Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sharia Law: Coming soon to a country near you.

Have you wondered what our friends the Brits have gotten themselves into by allowing Sharia Law into their legal system ? Ever wondered what the implications for women would be if it were to be allowed in the US? I was inspired into a little research by USA_Admiral .

Do the research yourself & find that Muslims in Britain have pushed for decades to get Sharia law infused into the legal system. They finally wore down ‘the establishment’. In an apathetic climate, I dare say it’s an easy slide to a rise in theocratic ‘power’. And where does it go after that?

Ladies, especially you who value the power that our society affords you, I beg you to ask yourself if political correctness & pacifism is worth this: CAUTION-disturbing video

If Mr. Obama (& even Pres. Bush) still wish to insist that Islam is a religion of peace, then where is the OUTRAGE in the 'peaceful' Muslim community? Where is the United Nations resolution demanding that terrorist groups & Islamo-fascists cease this perversion of their faith? Where are the moderate, clear-thinking clerics? The American Feminists?? Listen. Carefully. Do you hear it? I don't either. Silence...

Nobody’s willing to say it; & if they do, they’re afraid of becoming a Benazir Bhutto. With this threat seething in terrorist-phile nations & slinking through modern Western societies, we desperately need heroes – people willing to publicly challenge Islamic theocrats who stoke, plot & finance terrorism. Our own Presidents have, & still are, denying the threat.

Benazir Bhutto was a hero, a martyr (if you will) for civilized society.
Here’s another one. She gets precious little news coverage (or none @ all), but her voice is strong & unequivocal ~~ Zohreh Arshadi: Ms Arshadi was a practicing lawyer in Iran prior to her forced exile to Europe. She is currently an advocate in France and is active in human rights and especially of the rights of women. She has been especially active in
defense of the rights of women in Iran.

In the excerpts from her article “Islamic Republic of Iran and Penal Codes”, she articulates Islamic Penal codes (i.e., Sharia Law). The Islamic Revolution of the 1970’s caused the “Restructuring [of] society on the basis of violence and sexual apartheid…What the clerics ruling Iran call an Islamic society and government denotes an underlying model that in two decades has brought about huge upheavals in the political, cultural, legal and ideological structures of Iranian society. This model can best be described by its two principal features: An administration based on naked repression and violence, and a society based on inequalities of gender, religion, politics and reinforced by a steadily widening class divide.

The theoretical foundation of the Islamic Penal Codes is a social model based on sexual apartheid….a belief that women are deficient in their natural and “innate” potentials and abilities, including their psychological-makeup and intellectual capacity. Second, a belief in a social and family order where men must be guardians over women, and women must submit. Third, a belief in an unequal system of rights…The Islamic Penal Codes are based on violence in its most primitive forms. These not only authorise organised state violence, but encourage male violence against women within the family and in society.”

Ms. Arshadi itemizes the legal Codes (Books, Chapters, Articles) which “give legal shelter to sexual apartheid”: We have…had women removed from the courts as legal specialists. Their absence in legal procedures and criminal courts means that misogynist and biased views of the law are put into practice with greater severity and force, and occasionally even added to, by male attorneys and judges most of whom are also priests. The Islamic punishments have encouraged a culture of violence against women, especially within the family and has spilled into violence against children…The fact that men receive a lighter punishment if they commit a violence against women undoubtedly encourages such violence. We saw how women could be killed with impunity...Stoning to death for adultery, although technically admissible for both sexes, has also been carried out mainly against women. Newspapers are full of accounts of wives, sisters, daughters, and children murdered...The family has become an institution of violence.

These are laws which in their entirety are more in keeping with a society still in the age of barbarism. At a time when most countries are banning the death penalty to have punishments such as cutting of hands, and feet, stoning to death, cutting off of tongues and gouging out eyes on the statutes is totally unacceptable.”

We need more heroes. This woman, living in exile from her own country, knowing the danger she brings upon herself, is willing to speak. We need more of her.

We. Need. More. Heroes.

Research. Think. Speak.

Be one.



USA_Admiral said...

Absolutely fabulous post.

I know so many wonderfully intelligent women and I often wonder how many repressed women who live under the "Religion of Peace" are in a state of living death denied practically everything.

People better wake up and soon.

Thank You for the nod.

I thought I had you on the my following list. That is fixed now.

bluepitbull said...

Sharia law is not something that just the extremist/fundamentalist types follow, but rather, ALL of Islam.

If you need any further proof, look back over the last three years at the number of Muslim men that killed their wives and daughters.

Susannah said...

Thanks, USA, you're kind to say such. And yes, we'd better wake up - soon.

Thanks for coming by, Bluepit. From what I've learned, I believe you're right. The links in my post speak to what you're talking about. Ms. Arshadi makes it perfectly clear.

AND the 2nd link in my text itemizes the 'honor killings' that have taken place in OUR country/Canada. We're blind if we think it's simple domestic violence. That's what I'm talking about when I ask 'is PC & pacifism worth it...'

Please talk about this. It's sneaking up from behind & among us (& our President has his head in the sand).

bluepitbull said...

Susannah, I wish I could believe that obama only has his head in the sand, but I have to believe that he will allow Sharia law in the courtrooms.

We will most likely see and Islamic judge or two in the Supreme Court in this decade.

The honor killings are just the tip of the iceberg. Once sharia law is implemented, much killing can be left open to the interpretation of sharia law. If a muslim perceives someone presenting an offense to God, it could lead to death.

All of the people on the left that think that this is fair should be as afraid as we are, maybe even more so given many of their lifestyles.

Old NFO said...

Great post! I'm glad to see someone actually putting this in writing... We have been watching this for quite a few years and have said many times there can be NO good come of it in a Christian based society... OBTW, came over from USA Admiral's site..

Anonymous said...

Great post, and a foreboding warning for all western cultures who love liberty.

Anonymous said...

Great Post. I hope people take heed.

Anonymous said...

This is why with moslems ... things are different. They aren't right. They won't "get better" when some idiot wants to "reach out" to them. Their system is flawed which causes their flawed people and product to show up here. They bring their hate, their "sharia" and there *is* no "melting pot". We will wind up taking our stand here, regardless what oblama and his "not a Christian nation" rhetoric implies. He doesn't speak for me. He doesn't speak for the majority of us. He and the other maladjusted people who excuse this kind of thing will be dealt with. But we must help ourselves if we want God's help. The place is HERE. The time is NOW.

Great post, Suz ... God bless you and your family!!!

Susannah said...

Excellent thoughts, RWL. Thanks for reading this. As you see, it was posted back in April. I fear we're even closer to this insanity than then...Which is why I used your strong words & linked to you on my sidebar. It's time, isn't it?

Join us, folks.