Friday, March 27, 2009

"Tolerance" is only skin deep.

So I was commenting on a blog the other night, tossing in my own pennies. That’s what commenting is for, & others are free to chip in their $0.02. But sometimes it comes off as a bit of a personal snipe. That’s not cool in my book. Since it's not my business what the moderator does w/ comments he gets, I'll use my own forum for setting the record straight.

Sus’ original comment re: Obama’s tax plan & anti-terrorist activities:
Okay, so let's 'change' from a borrow & spend policy to a tax & spend policy. Nice change, huh? BHO doesn't have a clue about how to fight terrorists - thinking his olive branch to Iran was going to soothe the Beast. (Didn't they know? He's The One. They're supposed to grin & thank him for being so gracious, unlike that menace, George W. Bush.) Not, so, Mr. O. What a smack-down he got! It was embarassing! Ouch. Wake up, Dude. You're not a movie star; & in case you've forgotten, 48% of the country are "not that into you"...

Response comment left by “M”
@ Susannah "BHO doesn't have a clue about how to fight terrorists" Neither did GWB and neither do you. Guns have clearly not worked. If a plan is failing you change it, reason #1 why Republicans fail.

"Not, so, Mr. O. What a smack-down he got! It was embarassing! Ouch." It's very ignorant to think diplomacy is over after a single contact. Good job at soaking up the talking points.

"Wake up, Dude. You're not a movie star; & in case you've forgotten, 48% of the country are 'not that into you'... Pres.Obama IS a celebrity because he is a rational thinker and who makes thoughtful statements with general humanity in mind, dude.

It’s baffling to watch republican politics. Conservatives are very self-centered and have little care of others and their opinions. In contrast liberals actually listen to conservatives, but with the endless nonsense that is coming from them its no wonder the conservative movement is an endangered species. Your entire post is prime material why this is true because you gave absolutely ZERO valuable input. ~M

Response to M:
Hi there M. Whew, do you sound irritated at me!? Sorry I struck such a nerve.

Regarding the ‘talking points’ you believe I’m ‘soaking up.’ Sir you don’t know me, or anything about me (unless you read my blog, then maybe you do), but I haven’t consistently watched/listened/read news coverage or ‘talking points’ in months. (I can’t stomach it.) When I do, I listen with a careful ear, deciding for myself what I believe is true. (Though, you may not believe me. It’s easier to cast me in the sheep pen w/ the rest of the perceived non-thinking herd.) We ALL must be discerning, whether we think media bias is real or not. My thoughts are constructed within the framework of my own mind, friend.

Regarding fighting terrorism, “Neither did GWB & neither do you.” Sorry, but that doesn’t wash. The aim of the War on Terror has been from the very beginning, to keep the fight on their soil instead of ours. GWB, et. al. did a phenomenal job meeting that objective. No?

You’re right, I have no clue how to fight terrorists: 1) I don’t claim to be the leader of the Free World, either; 2) I have the sense God gave a tick to know you don’t negotiate with someone whose ONLY aim is your complete annihilation. Of course, true diplomacy is a process; a long one. The 'ignorance' lies in believing even a thousand olive branches will build a bridge, unless it’s the bridge to our destruction - at terrorist hands.

Listen, these people come to win, not to play. BHO is taking stabs at playing (he thinks this is checkers?). 'Ignorance' lies in misunderstanding our enemy. Winning for them means we die. Period. There IS NO MIDDLE GROUND BETWEEN WINNING & LOSING this thing. BHO is chasing red herrings trying to find one. His narcissistic effort (“Here, let me try my hand at diplomacy. They’ll surely know I’m The One, the Hope & Change we’ve all been waiting for…”) revealed his naiveté. Fact.
The response it garnered was embarrassing. Truth. And if he doesn’t get off himself & grow up, he’s going to get us all killed.

“Pres.Obama IS a celebrity because he is a rational thinker and who makes thoughtful statements with general humanity in mind, dude.” Okay, so maybe we have a difference of expectation here. I want my President to be Presidential, dignified, not yukkin’ it up w/ Jay Leno & the SNL crew as if there’s no ‘reverence’ & dignity to the position he holds. If I wanted Jon Bon Jovi, I’d have written his name in.

Oh, & about the “thoughtful statements with general humanity in mind,” I wonder if he includes the most vulnerable, defenseless among us (unborn, mentally/physically handicapped, poverty stricken) in his view of 'general humanity.' Doesn’t seem to, as he continues his whirlwind media circus. Even the 60 minutes guy asked if he was ‘punch drunk.’ Nice, BHO. Thanks for the 'thoughtful statements' & sensitivity toward 'general humanity.'

Oh my…the list goes on, doesn’t it? “Liberals actually listen to conservatives…” Okay. That’s why not even one single House Republican could support the Stimulus Bill, & why Republicans were cut out of crafting the Senate version altogether. Okay. I’m listening…

Alright, this isn’t my blog. Enough. Thanks Douglas , for the space, & thanks for such a provocative post. Take care, all. (You too, M.)

Just my personal experience of the "tolerance" SO many Liberal-minded folks profess - as long as you agree w/ them. When you express a challenging opinion or a criticism of their guy, you risk of all sorts of name-calling & innuendo. Not sure about you, but I counted 9 of those pearls aimed directly at me in M’s response, to exactly 0 aimed at any private citizen in mine. Not sayin’ Conservatives are always perfect (& certainly not me), but I’d like to feel a little more of that 'tolerance' love the Left is always talking about.



Melonie said...

So so so true. "Tolerance" has been shown in the lovely *cough cough* actions of the folks in CA who flipped out when the majority vote went for Prop 8. Wait - wasn't there an assault on a little old woman involved in there somewhere? Hmmmm......

You said it and said it well. Good on ya, as the Aussies say. :-)

Cappy said...

Why would Obama want to fight terrorists? His pal Billy Ayres is one, and so is his newest BFF in Iran.

Z said...

"tolerance" from the left? My lefty troll adds "..and he's GAY" about every Republican he's particularly angry with! "WHAT? I thought that was a GOOD THING according to our lefties, Ducky"..(apparently it IS unless you're a Republican gay , then it merits condemnation..GREAT BIG MIND there, huh?!!)

good post,'re so right..kind of sad, isn't it?

Susannah said...

Hi Melonie, Cappy & Z~
Thanks for stopping by. The hypocrisy is so clear, isn't it?

Hope you all have a great week!

Sandy said...

You go girl! The liberals so deeply want to believer that we're all backwoods, uneducated hicks - don't they? They would rather think that all those who disagree with them are idiots rather than face the fact that most hard-working, common sense possessing, rational Americans are CONSERVATIVES and the only way that Democrats win elections is by aligning with the lowest of the low in society: union thugs, those generationally dependent on government dole, and illegal immigrants!

Debbies Choice said...

Where are our heroic conservative America-loving real men and women ready willing and able to punch back in this fight for our lives, our freedoms and traditions, our way of life?
Why are we not in the streets like the Libs are whenever the Moon is full!

Frasypoo said...

You go girl,
I hate these commenters who take it upon themselves to voice their opinions on stuff that we obviously dont agree with
The problem with everything is that the idiots treat BHO as a rockstar.
I wanted a president to take chardge of this country not a rockstar

Joe said...

Calling people names is liberals' concept of presenting a reasonable arguement.

Trust's the best they have.

Susannah said...

Sandy! I think you forgot "bigoted"...

Debbie! So glad you're here. Not sure if 'heroic' applies, but there's a "tea party" on April 15th nearby & you can sure bet I'll be taking it to the streets!!

Joe - I've read some of your stuff. I 'trust' you, believe me!