Saturday, February 28, 2009

Positive Outlook!

Hi Friends! Less reflective today & more giddy…We’re expecting a SNOW STORM!!

Real snow. Not rumors of powdered sugar that gave school officials reason to call-off school on 2 separate days last month. Word to school board:

"Kids can’t sled on asphalt, but those big yellow buses manage it fairly well."

Sweet husband is going out to get obligatory bread, milk & DVD’s. The things that if you don’t have extra, you may just starve, or die of boredom in the 2 days it takes for the snow to melt. Then we’ll hunker down, cozy up & keep our fingers crossed… (Who says there’s no joy in anticipation?)

Listen, I don’t make the rules, it’s just what we do in the South. Ask any Yankee transplant who came down here for college & never went home. (We always know who they are. "You ain’t from ‘round here, are ya?") As the immortal Lewis Grizzard once said, “They're always tryin’ to tell us how they used to do things back in Cleveland.” Well, when in Rome…

On to other things. My Mom & Dad sent me an uplifting email the other day – sort of a Norman Vincent Peale-ish thing. I sent it to my friend Terri , & she was moved & inspired. Thought I’d share it with you all:


1. Open a new file in your MS Word program.
2. Name it “Barack Obama”.
3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.
4. Empty the Recycle Bin.
5. Your PC will ask you: “Do you really want to get rid of 'Barack Obama'?”
6. Firmly Click “Yes”.
7. Feel better?

GOOD! - Tomorrow we'll do Nancy Pelosi

Hee, Hee!
There are just some things you have to get out of your system...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….!


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

Ahhh haaa haaa...
I sent that to everyone I now...

yes... I'll be doing this w/ Pelosi and Dingy Harry...
And Schmucky...Chuck Schumer)


Tell Mom and Dad thanks... it's great!!

Clay Bowler said...

It's one of those days too. Can't take a day off though. Got to spread the evils of the Obama administration and get it the heads of the American numskulls that voted for him. His budget is scary. Another government retirement program is coming.

cocked and loaded said...

All we have so far is rain. And
lots of it.

Susannah said...

Terri - just sent Mom & Dad (& half my address book) the car riding thing you sent!! :)LOVE it!

Clay - Budget, schmudget...don't you know American taxpayers grow on trees?? Really though, do find time to rest. This is a battle that's only just begun; we'll need all our strength.

C&L RAIN for us too! Had a bit of sleet a while ago, but now just rain. Keep your powder dry... :)

Z said...

So how're you doing with the snow now? I'd LOVE some here..we have rain! Only rain!

Love the POSITIVE OUTLOOK instructions! And, I got some info for you on euthanasia that you might be interested in seeing...thanks for coming by! Good luck with the weather!

Anonymous said...

Good post Susannah