Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Memo: We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.

Holy Week...Turkey, 4-6-09
Memo to the world:

Our President has decided: “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation (or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation), we consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are, bound by ideals and a set of values…”

Upon exactly which ‘ideals’ and ‘set of values’ does he think our nation is based? It is historical FACT that our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values. (I’ll spare you the litany of historical documents with God’s fingerprints all over them.)

Our President goes on, “…what we’re seeing, in both countries [USA & Turkey], is the promise of a secular country that is respectful of religious freedom, is respectful of rule of law, respectful of freedom; upholding these values & being willing to stand up for them on the international stage…if we are joined together…then I think that we can have an extraordinary impact.”

The ‘promise’ of a country that is respectful of religious freedom, rule of law, etc.? Is our country not already precisely that? (Oh, I left out ‘secular’? Maybe that’s what he’s after…)

As for ‘extraordinary impact’… if Mr. Obama had been to church even once since he took office, he may recall scripture that assures us when we cut ourselves off from God, our ‘impact’ disappears. It was true of the Jews, it’s true of me individually, & I believe it’s true in the corporate & national sense also.

"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

I’m sorry Mr. President. You may NOT rewrite the history of our country like this. You may NOT speak for our entire nation, erasing our past, cutting the roots of our historical faith, snapping the tender shoots that are struggling for sunlight & strength. You may NOT prune as you see fit the future of the faith of our nation.

This is not a matter of debate. Historical facts are facts. Subjectively speaking, I am incensed with you over this, & will not allow it to go unchallenged.

If anyone doubts my last post: “Sharia Law, coming…” please review the video above. Our President has just opened the door. I believe bluepitbull (commenter on Sharia piece) might be right. One of our next Supreme Court justices may just be one who’s fully willing & able to rule on Sharia.

After all, “we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation,” & we must be ‘respectful’ of all. Sure, kind of like the poor young woman in the video below.

You wanna know who summed this up best? My 10 year old son. After watching the news story (no commentary from his adoring mother), he bunched up his nose & said, “I thought he goes to church?”




Melonie said...

I am so sickened right now I can't even verbalize the thoughts in my head about this.

I suppose he's still trying to find a church after having to walk away from his old one for the election. *ahem cough cough*

Wonder what his preacher has to say about us being a "secular" nation.......

I'll stop there before I truly do get sick.

USA_Admiral said...

Who is that heathen speaking for? It is not me.

"He is not a Christian leader" is what he should have said. Why does he even bother going to Church?

He is a full blown idiot.

Great post.

Elm said...

We have an idiot for president. Look at the our history, doofus!

bluepitbull said...

Given Turkey's history washed in blood, I don't think we need to tell them anything.

obama's view of the world is almost childlike.

Joe said...

"We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation "

Uh...could we get him to define "we."

I consider myself a part of "we," and I consider us to have been and to be a Christian nation.

Where does this guy get off? (And how soon can we get him off?)

Z said...

As an Armenian, the first Christian nation in the world, I found it particularly troubling to tell Turkey we're not a Christian IF. He sure doesn't speak for anybody I KNOW, and I don't only hang with fellow Christians! Even Dennis Prager, Michael MEdved, etc...very observant Jews, thank GOD for the values of this CHRISTIAN NATION.
While I hated that Bush said "We all pray to the same GOD" (then God lied about belief in Christ, George?), it was better than THIS HIDEOUS statement by THE ONE.
Good post, it has to be told!! Sing it, sistah! xxx

BetteJo said...

He does not speak for me, certainly. Our very foundations are intertwined with Christianity.

The man is vile, and HE is the only arrogant American I'm seeing right now.

Northwest Minuteman said...

Great blog. Another blogsite you may enjoy:

Susannah said...

Melonie~ I feel your pain. Trust me.

USA ~ and neither does he speak for me, or anybody I know (lib or conserv).

Elm~ Did he ever take any US history? You'd think...

Bluepit ~ childlike & naive & simplistic & grossly immature. No stealth, this one...

Joe~ yes, who's the WE he keeps talking about? And who DOES he think he is???

Z~ very interesting point of view you have! 'Hideous' is right; even more frightening that it was delivered w/ such silk. Believe me, I'll keep singin' - Just like I know you will! :)

BetteJo~ INCREDIBLY arrogant!!! You're right - remove Christianity from our past & it crumbles.

NW ~thanks for stopping by. I'll check you out soon!

Thank you so much for your comments, friends. I'm so grateful for your input. You give me hope! Good night~

Anonymous said...

That fool does not speak for me.
I found you via the Admiral

James Wolfer said...

Hey Susannah: I've responded to your post and your comments on my blog with a post of my own. You'll probably disagree, but that's okay. You're still welcome to my blog ;-)

Susannah said...

Thanks for coming by, Fuzz & James. Glad you both could make it over!

Fuzz - I feel the same way.
James - saw your post thru comment notices. Don't you love it when another blogger inspires a post? Glad that happened. I posted a comment for you~

Thanks again, all~

Anonymous said...

Sharia law is exactly what this is all about. He needs to start tearing down the concept of a Christian nation (which is of course EXACTLY what we are) so that at various points in the future he can starting making allowances for Sharia. It has already been done in some smaller towns in Europe and is psreading like a cancer. We need to keep sounding the alarm! Great post!