Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smile, Mr. Susannah!

Okay, so I just discovered this song yesterday...
Posting it today for the one who always knows how to make me smile.

He knows who he is, & he's just the best!


"Don't know how I lived without you,
'cause every time that I get around you, I see the best of me inside your eyes.
You make me smile."

1hanks 4ev3r!


Melinda H. said...

This is a great song. You have a fortunate man!

Kitty's Cats said...

Looks like she's the 'fortunate' one, Melinda.

Susannah said...

Melinda~ Welcome! Thanks for leaving a comment~ Yeah, great song, huh?

Kitty~ Welcome back! Actually, you & MH are both right. ;)

Z said...

I'm so happy you feel this way about Mr Susannah, Susannah!

I've got to mention that I just thought this the other day.....Mr. Z brought out the BEST in me; and that's a hard thing to lose.

Cherish your man, ladies....every single day. Love to you all. Z

Susannah said...

Z! 'brought out the best in me' Yes, indeed. I've told him many times, "I just don't know who I would be w/o his presence in my life." It's a miracle - blessing of God - when the simple presence of the other person frees you to be exactly who you're supposed to be.

Annie Fentz - Smith said...

I want one of THOSE!!! :D

Susannah said...

Annie~ You're precious! ;) I just played this song again - just 'cause it makes me feel good!