting the country.

Susannah said...

Jim said:
Z put you in your place,

That's a joke, I'm sure. Z spouted nonsense born of either fear or loathing. I thought about responding but what's the sense of arguing with crap

And as far as my suggesting racism, David's words speak for themselves. He didn't say it was plain from the first moment "we" heard him speak, or the first time we read his books, or the first time we read anything about him or learned about his friends, mentors or associates.

"It was as plain as day from the first time we ever saw the man."

...minus the 'Blaz. Saddles' racial slur. Not having that here, Jim.

Susannah said...

Jim, dear~ No joking.
I am certain that there are those of lesser moral clarity & maturity who dislike Hussein Obama because of his race; no question there. They do their cause a huge disservice. (However, I saw no reference to that ilk in this forum, except from you.) Commenters here appear happy to direct our disdain toward the vast political/social material that he provides daily.

How's this? There are those who HATED (& still do) former Presidents b/c of where he was from, the way he talked, winked, dressed, ate, smiled, laughed, walked...and were more than happy to pick just ONE aspect to rave ad nauseum about, or, what the hay - just make up something!

So please Jim, spare us the excruciating sentivity & resulting misinterpretation of the most benign verbage.

Susannah said...

One more thought...

The picture in this post is one of the first times I 'SAW THE MAN,' (when I was actually paying attn.), and I disliked him intensely, & immediately, for obvious reasons.

I suppose now, you're gonna call me racist. And I'll point to your racist goggles & say you'll see it, no matter what. Really, it's easier for you that way. Then you don't have to address the systematic dismantling of our Republic by the man UNDER the skin - no matter what color it is.

Joe said...

Susannah, you said, "So please Jim, spare us the excruciating sentivity & resulting misinterpretation of the most benign verbage."

Jim is totally incapable of that.

Susannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susannah said...

(Okay, so maybe I'll start over...)

Joe~ I hope not. Jim seems like a smart guy to me. He just needs to pull off the goggles.

Even Juan Williams can do that.

(Did my link work this time?)

Jim said...


Just for the record, I am loathe to accuse anyone of racism. Really. But I'm trying to understand what it is that makes people react to the duly elected President of the United States in the manner that some in this community and elsewhere do.

First, let me say that my reference to Blazing Saddles was not meant as a racist slur. It was what I consider an apt reference to a line in a very funny movie. It relates exactly to what David wrote here. I'm mean really! And if you haven't seen the movie, I'm sorry you don't get it.

Again, David didn't refer to Obama's writings, speeches, websites, or policies. He said, "the first time we ever saw the man." Now I don't know if this particular picture of Obama was the first time David ever saw him, but if that is supposed to be the explanation of his, let's call it disgust, then he is quick to judge and assume something vile about a person he apparently knew absolutely nothing about at the time. There are many pictures available of Obama with his hand over his heart. Furthermore, I attend high school football games on a regular basis. Out of curiosity, I often note when the National Anthem is played how people respond. Some have their hands over their hearts; some don't. Some take off their hats; some don't. It never occurs to me that any of them love and respect their country any more or less than anyone else.

So if that's why David knew "the first time he saw the man", then David is shallow or ignorant or just trying to rationalize why he dislikes someone without knowing ANYTHING about him, whether this picture is an anomaly or if there is some explanation for the picture.

Then you don't have to address the systematic dismantling of our Republic by the man.

This is not my intent at all. I'm trying to understand why smart people, and I assume your are smart, Susannah, seem to believe that Obama has the intent or the means to systematically dismantle our Republic.

If he can do that, why did it take a year just to get a basically Republican health care reform plan passed which is NOT single payer and has NO PUBLIC OPTION? Why are his top economic policy people deeply entrenched Wall Street people? Why did he bail out multi-billion dollar corporations and make their leaders essentially immune to the recession? Why is his Secretary of Defense STILL Bush's.

Do you think Obama has some secret agreement with the US Military or the US Congress, the FBI, or the CIA that's going to let him cancel elections and install him as emperor? Where did he get that power? From Richard Daley? Rob Blagojovich?

I've got more on my mind, but I have to go out and support the free enterprise system. Maybe later.

ExPatMatt said...

And Jim comes out of the corner swinging!

Hope y'all are having a fantastic Easter weekend.

Cheers from sunny Toronto,

Susannah said...

Matt! You're back! (I dig the Southern touch, y'all.)

Yes, we are having a splendid Easter weekend, thanks. Our son was acolyte for the Maundy Thursday (Last Supper) service Thurs. night. Had to miss the Tenebrae service last night, but tomorrow's THE day. It's exhilarating, actually.

Yes, Jim has come out 'swinging,' but he ignores his own links & asks others (Opus#6, et. al.) to explain ourselves again & again. It seems a bit gamey to me, & I'm finding it a bit grating at this point. (Obamacare a "Republican" health care bill?? Give me a freakin' break!!)

Jim~ See above, dear. I've got more on my mind, but I'm short on patience.

Matt reminds us --- Happy Easter all!

Susannah said...

Why, oh why can I never get links to work right the first time???

Here's the article, in case I did it -- AGAIN!!

Jim said...

So here's how I do it:

start with < then a then space then href then = then double quote, and then paste in your URL address. follow that with a double quote and > then the text you want to have linked, then < then / then a then >

Susannah said...

Jim dear, you're a PEACH!

(It was the double quote I was botching - using single instead.)


and a Very Happy Resurrection Day Easter to you all!!

Jim said...

Same to you.

Jim said...


Your link, from which Commie plagiarizes once again without attribution contains many misleading and incorrect assertions.

First of all, Sharpton DID NOT say “The American public overwhelmingly voted for Socialism when they elected President Obama”. He said that Obama was elected to carry out the policies that he had put forward in the campaign. The interviewer (Geraldo it sounds like) says that some would say they are socialist policies, to which Sharpton replies, "Then you'd have to say the American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism..."

"Now there is overwhelming evidence that Obama is a Marxist that has been surrounded his entire life by Communists, Socialists, Marxists and Maoists." This is bull-oney nonsense. (They forgot the Muslims, don't you know).

And Jim Wallis is a Marxist? What a joke!

"he has ordered America soldiers to march with Russians in Red Square under the placards of Joseph Stalin."

You mean the parade with the British and Russian soldiers to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the allied defeat of the Nazis? Are there placards of Stalin in Red Square? I seriously doubt it.

"Bill Ayers is Obama's former boss".

More utter nonsense.

"We just witnessed Congress approve a socialist-styled healthcare program,"

Huh? It's not single payer and there's no public option. What's socialist about it?

I could go on, but the entire article is just so much hooey I don't have the time to go on, but given enough time, I could pretty much write the same stuff about you and provide just as much evidence.

Susannah said...

(Sorry for the duplications, friends! Had a heck of a time getting this comment to load!)

Enjoy your day!

Jim said...

Sharpton said it, he meant it, & it's true.

I disagree. Sharpton said that Americans elected Obama knowing what his policies were. He was directly responding to Geraldo's statement that some would call Obama's policies socialism. Sharpton clearly meant that if the policies were socialism (and he didn't say that they were), that that is what Americans voted for.

As for the Hussein's associations...

He was hanged by the Iraqi people several years back.

He was born of communist parents

No basis in fact whatsoever. BTW, I went to Catholic school when I was 5 to 7 and yet I've never been a Catholic.

closely associated & influenced by domestic TERRORISTS

Not true and no evidence to support this.

very REAL truth that it's specifically designed to -in time- leave NO OTHER OPTION BUT the public option.

While I wish this were true, it is a totally absurd assertion. This is basically the same plan signed by Romney in Massachucetts and proposed by other republicans in the past.

You keep slinging the same old cow dung against the wall and none of it is sticking because you have no evidence whatsoever to back it up. You only have emails you've gotten from Obama haters and the rantings and ravings of people whose primary goal is to de-legitimize the duly elected President of the United States and keep him from implementing policies for which he was elected.

Susannah said...

Sharpton said it, he meant it, it's true. You're parcing words.

Let's see...our current pres's name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama - though he's ashamed of his middle name & never uses it - not even during his innaugaration. (Pitiful.) I say speak the truth, & the truth shall set you free! Be free, Hussein, be free!!

Parentage - communist hippie (God rest her soul - truly) & a Muslim Kenyan dead-beat-dad. Fine.

Associated, partied with, Community organized with - domestic terrorists. Yes indeedy!

As for public option action - please see my latest post. I've had it in draft form, & this is just the time for it!!