Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thanks for soccer

Dear Coach,
I sit to write because you’ve been on my mind for several months. Recently, I found myself reminiscing about High School years & what I’m thankful for.

I’m writing because of the dedication & commitment you gave our little travel soccer team all those years ago. You were a real pioneer – tournament soccer was an infant in the South then, & we were part of that first wave. Thank you for making that experience happen for us girls. It’s nice to look back & know I was part of it.

On a more personal note, though, I have a lot to thank you for. Our team gave me another place to belong, to learn teamwork & leadership, & blow off steam at a time when my life seemed difficult. You were a Godly example to us girls: giving, generous, honest. We knew, even as you put up with our shenanigans, that you were there just to be in His service. I am proud to have been associated with our team simply because of that.

It’s just in recent years that I’m understanding how important my soccer years were. Yes, there was school, music & the rest. But soccer gave me a place to compete & be strong; to prove myself. It gave me a place to unwind the awkwardness & insecurity that seems to entangle young girls. It helped me to remember who I was. It helped me to build a bridge to the strong & rather independent woman that I would become.

Why I’m writing now, I’m not sure, except that it’s time I said thank you. And perhaps because my perspective on life has changed. I’m coming to appreciate people more & the sacrifices that were made for me. So, thank you, thank you.

I hope this letter finds you well, & your family happy. Thank you again for all that you did for me - & I’m sure many others. Take care, & may God bless you deeply.

I remember you fondly,


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