Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh the places you will go!

My friend Duta, posted an interesting piece about a park near her house. I find her light, happy post so very refreshing. Duta tells us she is becoming 'addicted' to this little park where she can exercise for free. She describes the people who frequent it, as well as the do's & don'ts of the place. Her blithe sense of humor also bubbles up:

"Kids and dogs belonging to people who stop here for a short work out, can be a distraction sometimes - you would rather play with them :) . Dogs, by the way, are not allowed in the park, but this is the Middle East here, nobody gives a damn on what is allowed or not..."

Duta takes us to fascinating places with her blog. Click this link for the post referenced here: Workout in the Park . Then spend some time with Duta's other adventures. You'll go places you would never expect. I promise!



Craig said...

Hi Susannah,

I still lurk my favorite Righty blogs once in awhile. Thanks for the link to Duta. I like the style and content of her blog.

I was wondering what you make of that Socialist park. Paid for by taxes, it's not free, for govt. indoctrination into the "healthy lifestyle". Why is the govt. taking money out of the hands of job creating health club and spa entrepreneurs by giving the masses "free" workout equipment?

Is this another under the radar attempt by the union, Muslim, Communist, Leftist, Code Pink cabal to implement Sharia Law across the Middle East, Western Europe and, eventually, North America?

Some say, it is.

DUTA said...

@ Craig,
Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

The equipment in the park is very basic; you don't have the variety of devices found in health clubs, and no TV sets to make workout more pleasant.

It does not compete with the the health clubs, and yet it can do a lot of good for those who can hardly afford these clubs but still, pay their taxes to the municipality.

I think it's a wonderful idea ,this park workout, and it's wrong to look at everything in life as "job creating". Those looking for real jobs should better go to something PRODUCTIVE like agriculture and industry. USA has unfortunately transferred production to other countries and this will badly affect its economy and prosperity.

Susannah said...

Hi Craig! Glad to have you back, but did you have to bring your wet blanket?

Duta! Glad you like the post here~ Your blog is so very interesing, & truly, one never knows the "places you'll go!"

Oh, & never mind Craig's badgering. He's just trollin' for a fight...

Elizabeth said...

Susannah, thanks for commenting on my pet ramblings - and nice to connect with you after such a long time. :)
You have a very nice blog here that you obviously put great passion into. I'm finding the whole blogging thing fascinating (and a little addictive).
You might find my first blog worth a look:
I stopped writing it because, well, I believe it had served its purpose - at least for the time being. ;) So now, I satisfy my writing urges through the critters - and for that I'm grateful.
I'll pop back in every now and then.
BTW - Duta has a nice blog, too.

Susannah said...

Elizabeth! What a pleasant surprise, having you here! Thanks for stopping by & commenting. Yes, blogging can take on a life of its own, right? Loved your posts about your dogs. Corgis have always fascinated me -- those short legs! Ours is a Jack Russell, Otis. Best dog on 4 legs! ;)

Duta's blog is terrific - she has become a lovely friend, & I find her point of view intriguing!

Thanks for the link to your 'other' blog. I'll run by & take a look.