Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite time in the Garden!

Day lilies: my favorite! All of these, except the last one, were given to me by my Grandmother(see #5 in I Was Tagged). I have several others - not pictured - that came from my Aunt's garden, but had originally been worked by my Grandmother's hands also. Very special plants, indeed.

"Siloam Double Classic"

"Brocaded Gown"

"Priscilla's Rainbow"

"Mabel Sharpe" created & named for my Grandmother, by one of her flower Judge friends.

"Big Apple"

"Forbidden Fantasy"

I wait for this all year! And the bloom season has just begun!



RLR said...

The Siloam Double Classic is BEAUTIFUL! And I've never seen anything like Forbidden Fantasy. Thanks for sharing!

bluepitbull said...

The flowers are beautiful. I just started growing flowers myself.

Is it your anniversary today? If it is, Happy Anniversary!

Euripides said...

Wow. This is something we don't have a hope of getting in the desert of Arizona. Thanks!

USA_Admiral said...

Those are very nice indeed. A joy to behold.

cocked and loaded said...

Just stopped by to say hi! Hope
your doing well.
Those flowers are beautiful!

BetteJo said...

I'm a sucker for a pretty flower, and how lovely that they have sentimental value to you as well! Beautiful!

Susannah said...

RLR! So glad you stopped by! I'm splitting the Siloam DC this Fall if you'd like to have a fan or two... :)

Bluepit~ You're gonna love flowers. My Grandmama always said, "It's the soil, dahlin'." Also, you can't go wrong w/ daylilies - at least in the Carolinas. They're very low maintenance. And YES, our anniversary was Saturday - 17 years! Happy Anniversary to you too!

Eurip~ Thanks; and yeah, but we drown 'cacti' that sets foot here! :) Thanks for stopping by.

USA~ Thanks. I think so, anyway.

C&L~ We are doing very well, thank you. Hope you are too!

BetteJo~ Your pictures always inspire me. These don't hold a candle to most of yours, though! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah Summer..............where is it?

Anonymous said...

I wait for this all year for this also...but all I'm getting is RAIN!!

Pamela D. Hart said...

Susannah: I just love flowers. Well, I'm in love with Nature. I have a Rock Garden that I dug and I hauled all the rocks myself! I add plants and flowers every year and I sit on my bench and enjoy it all the time, even in the winter!

Happy belated anniversary. Your husband is a lucky man.

Susannah said...

David~ Good to see you! Summer? We've got plenty of it here!

DD2~ Glad to see you too!! Yeah, it rained for WEEKS here, but now it's blazing sunshine. Finally! :)

Dear Pam~ What a feat, that rock garden! Isn't it a treat to watch it grow & build over the years? Thanks for the anniversary wishes. You're very kind, but truly, I AM the lucky one! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!! I didn't like the previous owner's garden, so I've been changing it over time. I just love when spring hits and we can get out there and work with the flowers. Thanks for sharing your garden with us.

Susannah said...

Mac~ We have a similar situation to you, except the previous owners here had a LOT to work w/ but didn't take care of it. All of that is being changed slowly but surely.

The bed where these lilies are now flourishing used to be their trampoline pad. Yikes!

Like you, I love it when a plan comes together! :)