Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Donkey Whisperer??

This is RICH! Go Roger Williams!!

LOVED it, didn't you?



Z said...

HI, Susannah..that is one CLEVER (and true) ad, isn't it.

A friend worked for Reagan (hired women of the caliber for ambassador/cabinet type positions), knows Nancy R very well, hostesses for her at the Reagan LIbrary, etc., and has an elephant collection that's extraordinary. Elephants of every material..
She was saying the other day that though we can't talk politics at bible study, she'll be wearing her elephant jewelry and they may not be able to talk Republican politics but they'll realize "there's the ELEPHANT in the room" :-)

Susannah said...

Z! Isn't it great? I love the idea of your friends' collection of elephants. I actually bought a necklace @ "Chico's" that has a lovely elephant on it...I was tickled - AND it was on clearance!