Monday, August 3, 2009

Times like these invite do-overs...

I don't normally have do-overs @ Get the Big Idea. However, this seemed to be the day for it.

Below is a piece that I shared with you in early June. Every so often, I dust it off & tinker with the words some. Today, I just needed to read it, & share it. Again.

Be still & know, friends. Be still & know.

...from June 6, 2009...

Psalter Song

Gracious Lord, you are my God.
In the midst of tumult,
You impart stillness.
In the face of staggering, pernicious testimony of evil
You are Righteousness.

When the scythe of grief rakes your children’s flesh,
You are the emollient assuaging the slashed and torn places.

Holy, merciful God, I stand in need of deliverance.
My soul craves Your liberty.

My arid spirit longs for deep and sure relief;
Your refreshment slakes my thirst.
I trudge through self-poured mire, and
Your Grace lifts.
Your mercy cleanses.
You restore your humble creation.

You are my reward, the depth and source of my joy.

You are Provider.
Holy, mighty God, you are consummate Authority.
You, merciful Lord, are perfect Peace.
You, oh God,
are my all and only



Z said...

Well, how nice of you to have written that for MEEEE! (smile) YOU KNOW what I mean. I feel this way, too...what WOULD we do without Him?

God bless you, dear Susannah.......good job.

bluepitbull said...

Perfect choice for these troubling times.

frasypoo said...

Sorry I havent been by the blog!I am getting ready to go to India and am all involved in the packing process !!!
How have you been ?I'm still running.Signed up for a marathon in March so will ahve to start training when I get back from India@

lady di said...

Thank you for the 'do over' it was appreciated...

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Suz ... Sorry I've been away for a bit, but it's the healing process.

"Be Still And Know..."

Bull hit it on the head .... perfect for the times!

Susannah said...

Z~ Part of why I reposted it...

Bluepit~ Thank you, dear friend. Troubling, indeed. But we are promised true Hope, which no one can remove.

Fras~ SO glad to see you again! Have a wonderful trip to India! I know you've been missing your Mom. Doing well here. Still doing Pilates some (& BodyFlow too, Z), but have discovered RPM Cycle classes. WOW! What a workout! Not running much - I think after 22 years, my body's done w/ that as regular exercise...I can honestly say I see NO marathons in my future!! Go for it, gal!

Ladydi~ What nice feedback, friend. And you're welcome!

RWL~ Please see my comment @ your blog. What a beautiful tribute you wrote! I'm very sorry about your loss.