Friday, May 8, 2009

National Day of Prayer: Part II

“Obama Sits out National Day of Prayer as Millions Pray for him.”

So said the title of an article I saw while researching this. I’ve already done the piece that tags him for it…but just, if you will, read that line one more time & let the irony sink in…

Let me be clear. Mr. Obama is not the end-all-be-all to the spiritual life of our nation. Far from it. What is the hope for our nation’s spiritual health? It certainly isn’t with our political leaders, though they can lend credence, or not, to what average folk are trying to live.

Allow me to share a bit of what Beth Moore said in a NDofP promotional video. She says,

“We are people that are in trouble, we are people that are vulnerable. We are people that are no longer secure in ourselves, but there is an answer. And prayer is the way we seek that answer. Our security & our hope is in our God, & our God is still with us. His question to us today is are we still with Him?"

Addressing a crowd of thousands on the Capitol grounds, Mrs. Moore focused on four themes for times of crisis.

* "Look at what God has already done," she said. "Look at his Word from Genesis to Revelation and think as wide and broad as you can and petition God to show his power," Moore said, "the way he did for Abraham, Paul, Silas, Timothy…"

* "One day of corporate prayer offered in sincerity, unity and humility can have a titanic effect, not only to the immediacy of need, but for generations to come," Moore said. "Our nation does not need us to lose our faith, even when there are those who vehemently oppose us. They are
greatly affected by our prayers; they just don't know that. We've got to resist cynicism and defeatism."

* "God esteems a faithful remnant. Let the remnant pray like crazy, and they will be heard," she said. "No one and nothing can keep us from revival, but we ourselves."

* "God holds his people responsible for righteousness, not results. The moment you & I obey God, we are a success!" she said.

Be encouraged, friends. As Mrs. Moore said, God "has not given up on this nation. We're not in a godforsaken world, after all. As the remnant cries out, he hears us!"

And I believe her. More importantly, I believe HIM! God has not forsaken us, dear friends. Believe with me, & let us claim ourselves that faithful remnant.

Claim it; then live it!

God esteems faithfulness, obedience.

We are to be obedient.

We are to be faithful.


Join me?



Lynne said...

When are you IDIOTS going to give this up already?????

Susannah said...

...when I breathe my last, Lynne.

Lynne said...
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Anonymous said...

What is with this nut Lynne?

I see here garbage where ever I go.
Libs Gone Wild!

Z said...

NYGuy, it's getting kind of fun....sort of like WHERE'S WALDO!?

Thanks for the inspiration, Susannah....Happy Mom's Day

Susannah said...

Where's Waldo!!! I love it!

Happy Mother's Day to you, too, Z!

Susannah said...

...and Happy Mother's Day to you, too, NYGuy!

Cathy said...

Sure we have bigger problems, we have Obama as our President and that is a BIG PROBLEM!

No matter how people try to spin this.............BHO is Muslim......................... Look at the people that raised him............... Kansas born COMMUNISTS........... There daughter didn't just walk out the door in KansASS and pick TWO Muslims by accident to be her husbands or babies daddies..................

Yes it always happens, communist and liberal breeding to forward their agenda, unfortunately this one got to the White House.

Happy Mothers Day to you all.