Monday, November 10, 2008

'Just say it' Reprise.

In an earlier piece I said, “Friends, when you are fortunate enough to recognize injustices around you, act. When you see unfairness, speak...” Just last week, I realized that an action my husband & I took several years ago had never been followed with ‘the speaking.’ Recent head-scratching among our local news organizations spurred me to share my perspective with them. They may not listen (or print it), but at least they can’t say nobody told them.


To the Editor:

Your Managing Editor’s 11-14-06 blogpost is titled “Job Cuts at the Journal.” I read the dated piece with interest, since I recently heard a local writer grieve the downward spiral of the Journal’s circulation. The Editor’s closing is myopic if not optimistic, “Journalism is in transition…I want to see what comes out on the other side & play a part in shaping the future.” Let’s have some retrospective analysis, please: five years ago, my husband & I canceled our subscription because of the Journal’s perpetual left-leaning orientation. Our decision was made over time & reluctantly, as we didn’t want to stand in non-support local business. But alas, we grew weary of sifting through commentary to glean facts. We lost patience & faith in this paper’s journalistic ability to present news that’s not shaded yellow. Though we revisit occasionally, we’ve found no reason to re-subscribe. The remaining faithful are either stroked by its leftist flavor, aren’t paying attention, or they enjoy seething while the Journal celebrates or lambastes the news, instead of reporting it. Even the recent endorsement of John McCain for president seems a cynical attempt to placate the masses (even as they slip away like sand).

The Managing Editor was right in 2006: journalism is in transition. If this protracted campaign has taught ‘the masses’ anything, it’s that journalism has nearly forsaken its mission, having giddily assumed the cult-of-personality mantle of left-wing political persuasion. Re-subscribe? No thanks. When Editors, et. al. choose to play a different part in shaping Journalism, realigning with its true calling, I’ll consider print media again. Until then, there are other outlets from which I can glean my news. I have to do a little sifting, I know, but at least I don’t have to pay for it.

So, there it is. The truth has been spoken. Whether it’s heard is altogether another kettle of fish. I don’t expect much to change in the near term, but maybe those who have ears to hear, will.



Mary said...

I don't buy print media either. I rarely watch the news because it is so far left, you can't help but notice. I wanted to be a journalist when I was in high school. I took all the classes, attended work shops at colleges during the summer, and even contributed to the school paper and was on the yearbook staff. I'm glad I never went into it professioinally. I would not compromise and I don't know that you can even get a job unless you compromise now days. It's a rotten industry and that makes me sad. Great letter-I hope they listen. You speak for probably thousands that don't take the time to write.

Susannah said...

Thanks Mary. As usual, your comments encourage me!

Lostcheerio said...

Hi Susannah! I commented back to you on my blog but I wanted to make sure to let you know -- that weird commenter you replied to was some kind of bizarre spammer. He wrote about 12 different comments like that, all equally manic and strange. Super-creepy! But, just wanted to make sure you knew that wasn't a "real" person! Just trying to get a reaction, I guess.

In_spired said...

"Friends, when you are fortunate enough to recognize injustices around you, act. When you see unfairness, speak...”

This post is an encouragement to me. Within the past year I have written my very first letters to the editor (in our local paper) concerning issues in our municipal government, churches, and schools. Though the letters were published, I've never had any follow-up comments or any indication that anyone read them. It's as though I became one of the "questionable associations" of which we've heard so much in recent months. (lol)

Thanks for the great post.

Susannah said...

Go get 'em, in_spired! I assure you, your letters were read by many. My experience has been that letters to the editor are a rather frustrating enterprise, for the reasons you mention. However, as with this post, I needed to make a statement - response or no...

Thanks for *your* encouragement!