Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best laid plans of mortals & Kings.

I like order. I like to have a plan & know what to expect. I’m not great at flying by the seat of my pants. It’s one of those weaknesses I have to work on every so often…like today.

See, I was asked to deliver the “Congregational Prayer” during our Praise & Worship service this morning. Today was “Christ the King” Sunday, the close of the Christian calendar: a day set aside for proclaiming the Kingship of Christ. Established in 1925 by Pope Pius XI, it was designed to counter the rise of atheism & secularism that was absorbing early 20th century Europe. (Sounds like our current culture, no?) So our Pastor focused on ‘Christ the King,’ blending in touches of the Thanksgiving holiday, & needed a prayer to mesh, at least loosely, with his outline.

Back to my penchant for order…As is my nature, I had pre-written a prayer, weaving in elements of the chosen scripture (John 18:33-37) & Thanksgiving. In my haste to get out of the house though (failing at promptness - another weakness), I left my scripted prayer at the laptop, waiting to be printed.
My first thought when I realized what I had done? ‘No time to turn back now! I’ll have to wing it.’

Then came the corollary, “Maybe you’ll just have to trust my Holy Spirit for the words, Sus. Hmmm?”

So, we struck a deal, God & me. I would improvise, uncomfortable as that is, & He would supply the Prayer. (Didn’t have a choice really, late as I was.) But also, I’m learning some very important things about my God: my weakness is immaterial to Him, in fact it's when I am weak that He is strong. And, when He says He’ll be there, I can count on it.

So the time for our prayer came, & so did the words. It opened quietly with ½ of a verse of “Come Ye Thankful People Come,” a capella, then flowed into words coming from nowhere. I don’t remember exactly what they were (not that it was enraptured spiritual amnesia or anything). But the words I do remember were exactly what my heart needed (& perhaps the hearts of others?) on this day; at this time when so much is uncertain, & the powers-that-be seem out of hand.

The words were something like this: Christ Jesus is the King of kings, & He is my King. No person, no group & no Government can supercede His authority in my life…Christ Jesus is my only King &, Glory Hallelujah, that’s all that really matters.



So, I just have to ask. Who is your King?

Do you know Him?

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