Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy-Child-Abuse, Mandatory Reporting & Joe Paterno

Stupid, stupid Penn State ‘students.’ Blinding themselves to the potential destruction of innocent lives, in favor of Saturday football scores?

Riots on campus? Grow up & shut up, you ridiculous Occupy-Child-Abuse dolts!

According to reports, one time Penn State Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky enjoyed a 15 year window of opportunity (1994-2009) to molest young boys during which “two PSU administrators…stepped aside [after being] charged with failing to notify authorities of a 2002 incident reported by an eyewitness.”

People ---

If. Child. Abuse. Is. Even. Suspected.


Mandatory reporting includes the duty of “Teachers & other school personnel” to report. Statutes also allow for “permissive reporting” – wherein a citizen is not mandated to report, but does so out of moral & ethical conscience. “A report must be made when the reporter, in his or her official capacity, suspects or has reasons to believe that a child has been abused or neglected.”

This includes Pennsylvanians who are required to report “when a person, who in the course of employment, occupation, or practice of a profession, comes into contact with children, has reasonable cause to suspect, on the basis of medical, professional, or other training and experience, that a child is a victim of child abuse.”

Evidence of this ‘scandal’ suggests that Mr. Paterno knew of the abuse, or had heard of suspicions and did NOT fulfill his mandatory obligations to make an official report to authorities. He & his cohorts are therefore COMPLICIT is perpetuating the secrecy wherein the cancer of childhood sexual abuse seethes.

From at least 1994-2009 – 15 years -- children were being harmed. People in positions of authority knew, and did nothing to stand between evil and the innocent. Lose their careers? They should only be so lucky…



Anonymous said...

I feel strongly enough about this to post a comment. While I vehemently agree with the horrendous nature of these allegations and believe child molesters should be castrated slowly and painfully, I also believe in a fair trial by our legal system. We don't like it when Herman Cain is tried and convicted by the media when some cheap fluzy claims 'sexual harassment." We, as constitutional American citizens owe everyone the same rights - not a trial by media but a trial by law.

Mae Johns said...

You are absolutely 100% right. And there is NO reason to wait for any type of "trial". Paterno has admitted he didn't alert the police when he KNEW what was happening. In some cases, mandated reporters who fail to report abuse go to jail. Getting rid of Paterno is the right thing to do. And anyone who thinks a GAME is more important than CHILDREN is sick.

Susannah said...

Curric~ So glad you've commented. Welcome! You're absolutely right about: trial by media is inappropriate. Please note that the language of my post uses qualifying language re: Mr. Sandusky ('according to reports'). However, the main thrust of the post is that 'evidence suggests' (& Coach P has admitted) that Mr. Paterno knew of abuse, & failed to report. THAT's just a no-can-do in Education, Mental Health, Medical worlds.

The second aim of this post was to highlight the idiocy of the Occupy-Child-Abuse students. Horrible, stupid, weasels.

Mae~ Thanks for the comment. You've fully grasped what I was trying to say. Child Abuse is horrific, but those who enable it allow it to fester & grow like a cancer. Heaven help us~

Jim said...

One slight clarification: Paterno DID report the alleged abuse. What he failed to do is follow up to see what was being done about it. When the abuser was allowed to keep his position without any apparent adjudication of the matter, Paterno should have pursued the matter to make sure it had come to an honest conclusion one way or another.

In other words, by his inaction he allowed the matter to be swept under the rug.

I feel really bad for Paterno in some respects, because he ends an amazing and historic career in shame. On the other hand, let it be a lesson that NO ONE is immune to accountability for a failure even by inaction such as this.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim - Mandated reporting laws require that a report be made to Child Protection Services. In my state, they specifically say that reporting to an employer or superior is not enough. (I'm not sure about the PA language.) So while he did notify someone else, he did not report according to the mandated reporter laws.

Anonymous said...

...and of course I look at the PA law AFTER I post a comment... it seems that in that state reporting to a superior is enough. I would argue that though he acted legally, he definitely acted unethically, but technically you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Points well taken. I'm going out on a limb here and guess that because J P received the info second-hand, he, for some reason, assumed the first-hand witnesses would report it or at least hold more weight. Important lesson - no excuse - especially when a child is involved. And thankfully, he has admitted as much. The really sad thing in all of this is that Sandusky seems the least ashamed of all...

Z said...

Oh, darn! My headline I just posted is "OCCUPY PENN STATE?" and I have a slightly different angle...but not by much.

Yes, it IS "Trial by Media" now and the media seems to be damning EVERYTHING at Penn State and that's not fair.

Those involved MUST be charged, not the kids who have been interviewed having to stick up for their school!

Jim, I"m (gasp!) totally with you on this. From what I understand, he could have gone an extra inch or mile, but he legally followed Pennsylvania's reporting rules.
Anyway, to end a stellar career like this is tragic.

DUTA said...

It's very sad, but even in murder cases people refrain from reporting to the authorities.

Recently a young man(lawyer by profession) murdered both his parents after having dinner with them. Neighbors heard the woman screaming "he's killing me" and yet nobody even bothered to call the police.

Jim said...

All readers of this blog are invited to read and comment on a new post on my blog about American Exceptionalism.

My blog is According to My Sources

Ms Hen's said... mother basically popped Valiums and tried to convince me my father did not rape me at 8 years old; until after he died; and she found out where I was living and wrote to apologize. I was 34 at the time; and I think way too late after I was on my own since I was 17. I no longer needed a mother. I guess i was lucky (said sarcastically) since it only happened once; not counting the looks and sexual remarks for years; or walking around almost naked in front of his daughters. (real father not even a step father).

Children are voiceless victims...

I'm lucky I healed going to ACOA. hugs to the children.. great blog..

tha malcontent said...

Hi Susannah, I just wanted to drop in as say hello, long time no contact.

I have you on my blogroll and after going thru it today I noticed that we haven't touched base in a long time.
So I thought I'd say Hello and wish you well as well as wishing you a great and happy Thanksgiving.