Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feminists: Listen, for once...

Janine, the “uber-cool” Leftist activist has just made me cranky. (Sorry, Bluepit, I watched the posted video again.)

Really, friends, women like HER are the reason I started this blog. Jim said in last post's comments, “I think you’re confusing J.Garf. with someone who matters.” That’s just it. We can no longer afford to believe that women like her don’t matter. She & her kinswomen have been the sole voice at the mic. on Women's Issues for decades, & our society’s children have taken a sad turn downward (see Mustang's post) as a result.

In my humble opinion, the downward slide began with women like J. Garf., trying to eradicate the necessity of Manhood from our culture. Does anyone remember Gloria Steinem’s quote, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle…”? It was all downhill for kids-who-need-fathers after that, & Hollywood, et. al was only so happy to perpetuate the concentric circles of such a notion.

Wait. Do you hear the shrieking? Is it coming from the video below? or from my TV? I can hear it, “She just said that women should be needy & dependent, & should be ruled by men!!!” Oh please, Janine, Gloria, Whoopi, Joy, Barbara, Oprah -- grow up… I said no such thing & meant no such inference. (And, no Janine, I’m not suffering “Stockholm Syndrome”, oh Wise One of the psychiatric community.) LISTEN, for once, to women like me!

As I've said before ,Sarah Palin’s candidacy brought for the "first time ever on the national stage – a woman who represents me. She's not an angry woman trying to be a man; not a woman who claims to champion my views, but who is so far out of step w/ me that she may as well be on Pluto.

She is a woman who loves & respects her man, loves her children, loves being a mother. She is not afraid to be smart & savvy, but won't beat you about-the-head-neck-&-face w/ it. She is unapologetically committed to her faith, & she is conservative politically... She gives me real hope that conservative women now have a voice in the Women's Conversation of our time; that the left no longer has a monopoly on "issues that women care about." She is a role model for thousands of women - who now see & know that you don't have to be abrasive & shrill in order to be tough & strong."

And the culprits above are scared out of their pumps (or combat boots), because they’re starting to sense the shift away from their monopoly:

"That's why they've been trying to kill her (Palin) voice, kill her reputation, kill her credibility - literally kill it, before (shhhhhh!) any other women get the Big Idea that the feminist agenda has challengers...The media part of it has been beastly, and yes, quite personal. Because when the media tear her apart, they're tearing apart women like me. "

And Jim, I will have it no longer. I will not allow Ms. Garf. to speak without being challenged. I believe that little-by-little, women like me are coming out of the shadows (just ask Melonie, Z, BetteJo, Cristina, Mary, Frasypoo, Conservative Women, Terri, Sandy, etc., etc.) who now have the same idea. You see, we’re starting to not feel so small anymore. We’re starting to Get Some Big Ideas.

And just one more thing. Thank you, thank you, friends for such an interesting & challenging string of comments these past several days. It has been delightful & even exciting to see the enthusiasm pouring onto the blogs. Thanks so much for stopping here to share yours!



Frasypoo said...

Your posts always give me goosebumps!
The identifying factor with her is just that.She loves and adores her husband and thats what endeared her to all of us.I take pride in my husband being the Christian head of the house and dont want anyone to make me feel ashamed of that like the Libs do all the time.
What.... you are a Christian? believe your husband is above you ?
Our time will come !

PS:I have been laughing thinking of Otis dragging you on your walks!frasier does that too.He is now on a choke collar but still manages to drag on that too.Its a Jack Russell thing!

Joe said...

For years conservative women were virtually silenced by the MainStream Media. Slowly, women of principle are making their way to the fore with a message strange to the left.

It will take some time, but if President BO and his lock-step followers don't thwart the effort, the message will be heard.

People like you help move it toward the goal.

USA_Admiral said...

These reasons are why my wife also wants to start blogging about this.

The fight is on now.

Im Here To Say It said...

Yes, Suz, I get the Idea!

BetteJo said...

I don't talk about politics on my blog, for various reasons, so I am grateful there are women out there that do.

Liberals have used the attack method for years, if you're conservative you're uneducated, stupid, immoral and intolerant, not to mention anything and everything else negative they can think of. They've shouted us down for years I think, especially conservative women. I believe it has influenced a whole generation of girls, God forbid they would want to be an "Anita Bryant!"

And honestly I think there have been a lot of women who like me, kind of just went along with the liberal flow for a long time without being passionate or thinking too heavily about any of it. It took me until I was in my 40's to understand what I really believe and it's not a liberal viewpoint. And just because they yell louder and get nastier, doesn't make them right.

bluepitbull said...

Yeah, your posts give me goose bumps, also. You are very eloquent and don't get frazzled as easily as do I.

BetteJo, while all of this is true, sadly, it does mean that the libs get heard. I am not beyond taking even a parthian shot at most libs because they tend to ignore facts and use sources like garofalo as factual.

GOOD GOOD POST!! as usual.

Melonie said...

Great write-up. I have to say that even when I was a Democrat (AUUUGH!!! Forgive me, I was only 19) I still had the same goal in life: to be a wife - preferably a military wife - and homemaker.

Maybe it's because I was lucky enough to have had that as my example in life.

The thing that REALLY infuriates me about today's societal situation is that everyone on the Left (stereotypically speaking) assumes that if you are conservative it is due to religion. WELLLL folks, lemme just say I was raised by an atheist and a non-practicing Presbyterian and still grew up pretty conservative and with the same morals and ethics I have today. I've gotten more conservative over the years, but religion still has very little impact on why. My denomination/doctrine gives me ways to phrase what I inherently felt inside already. That's why I chose the church I chose - and my husband has virtually the same morals without being a Christian. So where does that put the "proof" of the Left that our poor conservative brains have swollen due to religion? HMPF. (And for the NJ/NY folk or anybody whose gramma spoke Yiddish - PEH. You know what I mean.)

I do have to say one more thing before I go put my son to bed (oh, poor downtrodded SAHM that I am *cackle*) and that is.... I really dig the J. Garf name you came up with here. Kinda like J.Lo, but barfy. It suits. ;-)

Leslie said...

Great points! And well written!

Our country has been feminized by the likes of people like her! (I posted the video too, because people need to see how idiotic and violent the ideals of such people are.)

Anyone the media tries to destroy is most likely a person of good merit, character, and ideas. If the media is against Palin (and I know they very much are because the liberals FEAR her terribly, because she is a normal person and not a career politician,) then we should be rooting for her.

Palin represents conservative values. No, she isn't trying to be a man, like the lib/feminist women are. There is a vast difference between men and women, both have their merits and strengths,as well as their weaknesses. Hence the whole design of having man and woman.

Thanks for posting this. I have babbled and could go on and on... you have put me on one of my MANY pet peeve topics.


Mark said...

Go for it.

The Red Head said...

I hear you sister, great work!

Susannah said...

Fras~ You are very kind. I'm humbled to think that any words I've written have had an inspiring effect. Thank you. (Oh, & I took Otis on a SERIOUS walk today. He's still konked out on the sofa!)

Joe~ "Slowly, women of principle are making their way to the fore with a message strange to the left." Oh, I pray so!! You're very encouraging, Joe!

USA~ Tell that sweet girl to jump on in, the water's fine! Be sure & let me know if she does!

ImHere~ Excellent!

BetteJo~ I LOVE your blogs, esp the picture one (if you other folks haven't checked out, GO. It's a little slice of heaven!). If you talked politics there, it would mess up my serenity... :) You gotta get it out somewhere, though, & you're always welcome here!

Bluepit~ You're very kind, too. Though, you might want to ask my husband/kids about the frazzled thing... :)

Mel~ You poor, downtrodden woman. You must be suffering Stockholm syndrome, too. You mean you actually WANTED to be a SAHM? tsk, tsk, tsk... OF COURSE, I'm kidding. As usual, gal, I love your comments (& your little explitives! HMPF, PEH!) :)

Leslie~ "Our country has been feminized by the likes of people like her!" Our country, our schools, our workplaces, our CHURCHES, even our military (to some degree). What is so scary about these women that we won't stand up to them. I b'lieve I can take 'em, how 'bout you?

Mark~ loved your work @ your faith blog. I so appreciate the questions you raise there... :) Thanks for the follow, btw

RedHead~ You betcha!

Left Coast Rebel said...

Susannah - Incredible post, you are a great writer with a great voice, I'm glad that you are speaking out!

Melonie said...

Susannah: it's gotta be Stockholm. Wait - did I live there as a military brat too? Can we call it Darmstadt syndrome instead? That'll really mess with J.Garf.

BTW - here's a little something fun, just for you bein' you:

And yes - I actually wanted to be a SAHM. Don't tell the FemiNazis where I live, okay? I don't wanna have to give them the Death of a Thousand PaperCuts with my mad couponing skills. It's so time consuming. muahaha

Cascia said...

Wow! You have a very inspiring blog. I love Sarah Palin despite all the negativity we hear about her from the media. You said all beautifully.

Peggy said...

Congratulations Susannah! Lots of inspiring thoughts & reflections! Beautifully said! Stopping over from "Wandering Quail Road" to see this chosen blog! Wishing you an enjoyable weekend!

Susannah said...

LeftCoast~ You're give very kind compliments. So glad you came by. Oh, & about the speaking out - I can't help it (I even wrote a post "Just Say It" about it!)

Mel~ Your address is safe w/ me! Now about the post @ your blog...What a surprise! Your words truly, truly touched me. Thank you.

Cascia & Peggy~ So glad you came by! And I'm glad you found something here w/ 'take-away' value! Please come again! (Peggy, what kind of pooch is that in the pic w/ you? Did you see my pics of Otis on my sidebar??)

Z said...

You BET we'll challenge a 'woman' like Garofalo! I have a very conservative cousin-in-law who works in NYC and shares the Garofalo name in business! Drives her NUTS!
She wanted to name her second son QUENTIN but somebody visited her in the hospital when he was born and said "You named your son CLINTON?" so, my cousin dashed to the nurse's station and asked for the name paperwork BACK!! (he's CHASE now! after a BANK..REAL good conservative Mom, huh!?) haaa!!

Great post, Susannah..RIGHT ON, GIRL!

Jim said...

And Jim, I will have it no longer. I will not allow Ms. Garf. to speak without being challenged.Excellent! That's the way it should be.

Jim said...

Another comment at my place.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Women like you who stand up and speak for yourself make my wife cheer.

Listen To John said...

I'm not exactly a Feminist, but I snuck in and ready it anyway, I hope that's alright.

The Wordsmith said...

Hi Suz, Just stopping in to let you know that I'm back on the job of Lib busting..

Annie Fentz said...

Hi Suzanna....First time reader here... Great post.

Sara Palin gave me a voice. The first time I heard her speak on TV was the first time I EVER felt that I existed, politically. FINALLY, I had an example, that I could point my young women daughters to as a woman of character, integrity and honor.

Annie ~*

Susannah said...

Hi Z~ My empathy for your cousin-in-law...tell her to hang in there! I'm so glad you came back, 'cause I just love your spunk!

Jim~ Indeed. I'll take a look @ your comment - thanks.

Kris~ Thanks for stopping by. And tell your sweet wife that our cheering squad is getting bigger & bigger! :)

LTJohn~ I'm not either...And you're welcome any time!! Thanks for stopping by!

Wordsmith! So glad you came over. I'll come over & see who you're bustin' today! :)

Annie! So glad you came here! I felt EXACTLY the way you describe about SP. Please see my very first post (Primary Perspectives). I just couldn't believe it when I saw her. It resonated to something in my spirit that I still have trouble putting into words. We'll have to get Kris' wife to order us all some pom-poms, eh? :) Please, do come back again.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Susannah, it’s quite sad that we women have to fight for the right to be women. It’s our natural right to love and be loved by our man. It’s perfectly natural to be interdependent on our man. Just as it’s okay to balance a career, children and a husband and be HAPPY. However, femirants will have you believe you are a freak if you are happy doing these things. The femirants are a cult of men haters, and they want all women to hate men. Well, I for one, love my husband. I no longer have a career, thanks to the economy, but when I did, I balanced it all happily and my husband helped me, happily. Sarah Palin, as you pointed out, is a threat to the femirants. I wrote a post about it on my blog a little while ago. She’s a threat because she’s all woman. She has a career, children and a husband who truly loves her and she’s HAPPY. Plus she has morals-oh my! We REAL women must never be silent. And you keep up the good word and the good fight

Susannah said...

Pamela~ Thanks for coming by! I love what you said about our "natural right to love & be loved" & be "interdependent". I would add that it's our right & privilege, too! Any woman who denies herself that right & privilege denies herself some of the beautiful richness that a loving relationship has to offer.

"...femirants..." I love it!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post.

Annie said...

Susannah.... I went back and found your first post, as, sister, you and I share the same heart.

Gov't is no longer about representing is about controlling us. Sara was a breath of fresh air...and hopefully we will breathe again!

Annie ~*

Lynne said...


Susannah said...

I must be doing something right. Lynne's here, doin' her/his thing!

Welcome, Lynne~

Anonymous said...

Susannah said...
'I must be doing something right. Lynne's here, doin' her/his thing!

Welcome, Lynne~"

Great line.........hahaha..good one Suz.

Anonymous said...

Very good post. It amazes me how out of touch the feminist camp is. It seems like a no-brainer that physiologically, chemically, what-have-you, we are all made of the same stuff. No two of us think exactly alike, yet we all assimilate an education, grow, develop goals, and try to reach them the same way.

"Feminism" in this country somehow leads us to believe they want something more. What *more* is there?

Palin is an inspiration. She is a voice which speaks from traditional values, yet she has shown herself able to connect across that gulf caused by the "feminists". Mainstream media couldn't stand that so they had to attack her. We need to target that media and expose the liberal wash (wave of lies). so that we can get back to being reasonable.

As for Garaf ... Garf ... Jenine, well, she has nothing. All she can do is stir the pot, and frankly it's getting old.

Speaking of old, does "You go girl!" sound okay?

Thanks for a great post!

Susannah said...

DD2! Great to have you here! As for that comment - what else do ya say? ;)

OweMe1~ Feminism, while it has advanced Women's position in some helpful ways, has been largely responsible for some of the biggest MESSES that our society is dealing w/ today (i.e., attitudes perpetuated by Madonna/Brittany, & hyper-sexualized/violent/degrading music & other media. Yeah, that's real great for Women. (Thanks for nothin', girls.)

Gentlemen, thanks for your support on this one!