Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hope - Reprise.

Reprise seems to be a pattern here…

You should know I’m taking a break from political things in order to bring this piece to you. Actually, this follows very nicely with 11-07-08, which is the reason I’m writing this here & now.

Friends, there’s a movement afoot. As I see it, the Holy Spirit is on the move; whispering to me , nudging new friends, speaking to my brother – yes, my brother. One of my brothers is planting a church in Hickory, NC. It’s called Christian Fellowship Church (it’s AMIA - Anglican Mission in America).

After the tender mercy that God showed me last week with One True Hope, I received an email link my brother’s Sunday message. The title of it is “Holy Spirit is Where the Hope Is.” I was astounded at the parallel... If you have 15 minutes or so, go to this link & click on the message for 11-9-08. Listen to the message of hope; our one true hope.

Christian Fellowship Church, Hickory, NC

(When you see the picture of the prayer circle, he’s the one seated in the white striped shirt, big nose. I can say this…I have the same nose.)

God is speaking, whispering, nudging, beckoning.

Will we seek His Hope? Will we respond & move forward with courage? Will we see this as our time, knowing that our Hope is trustworthy, dependable, eternal?

“Now is the time for those of us who embody this kingdom to defend the truth, overcome evil with good, and live lives that proclaim and display heaven in the real world.” Steven Curtis Chapman

Hallelujah. Amen.


Scott Higginbotham said...

I noticed that one of your favorite books is Pillars of the Earth. It left an imprint on me too and you posted a comment on my blog posting "A Television Disaster" and said it reminded you of a story and that it intrigued you. That posting was a summary from the main character's point of view of a book I wrote and am hoping to get published. It's historical fiction and Ken Follett showed me that the middle ages had people just like us: those with hope and dreams.

Susannah said...

Hi Scott~
Absolutely they did (or at least we assume!). I was also intrigued w/ Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. She made 18th century Scotland come to life for me, esp. the Battle of Culloden & all that the Scots lost afterward. Tragic. It's funny, b/c part of my heritage is Scots, & it made me feel like I was reading a part of myself, perhaps...

Great to hear from you!