Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Meet Rufus Hussey.

Okay in the comment section of last post, I came perfectly clean about my Southern-ness. Not that it was any secret, or anything; I think my name probably blows my cover pretty quick. :)

Anyway, here's a little treat that you just don't see anywhere, except in the American South. Watch & be amazed!

I'll s'wannee! If I believed in reincarnation - which I don't, mind you - I'd say this fella is 'David' all over again. You know, Goliath's David? For all you skeptics, I think maybe Rufus is God's way of showing how a little guy like David could've taken down that big 'ole Goliath!

I just love stories like this. Go get'em Rufus!


Z said...

WOW, is his aim amazing! That is so charming, Susannah! Imagine hitting something as small as a bug or a quarter in the air?
And no TV and no telephone...bliss.
Thanks, it's good to seemingly go back in time and watch someone like Rufus. I'm sure that was the first time a bug felt like Goliath!!
By the way..Southerness is GOOD!!

Melonie said...

WOW... he's just adorable. Bless his heart - the weed cracked me up. "You want it to fall to the right?" *plumpf* And there it goes.

Susannah said...

Hey Z! I just talked w/ my friend Sandy, whose hometown is near 'Asheboro' - of the video. She got a kick out of this! And even have friends who not only KNOW Mr. Hussey, but have in their possession 2 of his 4,000 slingshots! (And, yes, Southern-ness is indeed good!)

Hey sweet Melonie! Wasn't that weed just a hoot!? The bit about the rabbit (stick for demonstration) tickled my funny bone too!