Monday, October 13, 2008

Women against women.

I’m getting a little ruffled, & I’ll tell you why. It’s the women-against-women thing that's swirling around us. Women are attacking-to-destroy Sarah Palin. She’s conservative & she places human life above human choice. She doesn’t follow the feminist manifesto & they don’t like it. In my mind, it’s not about partisan politics; it’s about Feminist Politics.

Let’s ask, “Who are these women, & why are they doing this to one they should presumably champion? Why is it that they claim to speak for women, & yet so viciously tear this one down?”

It seems the answer lies in compliance, acquiescence & power. When they have no challenger, the women about whom I speak demand that we all be tolerant, that we love peace, be sensitive & take care of “the children.” (Sure Madonna, adopt beautiful African children who don’t have choices of how to live – how lovely. But what about children who are being ‘eliminated’ on our own continent – before they have a choice to live?)

Then, a woman emerges who challenges their singular oratory. She comes onto their national stage & they rage & foam & spew vitriol. It’s not just that they don’t want to share. (Really now, weren’t we taught to share in Kindergarten?) It’s real seething venom. Have you seen it? (Quick - search Youtube. I won’t link them to my page.) Nice. Yes, & how very loving & tolerant & sensitive of them to whip up their crowds into a fresh lather of rancid antipathy. How pleasant. How peaceful. (You, too, Sandra Bernhardt.)

And then there’s the print media (even Canadians are complying - now that’s obedience!), cartoon media (featuring Governor Palin being punched, etc.), & the regular ol’ TV media. They’re crafty about it, though; splicing interviews, photographing legs from behind in bald attempts at sexual objectification. I could go on… Where is Barbara Walters & Whoopie Goldberg to decry this shameless sexism? When do Arianna, et. al, come rushing to defend of one of their own? What’s that I hear? Static…?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Not a peep. They rant for years at the injustice men have imposed upon women (& sometimes rightly they rant). Yet they fail to see their own injustice is far more dangerous. I wonder what Susan B. Anthony & Sojourner Truth would think of this women-against-women campaign? Those women knew hardship & fought the uphill fight. I’m grateful for what their untiring efforts have afforded us (even when it means a woman with whom I disagree gets a solid shot in Presidential politics). But Hillary isn’t on the scene right now, Sarah Palin is. She’s in a historic position, having benefited from past efforts also. To my thinking, she is uplifting women’s status around the world, & it is to our country’s great credit that she does.

What’s that Madonna? Sandra? Doesn’t Sarah also have the right to claim her place on the stage? She’s a woman, right? Oh. Yes, but she’s not compliant; she hasn’t acquiesced. She’s a woman who is stealing your thunder (read: power). Therefore, even though she’s a woman, she doesn’t count. Because for women-against-women, XX chromosomes only count when they lean to the Left.



Mary said...

"Because for women-against-women, XX chromosomes only count when they lean to the Left.:

Well said!! Bravo.

Frasypoo said...

You spoke my mind.I have been so mad at these women.I used to like mdonna but not any more.
I guess a conservative woman with the right values riles up the devil in them !