Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sunday faith: For such a time as this.

Hi friends~
Recent events have me falling back on poetry today. My precious friend said just yesterday, "I could get so down thinking of the peril of these times & our poor children's future. But if the going gets tough, we'll go it together."

I can't tell you what it means to have her friendship in times like these. It is so very comforting to know others who share my concerns, are there to help shoulder the burden of it, & are willing to stand & fight when it's time for such.

My friend's words & a phone call w/ my sweet Lisa brought this piece to my mind. It is original; coming to me in differing drafts over the years. But please know I am not a poet. It just seems appropriate for such a time as this.

Psalter Song

Gracious Lord, you are my God.
In the midst of tumult,
You impart stillness.
In the face of staggering, pernicious testimony of evil
You are Righteousness.

When the scythe of grief rakes your children’s flesh,
You are the emollient assuaging the slashed and torn places.

Holy, merciful God, I stand in need of deliverance.
My soul craves Your liberty.

My arid spirit longs for deep and sure relief;
Your refreshment slakes my thirst.
I trudge through self-poured mire, and
Your Grace lifts.
Your mercy cleanses.
You restore your humble creation.

You are my reward, the depth and source of my joy.

You are Provider.
Holy, mighty God, you are consummate Authority.
You, merciful Lord, are perfect Peace.
You, oh God,
are my all and only



Sandy said...

Beautiful. You definitely "Get the big idea" girl!

Jan said...

So beautiful, Sister.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Im Here To Say It said...

Happy Sunday Suz.

MACW said...

Amen, God is our all and only Hope!

Susannah said...

Sandy~ :)!

Jan~ same as above!

ImHere~ You too... :)

MACW~ Right on, my friend.

bluepitbull said...

Hope that exchange at James' site didn't put you off too much. I just couldn't stand watching someone as honest as you've been getting attacked behind your back.

I can be incendiary most of the time to the libs, but they kinda ask for it.

Susannah said...

Bluepit~ Thanks for havin' my back, & thanks for your kind words here. I really appreciate it. I was willing to let the other stuff go, but not that last one. Thank you again. Really.

Southern Drawl said...

Absolutely beautiful...

KrisEveland said...

That is truly wonderful.

God Bless.

Z said...

Oh, I'm sorry I don't know James' site, I'd like to see what pitbull said!

Susannah, this is such a powerful, reassuring piece...
A half a generation ahead of you (her children are 21-27 now), one of my sisters' biggest concerns was that other families were raising Godly children for her own children to marry (one is very happily married to a marvelous girl now); NOw, in only a difference of maybe 15 years, look at what your generation is looking at for your children!.
I grieve, but I know God is IN CONTROL!
I'm glad you take such comfort there, too. xxx

Jackie said...

It seems that with each passing day, I am requiring more and more encouragement. I have begun to get so "down"; even knowing in my heart wherein my strength lies. Why have I become so weak in my faith? Is it really lack of faith or is it the realization that the world is out of control and that only God knows the outcome. Being the human that I am...I WANT TO KNOW!! Thanks, Susannah for another post of encouragement.

Susannah said...

SD~ Thank you. Praise God for that!

Kris~ ditto above. God bless you, too.

Z~ God is indeed in control. That's the reassurance, isn't it...

Jackie~ I'm so glad you came by here. I feel the same way you do; I think we all do at one time or another. Hang in there!!