Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dogs are some of my favorite people!

Hi Friends~
The mood at our house is light & there's a crackle in the air! My Sweetheart & I are going on a vacation tomorrow. For a week. Without our 3 precious, adorable cherubs, whom we love so dearly! Oh my, how long it has been since we went away together just the 2 of us!

So in honor of the festive mood, I'll leave you - my blogging friends - with a funny little vignette my brother-in-law sent us today:

Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends. Love the ones you love. Be kind to strangers.

By all means, keep fighting the good fight, & hold down the fort for me!

I'll see you back in about week & 1/2.


Pamela D. Hart said...

Give that dog a treat from Aunt Pamela!!!

Susannah said...

Isn't he just hilarious???

If only we could teach our little Jack Russell Otis to do this!!!

Buck Ofama said...

You know they say that dogs have an innate sense of evil!

Susannah, You're the best!

BetteJo said...

LOVE love love this!!

Grandma J said...

LOL! I had to pause so I could cut and paste the link, then send it to all my liberal friends. Cat lovers of course.

Susannah said...

Buck~ Welcome! Yes, dogs are very keen judges of character. Thank you for your kind compliment.

BetteJo~ Hi dahlin'! Isn't it just GREAT!?

GrandmaJ~ Terrific!! Spread it far & wide!!!

Joe said...

Jack Russells teach us, we don't teach them.

Funny video!

Have a good vacation! We'll be waiting with shrimp in our mouths (baited breath).

lady di said...

So funny, thanks for the laugh.

Z said...

Yes, that is so good! Heck, the left can indoctrinate our kids in schools just like that, why can't WE? :-)
Susannah, I am so happy you and Mr. Susannah are getting away for a good amount of time ALONE! I'll be thinking of you and can't wait to get an email telling me where you went:-)(hint hint!) Have a WONDERFUL time!
See you soon! xxx

Pamela D. Hart said...

Oh my GOSH!!! I just had ANOTHER GOOD laugh.


Susannah's blog is great for education AND GREAT ROLL ON FLOOR LAUGHS!!

Thank you Buck!!

Anonymous said...

Have a good time! I'm going Six Flags this weekend, but I'm sure I won't come back as relaxed as you!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and fun vacation.

ImAlwaysRight said...

Great blog Suz.. I love dogs I have 2 of them myself.

Thanks for this.

WomanHonorThyself said...

so cute hun!..heh I'm baccck!:)

Anonymous said...

Dogs have to good sense to know what is right and what is wring. They can smell it. Some humans haven't got that good sense

Anonymous said...

Wow that really was hilarious..

Ken Raymond said...

This dog is smarter that CEO's of major banks, car manufacturers, and insurance companies because he knows NOT to accept anything from Barak Obama.

Susannah said...

Joe~ You're absolutely right about Jacks! Only Otis is a-typical: very calm, as far as Jacks go! Thanks for the well-wishes. (See my post above for a snippet from our trip.)

ladydi~ Isn't this pooch terrific??

Z~ Thanks for your well wishes also! Was a fabulous trip! (see above...)

Kris~ Six Flags is awesome! Hope you & yours had a GREAT time! We've considered Carowinds for a last minute back to school thing...but ran out of time.

Fuzz~ Thanks, it was great!

ImAR~ We LOVE dogs too! Like Buck says, they're such keen judges of character,no?

WHThy~ All thanks to my bro-in-law for the video. Priceless! SO glad you're back... :)

Conserv~ Yessiree! Would that more humans were like dogs...

LibBash~ Welcome! Glad you came by & thanks for the follow!

Ken~ Well, I'll be! SO GLAD you've found your way back!! Everybody: Ken's one of the strongest conservatives I know, & an all-around great guy. It's an honor to have you here, friend. Do come back when you can. ;)