Friday, October 17, 2008

Just Fun

Okay, so we knew it would come to this. Pictures from the Rally :)

Elizabeth Dole at Latham Stadium @ Elon University, the host of the Sarah Palin rally. She opened for Hank Williams, Jr. who opened for our Headliner...

The Headliner herself addresses the crowd of upwards of 15,000 people! Note the button being worn by the woman wearing white, over Gov. Palin's right shoulder. "Read My Lipstick!"

According to Nancy Midgett, a University employee, the school was seriously surprised by the crowds. They sent Ms. Midgett out on reconnaissance when parking shortage became a concern...
My take-away on the day?
First, don't believe the media...trying to convince you that you're isolated in your convictions. There are literally thousands (dare I say millions?) of people who believe, quite fervently, in conservative principles.
Second, don't believe the media...The people at Republican rallies are kind, patient (sitting in the sun for 3-4 hours, making new friends, playing cards & waiting politely in long lines for water), family-minded, patriotic people, who want the best for their country. The only crass & ugly words hurled were from left-wing protesters outside the stadium, & one inside who was later hauled to jail (Oh, you didn't see it on the news? Didn't think so.)
And third, don't believe the media...there were mothers, fathers, grandparents, babies, children, professionals, hippies, & (gasp!) hordes of college students!! (Apparently, they slipped out of the thick grasp of the left-wing camp & came running to freedom in droves...)

Oh, and didn't I mention already that Sarah was GREAT?


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