Monday, July 6, 2009

Clarion Call for Morality.

So, it started like this:
I was visiting my friend Z’s blog , & having a lovely time catching up on posts, enjoying the comments. One piece focused on the Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) story, & a lively discussion had developed. Just when I was getting comfortable, a fellow – we’ll call him Duck – pipes up, claiming b/c of Sanford’s (& others’) disgraceful behavior, that the “family values crew” (conservatives) had been uncovered as “a bunch of hypocrites”.

Thinking this could amusing, I bantered back with my own fun:
“Just because you're (Sanford, et. al.) a watch-maker who can't tell time doesn't make the watch obsolete.”

By then, Z’s friend Duck had already replied to the group, & it was becoming less like fun:

Duck's comment~ “The point you miss is that you have lost the high ground & are going to be labeled hypocrites so that your ‘family values’ noise can be stopped once and for all.
The days of the religious right questioning anyone's values are OVER. You are in the process of being completely marginalized as a political entity.”

Did you get that, friends: family values noise - stopped once & for all?
Excuse me? I don't know where y'all are from, but here, we're likely to say, "Them's fightin' words."

Oh, my friend Ducky...This is gonna be fun after all! I'm just gettin’ warmed up:

Sus quoting Duck~ "The days of the religious right questioning anyone's values are OVER."

Sus’ comment~
"So, should we not question one's values when a father rapes his child. Nancy Pelosi & her NAMBLA friends don't think so...

Should we not question one's values when a mentally incapacitated person is 'put out of their misery' in the name of euthanasia (which would save the govt. a BUNCH on health care - since they’re so desperate to take it over). They'll be able to cull the population quick w/ that kind of logic. Bye, bye, Grandma.

Should we not question their values?

Should we not question the values of groups of people who want to get married including their cats, oh, & Bubbles the Chimp too? After all, they have their Civil Rights, you know.

God forbid we question anyone's values!

Shouldn't human existence be a free-for-all, anyway? No questioning values here...

If it feels good - go ahead, do it. If you're inconvenienced in ANY WAY, plow over the next guy to get what you want...kill that baby in the girlfriend's uterus. Better yet, find out the gender, then decide whether to kill it – if it’s not the sex you want. Obama says it's okay to kill her even as she's being delivered through the birth canal. And if she happens to survive the trauma of attempted murder? Obama says leave her for dead.

Should we not question THAT??

By all means, if YOU'RE put-upon in any regard, it’s your RIGHT to do what pleases you best. And SHAME on the person who tries to call you into question. Shame, shame, shame on THEM!

Yeah. You're right, Duck; don't let anyone question your values. No guilt, no responsibilities, no obligations, no pesky consequences.

Nobody questioning values...No conscience, no heart, no soul, no life. Yes, our society would be much better then."

Three diatribes later, Mr. Duck ends here:

“And make no mistake about it, you are being marginalized. Everyone else has had it with your act.”

Well Duck, we’ll just see about it, won’t we? What I see is your side's smugness (or simple misguided arrogance, I sometimes can't tell which) emboldens 'us', & certainly me. As for being quiet about injustice, & the sickness of immorality that is eating our nation alive…as for toning down the Truth, just b/c folks on your side start calling names? Sorry, dahlin’.

As we say around here, “Bring it on. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”



BetteJo said...

Wait, so when the left engages in behavior many would consider immoral, it's okay because they don't judge?
And when some on the right do the same thing - it's wrong - and paints everyone on the right with the same broad brush of hypocrisy?

Who is the hypocrite for seeing it differently depending on who is doing it? If it's wrong it's wrong, no matter what side you're on.

Joe said...

Ducky is a real trip. Good for fun...not much else.


Susannah said...

BetteJo~ You said it! Yes, apparently, 'tolerance' is the premium value these days.

Joe~ 'Go get 'em!' Indeed. Just following your (& others') lead. :)

USA_Admiral said...

It make you wonder about the permissive life styles that occur when God is marginalized. The Country was founded on Christian beliefs.

I guess it is like Ben Franklin once said, "We give you a Republic, if you can keep it".

Susannah said...

(sent to me by my friend Betsy thru email - posted w/ her permission)


I just don’t know you deal with people like this! You are so patient and give such clear and focused arguments. What an illogical, narcissistic, angry, self-righteous idiot! Doesn’t he know that because of his “values” his momma could have aborted HIM?

I’m glad you’re called to speak for the rest of us!

Love you,

Susannah said...

USA~ You hit the nail right on the head - God is the one being marginalized. Thank you.

James' Muse said...

I think there is a healthy compromise.

Some things shouldn't be legislated, such as people wanting to be with other people.

But others, such as bestiality, NAMBLA, and other BS, should be kept illegal.

Euripides said...

Interesting conversation with Ducky. I wonder what makes him/her so threatened by conservatism or religion? The two-faced attitude of the left is insane.

Anonymous said...

I cannot control the absurdities of Liberal philosophy. They follow like rainbows after showers, But, I can fight for my beliefs. That is the task that's keeping me sane in this insane country.

Z said...

I get a little grief for keeping Ducky around, but I have to admit I like dissent; I don't want an echo chamber of what I think. I adored your give/take and thank you for it.
There are many mornings I wake up to his comment and grit my teeth, however, and ask myself "Did you build this blog for a platform for HIS VIEWS?" Answer: Absolutely NOT. helps a rousing conversation get started.

Susannah, please see my lastest video post; I thought of you when my cuz from NYC sent it last night...I think you'll love it. I hope so!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Friday wake up call.
Have a great weekend everyone

Susannah said...

James~ Thanks for coming by. It's good to have you back. I think I know what you're getting at re: things that shouldn't be legislated, but that's another day's discussion. "But others, such as bestiality, NAMBLA, and other BS, should be kept illegal." We are 100% in agreement here - nice, isn't it? :)

Eurip~ Threatened indeed; and they're the ones in total control?? STILL so threatened...?

Nickie~ Glad to have friends for the fight! Thanks for coming by.

Z~ Thank YOU for putting up w/ me! Sometimes my comments run long (sorry). I realize then, that they need to be a post @ my own blog. My next post will be Part II of the Duck discussion. AND - nothing wrong w/ facing opposition. I find it very clarifying. I WILL see the video from your cousin. Thanks for the invite!

Lighthouse~ It has been a while! Thanks for stopping by here! I will visit & see the names on your sidebar. Thanks for inviting me, & others here.

NYGuy~ Good morning FRIDAY!! Glad you made it by here. :) Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hum, you ask a great question.
and by the way, what ever happened to Bubbles the Chimp or did he pass away from lack of health care?