Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson, SC: Hero of the week.

Some say his sense of decorum was blurred, but he spoke – er shouted – the truth. Last night in his ‘health care’ speech, Mr. Obama said that the health care reform package would not cover illegal aliens. From the side of the room, Representative Joe Wilson, SC shouted, “YOU LIE!”


President Obama had been prattling on about the “misinformation” that Americans “have grown nervous about,” & was addressing “some of the key controversies that are still out there.” (Listen, good American children. He really is the caring father, & health care reform is for our own good…We shouldn’t be ‘nervous’ about gifts from the father’s hand…that we didn’t ask for…that we don’t want…that we know are poison to our gut.) So, Mr. O began w/ the “bogus claims” (yes, he said ‘bogus’ – were Bill & Ted in the house?), “bogus claims spread by those whose only agenda is to kill reform at any cost.”

'Quick study: that ‘agenda’ sounds like we-the-people putting pressure on our government KILL this bill. But this entire speech was designed to KILL the opposition, & put PRESSURE on the PEOPLE. Mr. President, a lesson: in the United States of America, We-the-people put pressure on the Government to makes changes…NOT the other way around. That’s the way it works in a free Republic. You’re not listening. We know you’re still flying high from your watershed win last year, but we DON’T WANT the CHANGE you’re pushing.

We don’t trust you; we don’t believe you, & Mr. Wilson called you out for what you are. Congressional Chambers or not, decorum becomes a luxury when you’re trying to save the Republic. It’s a luxury we cannot afford. Mr. Wilson knows that, & threw caution to the wind. He shouted the truth, & he is my HERO for it!

God bless Joe Wilson. We need more of him.
addendum: send Rep. Wilson an email telling him Thank You.


Dan said...

I have felt that passion rise up in me before. For someone to stand there and tell bold faced lies, one after the other, and to actually be there and be subjected to it, I can imagine how Joe's passion got the best of him.

Sandy said...


You don't get more arrogant than what he basically said:

This is what I came here to do, by God, and it's what I'm gonna do whether the American people like it or not! Now shut up and get out of my way!

I find that expressions are usually true b/c of their time tested wisdom. This man reminds me of "Pride cometh before the fall."

The Lone Voice said...

Joe Wilson, SC: Hero of the week.

Indeed he is.. He's MY hero of the Year!

Susannah said...

LoneVoice~ My title was going to say something like you did, but I didn't want to be accused of being overly I toned it down...but YOU are right!

Sandy~ Yep. Get outta my way while I bring you my Hope & Change. Excuse me? I hope your tru-ism holds true w/ this guy. No bigger ego has ever stood in front of the podium where he stood last night. And that includes BILL!

Dan~ I probably would have run screaming down the aisle, & somebody would've had to post bail later to get me outta the clink...

Anonymous said...

Well for someone pretty much over all the "partisan bickering", ol oblama sure sounded partisan to me.

By now he MUST know his socialism isn't going to be flying any time soon. After listening to his speech, it was pretty clear that he has NO CLUE how he's gonna pay for his scheme. It also looks like nobody is buying that crap about finding all the fraud, waste and abuse within Medicare and using THOSE funds to ensure 42 million people! Asking a wasteful and bloated government to identify and correct fraud is sorta like asking acorn to register voters legally. Even the thought is laughable.

As Jim Carey would say, "Wrong answer, but thank you for playing!"

Wilson had the guts to say what the majority of Americans are thinking.

James' Muse said...

I think he was a wuss for apologizing about it. The dems heckled Bush during his state of the union address.

The only problem is that he yelled out during the wrong part. There won't be coverage given to illegals. They will be forced to buy insurance, because it will be mandatory. I think that's a good idea, because right now they go get care in the emergency rooms and we, the taxpayers, eat that cost. Better to make them pay for coverage first.

But there were lies in his speech. At

Preventive care "saves money.": False.

"It’s a plan that incorporates ideas from many of the people in this room tonight – Democrats and Republicans.": barely true. The republican changes were minor/technical, not substantial. It is a partisan bill, plain and simple.

Not to mention Obama's full flip-flop on the individual mandate. That was Hilary's idea.

BetteJo said...

As soon as I found out who it was who yelled that - I went to his website and made a donation. We need people with that kind of passion for what WE believe, in government.

The president called other people liars, but with him it's all semantics. No, no one is out to kill senior citizens. But their care will be reviewed every 5 years, Medicare will be cut so their care will be rationed. No, Mr President, there are no death panels. You are correct only because - that is not what they will be called.

Anonymous said...

Who's worse, the liar, or the one who points out the liar?

That speech was nothing but lie after lie to the American public. Kudos to Joe Wilson for calling him out.

Susannah said...

RWL~ Right; so much for the 'post-partisan politics'! "By now he MUST know his socialism isn't going to be flying any time soon." I'm not so sure. Check out Sandy's comment...he's determined to provide us w/ the 'change,' & I really don't think he's going to let much stop him...Heaven help us & courage to the Blue-Dogs.
"Wilson had the guts to say what the majority of Americans are thinking." Amen, brother.

James~ I agree w/ you. He was under no obligation (& certainly no precedent) to make an apology. Because I'm short on time, re: the illegal alien's coverage, please see:

I believe Obama was lying - a semantic trick at best - as BetteJo said...

BetteJo~ You're the COOLEST cat lady I know!!!! :) My mom agrees, too! :)

btw, all...I'm out the door to go to dinner. Our oldest's 13th birthday!!! I'm the mother of a TEENAGER!!!! Oh my....

James' Muse said...

Susannah, there are restrictions for citizens only now. There weren't before, but there are now.

Illegal immigration and HR 3200

Joe said...

I absolutely agree. Republicans should have stood up and supported Wilson.

He's MY hero.

Instead we get Republicans who don't even realize what a total nut-job the next guy (Sunstein) is.

Some people make things happen; some people watch things happen; Republicans just say, "What happened?"

USA_Admiral said...

There was no need to apologize.

Only in the world of today, when calling out a man who is lying in front of everyone, will some crazy people expect an apology.

We are doomed when liars get away with lying.

Jim said...

Ho-ly merde!

Z said...

Lots of lying going on......
Wilson was right, but I wasn't 100% for the behavior ...
Still, SOMETHING has to be said, he is definitely right!

Susannah said...

Kris~ Great to see you! Thanks for stopping by!

James~ From your link: "There is explicit language in the House bill that says illegal immigrants should not receive the subsidized benefits. BUT...the legislation does not directly mention verification procedures &'s possible that illegal immigrants who are determined to beat the system might be able to get around the ban...And, the health choices commissioner would have the authority to set up a verification system. On balance, we rate the Republican claim Half True."

Let's see: 1) No verification procedure directly spelled out, except for an already overworked IRS, & a "Health Choices Commissioner" (apptee., kinda like Van Jones' ilk), who's given "authority" to set up such. 2) A population of people who have heretofore PROVEN themselves DETERMINED to beat the system (otherwise, why would they BE illegal?). Yeah, sounds like a real tight ship to me...not so much.

Again, against the INSISTENT rhetoric of BHO's claims to the contrary, I'll go w/ Joe Wilson.

Joe~ I'm hoping & praying that Republicans WAKE up, & soon. They've let us down here, too.

USA~ Absolutely. And did you hear BHO's response? "We've all made mistakes...blah, blah..." So condescending; as if the Dems hadn't spent the last 9 years (& still continue) to call Bush every name, regardless of 'decorum.' But when a Rep. does it? Let's use Jim's phrase: the "ho-ly merde" hits the fan.

Jim~ Give it a rest, huh? ;)

Z~ Great to see you, sweetie-pie! See my comment to USA. The gloves had to come off; & I think that's been the problem w/ Reps. for a long time. They excoriated Bush, in public forums, in Congress. Chmbrs., etc. for YEARS & he/his admin. did NOTHING about it!! Just let it happen. USA's right - a liar's a liar & it's time SOMEBODY called it that way - publicly & w/ NO apology!!

Leslie said...

I wrote on this as well. The only thing I was angry about was the fact that he quickly apologized for his actions. We need leaders to stand against the liars, call them out, and be firm in their stance, not cave in.

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we do need more like him. Thanks for putting this blog up and telling it like it is.

RaDena said...

Susannah, when I heard Joe Wilson do that I tried to go to his website and thank him, but his website had crashed. I'd been trying to find a way to write him a "thank you" letter, so "thank you" for the e-mail information!

I agree with you completely. Our government has been taken over by far-left radicals and it's absolutely no time for our representatives to be sitting there silently while all the Dems applaud every lying word that comes out of BHO's mouth! I think that "decorum" rule they have regarding Congress should be changed. Of course, that would mean Dems could show displeasure at a Republican president too, but that's okay with me. Either both sides sit still and let a president speak until he's finished, or both sides should be able to show approval or disapproval.

As I said when I wrote about this, Congressman Wilson spoke for me! When I write my thank you letter to him, I plan on publishing it.

Anonymous said...

We need more Joe Wilson's. We need people to stand up to Obama on every thing thats wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wilson should only apologize when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid resign...That is what I would hold out for..

As for Acorn...they need to be jailed for alleged human human trafficking and being alleged facilitators of criminal sexual assault of children..that is why they need to be permanently banned and put out of business and banged up in a prison for a mandatory 25 year prison sentence with no parole..that is what the worst sex offenders get...but if put under scrutiny for other about federal prison and all their properties seized...that would be justice indeed.
The democratic party is gone......there is no democratic party....and until they change the name everyone will know that they are in fact liars......we have a socialist bigot for a president. And people are upset about Joe Wilson? Lets get real and call it like it is.
The Joe Wilson thing is a distraction for this failing Healthcare bill, ACORN along
with other issues

Me, Myself, And I said...

And lets not forget that Democrats gave tickets to Cindy Sheehan and other Code Pink skanks knowing that they would disrupt President Bush’s speeches with screaming, protesting and other hysterical antics. All of which is far more disruptive and disrespectful, but Democrats, being who they are, lacked the character to do it themselves.

Where was the apologies then?.

But That's Just My Opinion said...

At least he had the guts to do what others wanted to do but didn’t. The left seems to forget the booing it did in 2005 during the state of the union address. Were there any sanctions for that? They were disrespectful first now, they complain because someone else was disrespectful to their guy. Why is that they always go first? In 2000, they went to the courts first and then complained when others followed suit. During this health-care debate, they went to the fear pull-pit first–its urgent, critical, etc–then turn around and complain when groups point out their own draconian intent. It is unbelievable sometimes. As you stated so well, “It’s a lot easier to attack a rude Republican than to defend the details a complicated overhaul of our nation’s health care system.

Susannah said...

Leslie~ Saw your post! and I love your blog. Thanks for stopping by here!

BrooklyGuy~ Thanks for stopping by. As for telling it like it is, Joe Wilson is my role model! ;)

RaDena~ Thanks so much for coming by. Indeed, he spoke for me, too! I'm so glad you could get his email here. I really hope he gets a lot of encouraging email. I'll swing by to see a copy of yours!

American~ You betcha!

Walt! Glad you came by. What I wonder is WHY has it taken THIS LONG to bust ACORN?? I think you're right - demonizing Joe Wilson's honesty is a convenient distraction. I just wish Republicans weren't piling on. They just need to be quiet!

MeMyself~ EXACTLY! Double standard...& Republicans bow to it every time, it seems!

MyOpinion~ Exactly again! After the way Bush was treated...please.

Debbies Choice said...

Admittedly the timing and the place were inappropriate.
The fact is, like it or not. Rep Wilson "stood" in front of all his colleagues, a good portion of the American people and God and spoke his mind. We could all benefit from doing the same.
The president is dishonest when stating there will be no funding for illegals. The bill does not preclude funding.
I'm telling you in a direct way that the president is not honest about this bill.

On another note:
A National Day Of Service – what else should we expect from a president that delivered such a pandering Ramadan message, while failing to acknowledge Christian and Jewish holidays. Let’s bury the meaning of 9/11 as quickly as possible as it conflicts with his Islam sympathizing, agenda.

Susannah said...

Debbie~ Bravo on the 2nd part of your comment. Would you PLEASE go make that same comment over @ Pamela's blog?

"Let’s bury the meaning of 9/11 as quickly as possible as it conflicts with his Islam sympathizing, agenda."


Jim said...

"The bill does not preclude funding."

It does not "preclude" funding for building creches in every town square either.

If a spending bill doesn't have something in it, you can't spend money on it. From the "liberal", Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal:

"the WSJ notes that the House health reform proposal excludes illegal immigrants from the mandate of buying health insurance or paying a penalty. It also denies them the “affordability credits” that would reduce their out-of-pockets costs of buying insurance on their own, but they could participate in the insurance exchange, where individuals and small businesses can shop for coverage. Obama’s plan wouldn’t allow them to participate in the exchange at all [emphasis added], according to the WSJ."

Satsoomer said...

It doesn't help anything to call people names. Of course, you have every right to vote your choice and your conscience, but when we are faced with such a horrific threat to our future and our freedom, we have to put aside our personal preferences and do triage for our own survival. Nobody is saying you can't vote the way you want to. But it's a fact, in my memory at least, that no third-party candidate has ever come close to winning a national election, and most have only split the vote so that even "the lesser of two evils" has no chance. It's not right that it should be that way, but that's the way it is. Right now, it is imperative that we bind together in any way we can to get rid of this awful person down.
I certainly did not vote for him. Its hard to believe someone that came out of no where ran for the presidency and won. And all the supposedly people who voted for him voted for no other reason than he was black and wanted change. Well your getting what you voted on. If you wanted to live in a socialist country, you should have moved to the USSR

Anonymous said...

Satsoomer said...

It doesn't help anything to call people names. Of course, you have every right to vote your choice and your conscience,

Yes sir you are correct.
Just look at this guy's latest post!
TRUTH 101 said...

These fools believe what they want to believe no matter what the facts and information say. The right knows it's lost the battle for the sane and rational. All it has left to appeal to are bigot, homophobes and idiots.

Susannah said...

OK Jim. I'll go 1 more time. It's not the explicit lang. of the bill that's the problem (as I said to James oh-so-many-comments-ago). It's the blurry lines that it intentionally creates (loopholes).

From Z's blog -- "THE FACTS: The House version of the health care bill explicitly prohibits spending any federal money to help illegal immigrants get health care coverage. Illegal immigrants could buy private health insurance, as many do now...The bill's exact language: "Nothing in this subtitle shall allow federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully in the United States.' Health care legislation in the Senate is also being crafted to exclude illegal immigrants from coverage."

HOWEVER, Joe Wilson is far from alone in thinking that the prohibition in the House bill doesn't go far enough.

For him and other Republicans, the problem is not what's in the bill, it's what the bill LEAVES OUT.

(Z: The truth starts here....) There's no provision for how the prohibition would be enforced, or any requirement for people to prove they are citizens or legal residents before getting health care benefits. In fact, Democrats on the Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means committees defeated Republican-offered amendments that would have required people to verify their legal status before getting care, with some Democrats saying such requirements would be unnecessarily burdensome for people legally entitled to coverage. Wilson cited the defeat of those two amendments Thursday when he discussed his outburst with reporters.

"I will tell you this, that it was spontaneous. It was when he stated, as he did, about not covering illegal aliens, when I knew we'd had those two amendments," Wilson said.

I Want To Set It Straight said...

Recent events have shown, and it is something we should ALL know by now. Liberals will tell any lie, squelch any news, and distort any information if it furthers their agenda.

Anonymous said...

He's a liar all right

I can only hope that Congress will truly hear what millions of Americans are saying across the land, and will support their constituents' wishes.

But there doesn't seem to be much hope of that.
He showed political COURAGE and that is something AWOL in tall of Congress today.
Joe Wilson showed BACKBONE!!A lot more than many in congress I must say.The bottom line is that Obummer could not pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.

Susannah said...

Sats~ "Its hard to believe someone that came out of no where ran for the presidency and won." Yes, it is. I, frankly, don't. Thanks for stopping by...

Erix~ Yeah, that's too bad, huh? Glad you came by. Don't be a stranger!

SetitStraight~ Good to see you. It appears that your comment is correct. And THEN they threaten to "call out" people who oppose them. Nasty stuff...

Anon~ I'm not sure I'd call it political "courage," I think of it more as political PASSION. Either way, he said what SO many people know in their hearts is true.

Anonymous said...

No, it was " political COURAGE"

Because he had to know the heat he would be facing afterwards. But he did it anyway, and that took COURAGE.

Susannah said...

Fine by me. I'll not argue that. I'm just glad he SAID it!! (Btw, if you're gonna comment, please let us know who you are.) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Joe Wilson will be the new poster child that symbolizes the new Republican Party.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The fact that Obama is a liar was known before the election, but denied by the MSM. Let’s see if voters demands greater scrutiny next time around so they don’t get fooled again.

Susannah said...

Inq.Minds~ What's that? The "not gonna take it anymore," call it like it is Republicans? I hope so!

Willie! Glad to see you back! Fooled again? Oh, let's hope not. You know what they say, "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me..."

I think the last part is something about 'fool me when the evidence is right under my just STUPID!' ...oh, boy...