Monday, November 2, 2009

Which One? (reprise)

I've only done a do-over one time @ Get the Big Idea. It's not something I do routinely, as I figure my friends are savvy enough to find 'like' posts using the handy labels list. Right? But sometimes, the mood strikes, & I want a do-over (don't we all?).

Lucky for me, this is my blog, & I get to choose. And no arguments from the rif-raf, either!

At any rate, I was walking the pooch today, with M.W.Smith on my IPOD. The sky was pristinely blue, as only a Carolina sky can be. Autumn leaves were warming themselves in the golden rays of sweet sunshine (after weeks of rain), & I was of-a-mind to count favorites. This original piece from 9-08 came to mind, & it just makes me feel good. Maybe you'll enjoy it too:

Books are essential. Reading is one of the best expanders of the mind, of the soul.

But what if some catastrophe occurs, and only one book could be saved? Faced with that notion, which book would you be sure to rescue? Which one would you save?

It's legal and it's literary. It’s historical and poetic. It's sophisticated
narrative and children’s delight. It's sexy and smoldering; compellingly real
and enigmatic. Come to it as a scholar, or scientist, an objective observer
or a hostile assailant. It's confounding, perplexing, nearly implausible. It
yields to antagonism, ignites debate and inspires awe. By it, through it,
one can be moved to a depth of intimacy that defies understanding. When
a catastrophe strikes, when all books will vanish and I can save just one,
this one will be clutched under my arm, shielded from the mayhem of
falling, crashing, burning. When I rush out of the flaming building and my
family is safe, I’ll have pressed against me this one, my Bible.
I’ll save it, because it first saved me.



BetteJo said...

Really hard to argue with your logic! :)

Anonymous said...

"When I rush out of the flaming building and my
family is safe, I’ll have pressed against me this one, my Bible.
I’ll save it, because it first saved me."

Suz, call me naive if you must, but I've never heard this quote before. I must tell you that I will never forget it, nor, by proxy, you for sharing it.

As usual, well done!!

Susannah said...

BetteJo~ Logic. Hmm. I guess maybe it is (sort of)! It's just what came to me...logical or not...

Hope you're well, dear one.

RWL~ I would never call you naive! On what POSSIBLE grounds? :)

(You've probably never heard 'that quote' before b/c I wrote it, & it's not published anywhere except here.)

Your compliment warms my heart, dear sir.

Anonymous said...

Suz, you're too kind; another proof that God don't make no junk.

Anonymous said...

This is very profound.

Susannah said...

RWL~ ;)

Fuzz! Glad to see you around these parts! Thank you for your kind comment.

Anonymous said...

For those who haven't hear yet. The has been a MULTIPLE SHOOTINGS AT FORT HOOD
At least seven people are dead and 12 wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood Texas.

Susannah said...

Yes, I heard a bit ago, DD2. Thanks for spreading the word. All, please let's lift this up in prayer.

Heaven help us.

Joe said...

I did not see the original post, so I'm glad you posted this one.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reposting! I agree with RWL, it's a quote that should be remembered and will be. Thank you for sharing it with us!


Susannah said...

Joe & Mac~ Thanks for the encouraging words. Sometimes a thing just feels right, ya know?

Take good care!

Annie said...

Hi Suzanne! I think the growing sentiment in this country matches the looks on the faces of the men and women standing behind Obama tonite on TV. One smiling face and all the rest looked quite serious and even discusted.

So, did your Obama-smitten friend ever have a change of heart? Might be time for another coffee date!

Blessings girl!
Annie ~*