Friday, March 20, 2009

Charming, just charming.

You've probably seen it by now, but in case you've been watching CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC, maybe you haven't. So, I'll report, you decide.

Isn't he just a doll?

What do you think?



BetteJo said...

Maybe a Chuckie doll!

Susannah said...

Ha! Love it BetteJo!

Melonie said...

You know, it's funny (in a non-funny way) that every time in the past day I've tried to view this clip it hasn't played anywhere for me. At least I finally got to see it here!

I like BetteJo's line - niiiiice. heehee

I saw today that a man who *is* a Special Olympian (who has bowled "300" games!) has challenged the President. Interesting that the White House had no comment. lol

For a split second Jay Leno looked like he was flabbergasted - he's such a good-hearted guy I'm sure he was totally taken aback by that one. I wonder if the thought crossed his mind "security will nail me if I slap this man for saying that".... ;-)

cocked and loaded said...

If Bush had said that it would have
been breaking news.

Coach Mark said...

and they wonder why people think the media has double (...triple...quadruple...) standards. sheesh.

The Gray Headed Brother said...

In my Observation. I find that your blog has so much anger and not enough love.
But I will follow it anyway. In hope that it may see the light and change.

Susannah said...

Hi Melonie~ Glad you came by!

C&L ~ is it as pretty today in Chatham Co. as it is here?? :)

Coach Mark ~ Welcome! So glad you came. Please come visit again!

Susannah said...

Hi Brother~
Interesting observation you’ve made here. I’ll say you’ve summed it up just about right. See, I’m a white woman who was reared in the South. I’m not sure what your life experience has been, but for me, it means that I was taught all my life to be ‘a lady’: be sweet, polite, don’t cause a fuss, if I don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all, don’t show my anger - it’s not lady-like, put other people’s feelings before my own, etc., etc., etc.

While some of my “raising” is highly valuable, I know now at 40 that there are some things worth breaking the mold over. And, frankly, there are some issues worth being angry about. And, when I’m angry about something that’s important, I need not be silent. I will no longer remain silent. (I’m also learning that I can still be a “lady” & have a powerful Voice. That’s exciting, for one who was taught to be the ingĂ©nue.)

So, the topics you’ll read about here are ones that I find highly important. I only have one perspective – my own – much as I try to see others’ points of view. If I find something to be important & especially if I’m angry about it, you’ll read it here. That’s the whole reason I started this blog – because it was just time to say some things.

One more thing, since you’ve challenged my thinking, & especially b/c you’re right. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a few small things, one is this: the amount of pure Love flowing through my soul has only One Source. When I’m humbled enough to acknowledge Him, you’ll read that here too. And you hit the nail on the head – there’s not enough of Him. That’s the struggle of my walk of faith, & I supposed it always will be – too much me & not enough Him. Hopefully, one day, there will be much more of Him & much less of me. Until then, I am who I am. What you see is what you get… Thanks for being willing to follow anyway.

Z said...

Susannah, wonderful response to the Grey headed Brother.......very well done.
It's not 'love' we can have for those desirous of taking America down this road, is it. I wish we could. But, it would be as silly as the left having 'loved' Mr. Bush through all the horrible name calling he got.

As for the question "What do you think?" re: the Leno visit? I think he lowered a bar of civility and class by showing up at all.
Very sad. But, he had fun and that seems to be all he cares about. Did you see Steve Croft ask Obama on 60 Minutes last night "How can you laugh so much tonight when people are hurting in this country? Are you PUNCH DRUNK!?"
Said a lot. I grieve.

Susannah said...

Thank you, Z. Ditto to what you said. I grieve too, and then I write.

Right Is Right said...

You told the Brother off in a real Southern ladylike manner.
Good for you

Susannah said...

Thanks, R/R! I told you I had good raisin', didn't I? (...and thanks Mama/Daddy, I know you'll be reading this!)

Glad you came by, R/R. I appreciate the follow & the kind comments. I'll be by your blog soon. Take good care~

Red said...

Re: GHB's post and your response

GHB is the pot calling the kettle African-American. Hello! Angry much?

Kudos to a civilized and thoughtful retort. You do the South proud.

Susannah said...

Hey Red!
Thanks a lot. Very nice compliment...