Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Party marches on!

Tea Party 2010: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC.
Beautiful day, great crowd of 1,500 -- families with picnics, children throwing frisbees, moms & dads w/ strollers -- not exactly your 'angry mob,' 'loonie-tune' types...
All with passion for our country & a strong distaste for Obama-style, intrusive, big-spending, Big Government.

I LOVED this next one!!

Even met a fellow blogger, Renee.
Here w/ her husband.
Very telling signage...

I have several more pics, but all w/ my kids in them; & you know how I am about pics of my kids... :)

Enjoy, friends! Spring has sprung!



bluepitbull said...

There should be a dunking booth at the Tea Party rallies for repentant obama voters.

Renee said...

LOL @bluepitbull's comment.

Susannah said...

Bluepit! Ha!
No...actually, I saw people shaking dear Renee's husband's hand. We on the Right are really very welcoming (& forgiving) to those who come to their senses, eh Renee?

Renee~ lol, me too! Bluepit's a card, no? ;) Great blogger, too. Check him out sometime.

bluepitbull said...

They should still get dunked first. There's no hate there.

Wanna see hate? Try telling a radical polysci professor the distinction between republican and libertarian.

Susannah said...

Bluepit~ Point taken...'it was them what got us here!'

Hang tough w/ that prof. He ain't all that & he knows it, I'll guarantee ya!

I'm curious, though, what would you say is the difference? (I have my own interpretation, but curious about yours...)

Truthmatters said...

Who are we?
We are the castoffs of every corner of the world who came here for the promise of a country that KNEW the greatness that lies in every human heart.

We are the best of the world because
We are conservatives.

Susannah said...

TM~ Welcome. Very nice sentiments. Glad you came by!

bluepitbull said...

I think the distinction lies in the sense of social justice. Libertarians tend to care less or to promote the idea of encompassing the outliers and incorporate them.

Truthmatters said...

I think there is still hope but I also know Obama and crew are working hard everyday to close any and all loopholes and cracks as he is a student of Hitler and others. Obama is also aware of the upcoming elections and the resistance that is building in this country. I can only wonder what he is planning in hopes of bouncing people back into his column.
We have already lost our government. The elected and unelected hold us in contempt and do whatever they want in a rigged political system. The concept of federalism is being denuded as states surrender their constitutional power for federal funds. Civil servants are becoming the privileged, with increasingly large salaries, pensions and other benefits. Postal workers, urban transit workers and the like are privileged to the point where getting into a fight with one winds you up in jail, no matter who started the altercation.

The family and faith are being denuded as "alternate cultures" and illegitimacy are rewarded, making unmarried women and fatherless children turn to the state for support and emotional sustenance. In time, we will be able to tell stories of "Old America," to our children and grandchildren, but not in public. They will be little more than whispered bedtime stories and fairy-tales, told by the elderly and soon to die.
We have already lost our government. The elected and unelected hold us in contempt and do whatever they want in a rigged political system.

bluepitbull enough with the double-talk let the truth and the supporters of the truth stand on what this country was founded on, TRUTH!

beamish said...

Excellent read and all of you guys make such valid points. I'm scared for what's too come and I do think our freedom is at stake. Maybe we can do something before it's too late. We need to show them how much our freedom means to us.

Don't forget David Axelrod and Rahm Emmanuel, who are the hands inside Obama's puppet head.

The saddest realization is that Obama is by himself and on his own obviously too stupid to even come up with the imbecilic things he reads off of a teleprompter.

I Want To Set It Straight said...

With a president like obama , who was raised by commies and under rev. wright for 20 years who is a Marxist, and the Marxist obama has surround himself with in the White House - this thing in AZ. is a huge step

You guys over there on those lefty blogs that are drinking the cool aide...good luck to ya in Nov. You are going to need it.

Z said...

I"VE seen your children and they are GORGEOUS, but I mean REALLY wonderful looking kids! :-)

LOVE that poster about scraping bumper stickers!!

Happy Spring, Susannah!!

bluepitbull said...

Tell me where you see doubletalk you anonymous fool? Social justice and live and let live is a large part of libertarianism.

Saying that a country should stand on truth is as juvenile as saying, "Can't we all just give peace a chance?" While some of us can live in peace, some can't. The reality of those in political office is their perceived power in the public eye, and the more power we as a public perceive, the more we legitimize that power. We know the sort that seeks political office, and the only way to change that is through term limits (which my senator said she would seek, and then went on to ignore that promise) and rotation to keep the corruption at bay.

The constitution lays out very common sense guidelines for the country, but people choose to ignore them and give 'do-overs' in their legislation so that they don't lose that power.

Off-handedly accusing me of either being an obama supporter, or of saying I support alternate cultures is complete hogwash as well. If we incorporate people into the mainstream of society, they will fit into the mainstream of society. Turning our backs on them will only result in several subcultures of growing resentment until one day either we have to make legislation empowering these people (not my idea, but you've seen it happen in recent history) or they form some sort of insurgency be it hard or soft, and take on the mainstream.

Try to think before attacking, and speak meaning, not obfuscation.

Fredd said...

...and this is the crowd that the MSM would paint as an angry mob of Nazis, waving their swazstikas and chanting 'Deutschland Uber Alles...'

Truthmatters said...

Yes Bluepitbull, I am accusing you of double-talking.
And yes, I am accusing you of being an Obama supporter!! Maybe you are a closet Obama supporter, who is too embarrassed to admit it. But you surely are. So don’t get your Irish up to me.

I myself am one of those few true Independent, I try not to talk politics much by the way- having worked in the field I have absolutely no interest in arguing with people. But at least I have the gumption to admit what I am. I should not even have wasted my time responding to you but I did in fairness to the politically challenged. It is clearly obvious you are a big talker with nothing to offer but BS. Tell me are you also a closet bigot? Obama may be lots of things that I dislike but not the things that he is being accused of.
Come on and tell us, do you really think he's a Muslim or related to a terrorist or whatever goofy info someone sent you on the internet? Or is he a citizen of Kenya?
Perhaps some further education as well as reading and thinking will help you emerge into the real world we all live in.

And by the way, I am not anonymous! Just because I don't have a silly blog as you do, that does not make my any more anonymous then you are. By reading your blog, I can see that you are ignorant, racist, and freaking laughable. And the truth determines what is a lie. It's not subjective. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Truthmatters said...

Is America becoming stupid, or does it just seem that way? By reading Mr. bluepitbull ’s response to my previous post, it’s clear to me that they are becoming stupid! Is conservative and corporate right wing media just throwing a lot of stupid ideas out there to confuse and distract? Is there a middle ground between America being stupid or Americans being hoodwinked? Today nothing is as it is. Obama is doing better than their hero Reagan, but still our new president, who inherited the worst mess since the republicans handed FDR the Great Depression, has done wonders. If anything we are becoming a plutocracy with a whole bunch of conspiratorial whiners on the fringes following the pied pipers of wingnuttery.
Third parties are not successful in the U.S. because of the nature of our first-past-the-post election system and geographical districts. A third party can change an election on occasion. For example, Ross Perot’s entry in 1992 disrupted the election enough to permit Bill Clinton win w/o winning a majority of the vote.

Third parties have no staying power for exactly that reason. A third party always grabs more voters from one party. If this allows the other party to win with a minority of the votes, the losing party makes some changes or concessions that bring the third party voters back into the fold. And the members of the third party usually find the prospect of continued victories by the minority party odious.

The Tea Party could indeed split off enough Republicans to allow Democrats to win more than they would have. But probably not. Most Tea Party members dislike Democratic policies. They can figure out that their votes for their third party would be de-facto votes for Democrats
Obama does have a socialist agenda,’bills’. He has taken over the auto industry, the banking industry, the insurance industry, and the healthcare industry. It may not seem like the latter is true…yet, but it will. As far as trying to validate the healthcare bill by comparing it to Romneys Massachusetts policy, not a good idea. Massachusetts is going broke because of their healthcare system and asking the fed for money to support their healthcare system. Insurance premiums went UP in Massachusetts, as they will across the country. But thats what Obama is counting on. Then more and more people will be dependent on the federal govt for insurance. I’m not going to argue it, time will prove the point. Just look at Tenn. for another example. Tenncare has caused healthcare rationing, similar to Canada and Europe. You know, the countries that Obama wants to model the US after. Obama isn’t done with his socialist agenda. As he said, this stuff has to be done in pieces. If he tried to do it all at once, everyone would see through him, and reject him. More than half the country already has!
Do you agree bluepitbull ? Or was that all way above your head.

bluepitbull said...

Well...when you put it that way....

You said I was double-talking then accused me of being an obama supporter even though I am a registered Republican who voted for McCain, Cornyn, and a whole slew of straight ticket votes in an attempt to keep the current empire under control.

I suspect by your writing style that you are Tha Malcontent who loves trying to depict me as a liberal moron.

After calling me a liberal closet obama supporter, you then go on to accuse me of being a birther. So...which is it genius?

I give solutions to problems and reasons things don't work in your idealistic way and never will and you resort to name-calling off the bat and expect nothing back?

I hereby decree this crazy anonymous need to take their lithium poster day out of respect for your zig-zaggy and strange approach to trying to get to know me.

Calling me stupid is even more foolish. Telling me then that I was advocating the Tea Party makes no sense, because in your first rant I was an obama supporter.

You should get a warm washcloth, put it over your eyes and lie down. The voices in your head will recede then.

bluepitbull said...

Oh, and, by the way...

I'm a freakin' dog!!! I don't have opposeable thumbs so it's hard to type.

As to being a racist, dogs are colorblind.

Truthmatters said...

Thanks for your comment, now let's take a few moments to review ........
I'm more than a bit confused can you make me understand what the heck you are talking about. ...Cause I try to give you the benefit of the doubt. I do understand that you are a confused political wannabe. As for me being The Malcontent. Okay, that is very weird. But whatever.
We need to pay attention to what BO does, and ignore what he says. He says one thing, and does the opposite.

My favorite: he campaigned as the guy that would get us out of Iraq faster than anyone else. He said the surge in Iraq was a big mistake, and the war was lost. His current plan is to keep combat troops in Iraq 9 months longer than Bush. And he wants to use the Bush surge strategy in Afghanistan.

What is amazing to me is that liberals haven't called him on it. Nope. This is their savior's strategy, so it must be right.
Look, I understand there are many great republicans ... as well as terrible ones ... same goes for democrats ... and libertarians ... and everything in between ... it almost seems like parties take sides on every issue and there are few issues where both parties ever agree... even on the simple stuff ... I'm tired of the parties playing these stupid games of name calling ... and yes, I realize that I'm hypocritical because I bash the GOP more often than not ... and I have no excuses for it ... but I digress... And with that being said, I still think that you are a liberal closet Obama supporter, and a internet blog plant. And you are a an obama supporter even though you say that you are a registered Republican who voted for McCain...
I just hope that the Republicans can get their act together and mount a credible strategy to minimize the damage in the next 4 years. So far, the results aren't promising.

You might want to reconsider posting on this forum, because with every post you just prove how stupid you really are.

Truthmatters said...

I was just in Arizona for a sales conference! I can say, that the people were ecstatic about it. However, they are the ones that work, not the ones that have time all day to bitch and complaint.

See when people work, they can't just take off to beat drums and bitch. But when people don't work they can complain as much as they want.

I also went to school in Arizona, believe it or not illegal immigration has led to an insane amount of crime. Not one person I know didn't have their bike or other tings ripped off. Too many of my friends had their car stole and broken into. At my frat house I had to fight a few wetbacks breaking into our house to steal stuff and we were right on campus.

Does anyone besides me see a problem with people from another state meddling in a state's political process? I would think that the governor might simply dismiss the entire crowd thinking they are all from California and do not represent registered voters of the state.

As an aside, the only people that have been out in the little mountain town I live in are a few local residents that do vote here urging other registered Az voters to call the governor in support of the bill.

bluepitbull said...

No, you're wrong. I'm not an obama supporter.

In all of your ramblings one thing comes to the surface and that is that you are an ass.

I refuse to converse with you anymore. You started this tirade and please, go ahead and finish if it makes you feel better.

Don't bother me anymore with your ignorance of my views and beliefs. And you can stop accusing me of things when you don't have the guts to make a blog and post some of your nutty thoughts.


Susannah said...

Beamish~ Thanks for coming by! This conversation got started pretty well...It seems, though, that it has been hijacked. Let's read on...

SetItStraight~ Glad you stopped by too! Thanks for taking time to comment. ;)

Z!!! Darling! So glad to see you here. Yes, you've seen my precious-es. They're getting revved up for swim team season! The oldest is almost as tall as Mr. Susannah now!! *yikes*

Bluepit~ I have no idea where the "doubletalk" discussion came from...Care to let us in on the argument (clearly spilling into my blog from another place)?

Fredd~ Yes, I know...I feared for my life most of the duration of the Tea Party...evidenced clearly from the pictures! (ha!)

TM~ "Come on and tell us, do you really think he's a Muslim"
Yes, I do.

"Or is he a citizen of Kenya?"
Quite possibly, yes.

"Perhaps some further education as well as reading and thinking will help you emerge into the real world we all live in."
I assure you, I do plenty of reading, & my thoughts on these matters are quite grounded in reason & thought.

Friend, I realize you're addressing Bluepit, but since this is my blog, don't mind if I step in for a moment...

Not sure who you are, or if you're multiple people posing as one 'Truthmatters' (since your arguments don't ring consistent). You make some very good points, then double-back in an effort to disparage my good friend Bluepit.

Since the disagreement between the two of you has nothing whatever to do w/ my blog, my guests or my current post, I will thank you to kindly take it elsewhere.

Btw, further attempt to use my threads to disparage other guests will render one's comments deleted. :)

Other than that, TM, you're welcome to stay. But mind your manners.

bluepitbull said...

I have no idea where it stems from. I just didn't like the insults and tried to explain my position. If I had known I was going to start a battle royale with a crazy, I would have stopped. My apologies.

Truthmatters said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bluepitbull said...

This isn't Pamela's blog....just throwin' that out there. Interesting that you thought that it was, though.

Susannah, do you run an ip checker here? Be interesting to find out the origins of this guy.


Susannah said...

Bluepit~ "My apologies."
No problem.

"This isn't Pamela's blog..."
You are correct, sir!

"ip checker here"
Site meter tells me all kinds of stuff! ;)

bluepitbull said...

Madam, you have piqued my curiosity.