Thursday, June 11, 2009

Miranda said it: The War's Over!

Congratulations everybody! No more security worries, no more hyper-vigilance. Start waving your flags; let’s have a huge ticker-tape parade!! THE WAR ON TERROR IS OVER!!!

Mr. Obama has declared it, so it must happen! What…you didn’t hear? On Wed. June 10th, Mr. Obama’s Justice Department “quietly ordered FBI agents to read Miranda rights to high value detainees captured and held at U.S. detention facilities in Afghanistan.”

Mr. Terrorist,who just planted a roadside bomb that killed 12 soldiers, who has just planned a massive plot on American power grid systems, who just abducted an Israeli journalist & beheaded him for Al Qaeda’s next video

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense."

What? You don’t understand? It’s not a war anymore – for us anyway. You’ll be housed, fed, clothed until your tri-lingual attorney gets his US Govt. $$ & travels to see you. You’re no longer our enemy…

What? I’m still YOUR enemy? Now, now, settle down…We like to say you were misguided into a life of crime. You’re a product of your environment, see?

No. We’re not going to extract information from you to save millions of American lives. We’re not gonna “take you out!” We’re not gonna even detain you! Don’t let what you’ve heard scare you…

Oh, you mean this? At minute 1:58 when Obama smirked @ Gov. Palin’s accusation, “Mr. Obama is less interested in protecting you from terrorists than reading them their rights.”
Ha! Ha! Joke, joke…that sure was funny…

…and then @ minute 2:58, “My position has always been clear. If you’ve got a terrorist, take ‘em out; take ‘em out. Anybody who was involved in 9-11, take ‘em out..” Just forget all that.

Oh. I know he said it again two months after his inauguration, “Now, do these folks deserve miranda rights? Do they deserve to be treated like a shoplifter down the block? Of course not.”

I know…Mr. Bush “considered counter-terrorism operations an intelligence or military issue, not a law enforcement one…But, under Obama's new ‘global justice’ plan, the goal is to ensure that all suspected terrorists can be tried in a U.S. or foreign court of law.”

Does anybody else know about this? Not yet. They sure will think it’s terrific, though. The Obama administration has never informed Congress of the Miranda policy.”

So, just sit back & relax. No waterboarding for you, no telling us your secret hideouts.

What? You’d like to call you friends & give the signal for your next attack? I guess so…Everybody is entitled to one phone call. I’ll be right back. Want me to get you some coffee, too?


Friends, Mr. Obama made a big joke of Mrs. Palin’s warning that US Miranda rights would be offered to our enemy, that his priority would be mirandizing ‘criminals’ rather than securing our nation from TERRORISTS! He scoffed, smirked & drank in the adoring crowd as he joked @ Mrs. Palin’s expense.

Now, no less than 10 months later, after scoffing at the suggestion again in February, he secretly gives the order to FBI & CIA, "Read them their rights…"

Their rights? Rights conveyed upon citizens of our country under the US Constitution? Rights to TERRORISTS, with whom we are at WAR?? Who’d rather blow us ALL up than see the sunrise again?

We were in a war for the survival of our Nation. We were in the fight for our very lives. Now it’s just another episode of CSI.

It's all such a joke, friends. This time, it seems, the joke is on us.



Right Is Right said...

Poor Barack, trying to thread his way, basically continuing Dubya's military policy while trying to tweak the right nuance. Obama wants enough difference so he can call it "change," but worrying if he strays too far from Bush's policy things might fall apart.

That leads to some curious sausage. We see Obama begging Congress for money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also asking for billions of dollars for unrelated rat holes to keep the left fringe happy.

And after spending the campaign denouncing Gitmo etc, Obama announces that he as President he has the unilateral right to imprison people indefinitely without trial (Even in peacetime! Not even relying on Bush's claim this was a special wartime contingency). But Barack figures its ok as long as he reads them their Miranda rights.

Man this hope and change politics gets curiouser and curiouser. Pass the popcorn

James' Muse said...

He's just following the last administration.

Remember, he DID say "Mission Accomplished."

Anonymous said...

I am running out of duct tape.

However, I do find it odd that,out military is slowly being turned into cops,while our cops are turning into the military.

Not sure if you noticed that yet.

Anonymous said...

James' Muse said...

He's just following the last administration.

Remember, he DID say "Mission Accomplished."

I thought you said that your weren't a Liberal?

Hum, you sure sound like one to me.

Pamela D. Hart said...

Susannah: Your post is funny, but then again, it's not. What happened to "take 'em out"? Oh wait, that's not humane is it? Boy, he flip flops a lot, huh? He was going to read the budget "line by line", "no ear marks" and now if you find a terrorist "take 'em out". All lies. Has Obama ever told the truth?

Euripides said...

Maybe if we could paint the picture that Gitmo terrorists are really Republicans in disguise, the Obama administration would take them more seriously?

Otherwise, Obama's taken a page from too many TV cop shows. Book 'em Danno!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Suz. IMHO, it's a terrible mistake to label a war as a law enforcement issue. It can't possibly work, as there are very few laws and a lame framework that makes these laws common among nations. If the war was fought *as a war*, we could then identify POWs as such and treat them under the already-existing Geneva Convention for Treatment Of Prisoners Of War. But Obama and a confused congress, think somehow these jihadists deserve the protections under *our* laws, as you pointed out in your post. The trouble with that is that it gives the enemy access to resources he can use to further his aims in the war that would be denied him during the isolation of a POW detention. This, imho, is even worse than the hamstringing we took from congress during Vietnam, which of course, cost us that war also. Thanks again for a great post.

Susannah said...

RisR~ Thanks for the comment. You can have my popcorn, though. I may just choke on it.

James~ An ill-conceived publicity stunt is irrelevant to mirandizing terrorists. That lasted a few minutes & was, at worst, just embarassing. This is outrageous & will have a lasting, crippling effect on our ability to stop terrorism (oops! I mean man-caused disasters...). Apples & oranges, James.

CS~ Duct tape?? (I missed something...or I'm just slow tonight.) :)

Military into cops - 'War on Terror' is now Engagement in Man-made Disaster Preventioin or some such rediculous phrase. Next, our military will be renamed "Global Justice Force" or some such cr#p!! Just when I think it'll not get worse...

Am.Grl~ Sounded, to me too, like something an Obamapologist would say. Thanks for coming by.

Pam~ Thanks for coming by. You need something else to do other than monitoring comments on your healthcare post, don't you? :)

Yeah. We've ALL been duped - again & again. And if you'll notice, WE'RE the only ones who'll say it!! Our Media won't DARE call him on his blatant inconsistencies! Heaven forbid they cross the party line...My stars!

Eurip! Thanks for coming by & for the follow! Yeah, if it was a group of conservatives, they'd be building under ground solitary confinement cells w/ only a snorkel for fresh air. Sheesh!

RWL~ Thank YOU for your thoughtful, clear & concise comments, as usual. 'Hamstring' is a word I couldn't think of earlier today. The image I have of our Generals now is strategists who've just been bound, gagged & hung upside down by their feet. It's just mindboggling. Someone said recently - Obama is our worst enemy...Not sure that's entirely correct, but he's coming darned close, IMO.

BetteJo said...

Obama said a lot of things to get elected. He doesn't seem to be basing his presidency on the ideals he put forth in his race to win. He has flip flopped on several issues and flat out lied about others. Transparency? Puh-lease!
In some ways he's screwing both sides of the aisle and I don't know about you, but he hasn't even bought me dinner!

Shaw Kenawe said...

The Department of Justice acknowledged Wednesday that FBI agents have read terrorist suspects their rights overseas, at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan and other places, to "preserve the quality of evidence obtained."

But Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd insisted the move does not represent a "policy change" and that no "blanket instruction" was given to the FBI to Mirandize detainees. Officials said it was a practice that began under the Bush administration.

Gen. David Petraeus, head of Central Command, said Thursday that FBI agents, not members of the U.S. military, have read rights to detainees in only a "very limited number of cases" and that the practice had been used in other countries previously.

"This is the FBI doing what the FBI does," Petraeus said. "So we are comfortable with this."


And this:

"Here's what the Washington Post reported on February 12, 2008:

The Bush administration announced yesterday that it intends to bring capital murder charges against half a dozen men allegedly linked to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, based partly on information the men disclosed to FBI and military questioners without the use of coercive interrogation tactics....

FBI and military interrogators who began work with the suspects in late 2006 called themselves the "Clean Team" and set as their goal the collection of virtually the same information the CIA had obtained from five of the six through duress at secret prisons.

To ensure that the data would not be tainted by allegations of torture or illegal coercion, the FBI and military team won the suspects' trust over the past 16 months by using time-tested rapport-building techniques, the officials said....

Officials said most of the detainees talked to FBI and military interrogators, some for days, others for months, while one or two rebuffed them. The men were read rights similar to a standard U.S. Miranda warning...

None of this is at all surprising. Reading someone Miranda warnings doesn't bestow upon them any rights that they don't already have. It merely ensures that any statements made thereafter will be admissible should you ever want to use them in court."

In other words it ensure that evidence against the terrorists can be admissible, and the US can legally deal with them.

Bryan said...

You have the right to remain a liberal or a terrorist. Anything you say can and will be used against conservatives and Christians.

You have the right to an attorney present during the questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, you will receive a stimulus package so that you can afford one. Do you understand these rights?

Melonie said...

Pass the popcorn? Nah... pass me an air sick bag. I don't wanna make a mess. Looks like a big enough mess is already being made around us......

afherkdriver said...

will some one PLEASE wake up Shaw Kenawe she has been in a coma for the past 6 months.
Either that or she's a Zombie.
Whatever the for the men in the White Jackets..

Or is that a racist remark?

Susannah said...

BetteJo~ I know all politicians say what the people want to hear, but at least most of them ATTEMPT to follow through w/ what they lied about...This guy is just beyond the pale...

Bryan~ Ha! Like the word-swap you've done fits, no?

Melonie~ You're back!! I've been missing you! I've got two air sick bags. I've found it helps to have extras. All this talk might steal RisR's popcorn appetite...

Anonymous said...

Susannah your blog is wonderful, I've been reading it for a long time but have never commented.
The war between you and Shaw was bound to happen.
I happen to be on your side here. She can be a bit extream.

Susannah said...

Hi Matt~ You're very kind to comment, after reading for a while. Thanks. I'm glad you've found something meaningful here.

What war? Didn't you read my post? There is no war...

Do come back, won't you? ;)

Anonymous said...

Susannah said...
"What war? Didn't you read my post? There is no war.."

Well at least there's no WMD's. :)

James' Muse said...


I think what I was referencing here was said best by Shaw.

The war on terror isn't over. But reading them their rights only means that if they confess we can convict 'em like we did Timothy McVeigh.

I am not an Obamapologist. I have found fault and criticized thus.

Americangirl: I am a social liberal. Fiscal conservative-leaning. Foreign policy is more...undecided, but I tend to lean conservatively (not neo-conservatively, which is what pre-emptive strikes are).

James' Muse said...

*Social liberal (mostly), not completely.

Susannah said...

James~ Thanks for clarifying. "Tim.McV case" was a law enforcement issue that happened in the US. This is not law enforcement, it's war. (See Conser. Scalaw. comment.)

If he's 'just following the previous admin.', then why all the smirking, scoffing, laughter @ Gov. Palin's statement - then under cover of darkness he gives the order. Why didn't he just say, "Oh yeah. She's right. This is the way it's supposed to be done..."

I'm no legal scholar (duh) so I'll not argue the finer legal points, but there's something very wrong about this...and we know it when we see it.