Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fear, Freedom & the 'Wonderful Listener'

Before the Presidential election, the pro-Obama Left lauded him as the ‘wonderful listener!’ (Correction: he touted himself as the wonderful listener, & they fell in line like the brace of waddling ducks that they remain...)

Back then, I suffered through a conversation with one who lapped up his autobiographies (who but a narcissist writes more than one??) like a hungry kitten, & dewy-eyed & earnest said, “He’s someone who will really listen!” Not wanting to spew my coffee across Panera’s finely appointed decor, I breathed deeply, closed my eyes, & rolled them fiercely under my lids.

How excruciatingly naïve, I thought. When the campaign was over, & owning that perhaps my cynicism had over-reached, I haltingly decided to sweat through the next 4 years, wishing my country well. And sweat, I have. Not only is this President’s agenda as damaging as I feared, it’s worse; and gets more treacherous by the day.

We told him we didn’t want a ‘stimulus’ bill, & he didn’t listen. We told him we didn’t want Government taking over private industry, banks, unions, health care & he didn’t listen. Not only did he not listen, but told us that we aren’t angry about it, that actually only a small faction was 'faking it' (astro-turf, anyone?). Further, those who are ‘faking it’ should be ashamed of themselves for obscuring the true progress (government ownership of all things) that real (obedient, submissive) patriots want.

Call me a partisan if you like. But know that even those with hard-line Washingtonian sensibilities have called him out:

Here’s what Peggy Noonan says about the recent elections:

“There's a new detachment between the president and the electorate he won a year ago by 9.5 million votes…The White House and Congress chose to go down one path at the exact moment voters went down a different one…Mr. Obama carried Democratic Jersey by more than 15 points exactly one year ago. The Democratic governor lost by nearly five points this week. That is a 20-point swing. Mr. Obama won Virginia a year ago by six points. The Democratic candidate for governor lost by more than 18 points. That is a 24-point plummet.

“Mr. Obama…should start paying attention to what the people are saying…Something's wrong, fix it, change course. Show humility. Bow to the public. ‘Public opinion is everything,’ Lincoln is said to have said. It is. It can be changed and it can be shaped, but it always has to be listened to. This White House has gotten bad at listening. It paid the price for that on Tuesday.”

So much for the ‘Wonderful Listener’…

Rush Limbaugh caught a lot of flack for speaking without fear, hoping Barack Obama fails. He was referencing BHO’s radical agenda which had been clear to those of us who WERE LISTENING to the erstwhile candidate!

So, am I gratified by the voices from New Jersey & Virginia?

Yes, the way one is who has every right to say, “I told you so!” And no, because ‘gratified’ means it really is worse than I feared. I realize that fear is a distraction to be faced & defeated in order to reclaim our nation, but that’s no small task.

Those like my coffee shop friend must grow up & learn how to fight their way out of a wet paper bag. The ‘Wonderful Listener’ has proven himself a fraud, & the fight ahead will be much more difficult. I’m willing to share ‘gratified,’ as a bolster to our courage, because we'll need ample supply, & we need to draw others to our flank.

As I type, I’m hearing a phrase once spoken to a courageous & determined people who, after being beaten down by uncertainty & immobilized by fear, reclaimed themselves & snatched long victory from the jaws of despair. It was spoken at a time of desperation, & those who were listening, heard & were gratified. We are now the ‘wonderful listeners,’ friends. We are also those same courageous & determined people.

Listen, and join me in the hearing, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”



Janie Lynn said...

I think one reason Obama does not listen is because he does not respect the American people. Well, unless they agree with him of course. He doesn't listen to what he does not want to hear. It may get him voted out of office but we can only hope the damage he is doing in the meantime - can be reversed.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Suz!!! I think I chocked "listener" up with the same hoaxes as "hope" and "change" ... rhetoric from a pretty-boy with nothing on the inside.

Janie is right ... if we can limit this guy to a single term, we can and we MUST unscrew the damage he does. I really think we're building a mandate for that very thing right now. Congress has clearly gotten the message ... from just two states! Wait until next year. I once joked that not only are they smelling the coffee, but they're about to have an entire Starbucks dropped on their heads! I think that's true. If we can reshape congress, we can certainly throw this guy out of the Presidency in 2012.

Susannah said...

JL~ You're dead on about respect. He hasn't got 1 oz of respect for even those who voted for him; just used them as a stepping stone to position himself for setting his agenda. Let's hope we can undo the damage...

RWL~ Thanks! (Tho, I beg to differ w/ 'pretty boy.' Can't stand the sight of him, myself, but I know what you mean.) Oh & I hope you're right about 2010 & 2012. (Please??)

Anonymous said...

YES, What a wonderful blog! Thank you, Susannah!
When I read blogs like this one, I feel that there is still a beacon of hope for this great nation.... I saw your comment on DD2's blog and followed your link here.
The left just can't seem to see the forest thru the trees. If you want to stand in bread lines, be told what crops to plant and how deep the seed must be, go to school eight years to be a doctor and be paid the same as a ditch digger, live where you are told, what to eat, judged by four men with no say, find we can convert to socialism today if you want. We can build more jails for those that don't work or comply to socialism or speak out,or say you lie. Therefore, we must follow our principles, political, social, and economic. And we must vote these scoundrels out... All of them from Nancy whats here ugly face to Dingy Harry up to Obama himself.
"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money"

Anonymous said...

It’s scary, but it fits like a glove what this administration is doing. Our troops must return home. Obama wants "community enforcers" like they have in Cuba and Venezuela. He has not followed constitutional mandates, instead has engaged in destroying our democratic system. PSI is right, but for other reasons. The General made it clear that if our troops do not receive support; we will have to and must take into "consideration" other factors before engaging any further. This is a suicide mission! Why? So Obama can get rid of our American Patriots, then his "community enforcers" can force COMMUNISM on our nation. This just makes me sick..sick for our military and sick for our country. I was not a big George Bush fan, but by the end of his second term, I must agree that he's looking better and better in hindsight. Bill Clinton is even looking better (and for me to say this is saying a lot). At least,they loved their country.
Obama's is not fit to hold George Bush’s jock strap much less the Office of the Presidency .

Susannah said...

RisR~ Your kind words lift my spirit! Thank you.
"Therefore, we must follow our principles, political, social, and economic. And we must vote these scoundrels out..."
Indeed, my sister!

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money"
Ah, yes, wouldn't it be nice to have Mrs. Thatcher back again? (She & Ronnie made a great pair!) Think what she'd say about her Brits today!

tha malcontent said...

OBAMA STANDS BY WHILE AMERICANS DIE! He is more interested, in his political agenda than he is about our troops. They are dying because they are in a war. But how many have died because they didn't have enough help? Why does Obama not listen to his General who is his adviser? What is General McChrystal doing there if his orders and requests are not answered? Obama dances, plays golf and basketball, panders for the Olympics and campaigns for governors he wants in office. He should NOT be in his position because he CANNOT make a decision. If you are not in this thing to win then bring troops home. No member of the military wants to give his/her life for nothing, or a lost cause. Then maybe we should pack up and END the war! It seems to me that Obama made his decision regarding Afghanistan long ago. He is not in it to win it. Maybe he wants to lose it? He don’t seem to have any time for even talking to his General. Can you Libs explain to me how Obama has the time to go to Denmark to pimp the Olympics for Chicago and has no time to decide to send troops or not to Afghanistan
End the war? End the war on TERROR? Give in to our Enemies? Throw in the towel, and tell all the deceased men and women and soldiers who lost their limbs in battle fighting for ending TERRORISM that the U.S.A. is, well, tired of fighting for freedom. If we stop fighting terrorism (and that could mean many more years because Jihad and Al' Quida will never stop) we are all in deep peril in the U.S. NEVER STOP FIGHTING TERRORISM. But lets not waste the lives of America's Sons & Daughter while an uncommitted Obama searches for a politically acceptable excuse. I think that the whole bunch of them are Incompetent Fools!!!!

Why is it that when someone is running for an elected position; they know exactly how to fix the current problems! They always give us the same bull-shit “I have a plan”. Why is it that after they are elected they are not sure how to fix the current problems; or worse, they are to incompetent to fix them like this Jerk in the WH now..? In the mean time, the troops are dying are not being supported with what is needed and recommended by the only people who know for sure (McCrystal and Petreous). Obama don’t know is ass from his elbow about Afghanistan. But if they grew ACORN’S there or if they served Lobsters and Champagne he’d know all about it.

Susannah said...

Prof~ "Bill Clinton is even looking better (and for me to say this is saying a lot)."
Um, yeah. Waaay better. And even Hillary (I can't believe I'm saying THAT) would have been better. At least w/ her, we knew - sort of - what we were getting.

Malc~ Whew! feel better now?
"He should NOT be in his position because he CANNOT make a decision."
And he looks VERY WEAK to the rest of the world. Russia, Iran, China, et. al., are salivating while he dilly-dallies...

Jim said...

"who but a narcissist writes more than one?"

Who but an ignorant partisan would think that The Audacity of Hope is an autobiography? It isn't, of course.

Peggy Noonan? Ho ho ho. Peggy doesn't seem to realize that Obama wasn't running in NJ nor VA. Nor does she seem to care that exit polls showed that only 19 to 24%% of voters cast their votes in NJ and VA as a negative reaction to President Obama. The rest were either favorable or neutral to the President. These numbers are no worse than at last year's election which makes the whole argument nonsense.

Susannah said...

Jim, dear~
"Peggy doesn't seem to realize that Obama wasn't running"

Use the link I so fastidiously placed in my piece, so you can read Ms Noonan's article before your comments tell on you. See her first 3 paragraphs, esp. the first sentence of the 3rd. (If I can stomach the Huff post once in a while, surely you can tiptoe throught the WSJ.)

"Who but an ignorant partisan would think that The Audacity of Hope is an autobiography?"

Oh, sorry. That's the book wherein he unveils HIS 'new kind of politics.' Where HE'll be the one to bring about this groundswell of change in the 'body politic.' And..?



Can we say crass, self-involed, Chicago thug? The book IS all about the new kind of politics that HE will usher in, no? (It's always all about him.)

Jim-- partisan I may be, but all my convictions are thoroughly examined, & continue to be.

As for ignorant...Hardly. We need look no farther than you for proof. You wouldn't keep coming back if I were ignorant.You wouldn't waste your time. But here you are...

Come on back real soon!