Thursday, October 2, 2008

New on the scene

Well, it seems I have some up-and-coming friends!

I'm pleased to introduce you to Hummingbird, written by Kimberly Greene Angle. Kimberly is my cousin's wife, my cousin-in-law. (Does that mean I'm famous by marriage? I didn't think so, either...)

It's a "sweet and tangy debut [which] introduces a memorable cast of characters who come to learn that grace can abide within and beyond the realities of pain and loss" (B& synopsis). For ages 8-12.

and also:

The Christmas Booger, by Leila Haggerty Montgomery. It's a picture book, you might guess, with Leila Montgomery's wacky sense of humor infused throughout! Leila (& her sister Lisa, illustrator) are friends of ours from our Knoxville years, & we're thrilled for their success!
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