Monday, November 26, 2012


Hi friends~

I've stayed off news sites, TV news (all forms) & most political FB posts. My friends, Mason Weaver & Deneen Borelli posted this on FB today, & it caught my attention.

If you don't find it HERE, try a link to the original article. Or, you can Youtube it, 'cause it won't post here...(Maybe Blogger rejects evil.)

*1980's, 90's secular progressives work through courts & p.c. campaigning to remove God from public square: 'sectarian' (i.e., in Jesus' name) prayer @ public forums, removal of references to Christmas, etc. And there was no push back that mattered. "Let's not offend anyone. They're just being annoying."

*Next our electorate elevates their candidate (2008) to 'messiah' status, calling him "the One," & yes, even "messiah"... No pushback that mattered. And candidate-supporting Christians go along. "They're just celebrating. Let's not offend anyone."

*2012: one of our nation's major political parties removes all references to God from their party platform... No pushback that mattered & Christian party members go along. "It doesn't really matter, and let's not rock the boat."
*Oh, but wait! 9-11-12 our Libyan compound is visciously attacked, leading to 4 American deaths...And our population (including Christian supporters) buys the lie, & the horribly insulting assertion behind it: "They had a right to be mad. Somebody used the name of their prophet improperly."
*Um...And what of the use of our Savior's name, likeness, figurine ? It gets public funding, you see, for it's art...
(Does No One but ME see the nauseating double standard here???)

*And now voices of Hollywood, et. al, proclaim their man "our lord and savior" in a major outlet award program, to laughter, cheering... And what of Christian supporters?? So far,
So, friends, we deserve what we've wrought upon ourselves.
May God have mercy on us.



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