Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Day~ Fourth of July!

The day we celebrate our Nation's Independence...Our family did traditional American style. It's what we want to teach our children; to be American. We celebrated with lots of fun, lots of family & food, & plenty of sunshine. And into the night with fireworks to boot! Today has been a great day!

Still, I'm exquisitely aware of the freedom we enjoy - to play, to laugh & to pursue our own happy times. Yet there's a part of my heart that reserves sorrow for the direction our nation is taking. There's a wariness of the future & (dare I say it?) a fear of my own countrymen who are at the helm of my great nation, knowing not what they're steering, having not the slightest notion of what they're systematically destroying... And yet the destruction has been a long time coming - since before my birth, anyway.

Then, God help us. If I know the truth about my nation, & I came up through the ranks of public school propaganda & this deteriorating culture of ours...If I know, then surely there are others who know, who're willing to speak, who're willing to act. God. Please help my nation.

And now the fireworks are done. There's a lonely crack or two in the distance, breaking into the tunes of frog & cricket choruses outside my window. There are those who are still celebrating. But for me, it's time to lay my head down. I'm thankful that I lay it down in peace, in comfort, in safety, for I live in America.

And so I pray: Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray Thee, Lord, my nation to keep. If She should die before I wake; I pray Thee, Lord, Her soul to take. Preserve Her, Lord, for futures to come. Lead Her back toward freedom's throne. For those who come after me, Oh Lord, please draw them to Wisdom's knee. Let them learn what we've forgot; that our country's banner is not for naught.

God bless my family. God bless my people. God bless my country, my precious America.



cocked and loaded said...

Hope you had a great 4th and hope
your doing well.

Z said...

Susannah, I found a LOT less FIREWORKS in this Fourth's blog posts around our corner of the Blogosphere and a lot more CONSTITUTION...and PATRIOTISM and MUSIC. People are fearful, there's no getting around it, is there.Not much to celebrate...

We must be thankful and we must try to bring America back to GOD...She's such a gift from Him and now we have a president who denies that. Well....we will survive and we'll be BETTER..some day!! God bless you and your family! Glad you had a great day!

xxx Z

BetteJo said...

I think this is the first Independence Day that I was acutely aware of the danger our nation is in, from within no less. Amen to all you said!

Frank The Thinking Man said...

Great point BetteJo

Susannah said...

My dear Z~ Let's hold fast to our faith, freedom & the One who gives it. I'm thinking now is the time for boldness, more than ever. (Thanks again for that delightful banter w/ my Sweetheart last night! What fun!)

BetteJo! "...from within, no less." You said it, sister.

FrankTTM~ Welcome! Glad you came by, & thanks for commenting. Isn't BetteJo cool? :)

Frank The Thinking Man said...

Thanks Susannah..btw, I am not new here I am the former "Frank the Carpenter" A slight name change..

Susannah said...

FRANK! Of course you're not new here! Sorry I didn't take time to follow you back to your blog. I for sure would have figured you out!

Susannah said...

Hi all~
Here's an email about this post that I received from my big brother. He's such a sweet man, & I am grateful for his service to our country.

"God bless you and keep you in his humble service Susannah, that was beautiful. I'm so thankful of having a sister like you, who can put thoughts to words and share them with whomever will read them.

For those who are still fighting for freedom, who have fought for it and who have died for it...HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Coast Guard (Retired)"

Z said...

HE is 'delightful'..I enjoyed it.
And I was so touched by your amazing tale at my place with Ducky. You sure went through a lot, Susannah, and it sure appears to have been more than worth it!
Thanks for being 'gentler' with Ducky than I usually am; he and I have a very long history and he gets my goat...ducky/goat...who knows?! :-)