Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sticky web: Copenhagen, Cap&Trade & Globalization

" 'Now is the time to confront this challenge once and for all,' President-elect Obama said of global warming last November. 'Delay is no longer an option.' It turns out that delay really is an option—the only one that has world-wide support."

Or so says the Wall Street Journal -- Copenhagen’s Collapse: the climate change sequel is a bust . This is welcome news to those of us who wish to remain a sovereign, self-directed nation.

(Pause for editorial gasp: I cannot believe I just typed those words… )

A few weeks ago, I anxiously posted a piece about the dangers of that Copenhagen summit, & followed it with a Part II . Apparently, you & I were not the only ones anxious about the potential for extortion that Copenhagen threatens. The WSJ says, "Mr. Obama bowed to reality and admitted that little of substance will come of the climate-change summit in Copenhagen next month."

That's good news! But don’t close your eyes just yet. One battle down, a philosophical war yet to wage.

Read on: "The environmental lobby is blaming Copenhagen's pre-emptive collapse on the Senate's failure to ram through a cap-and-trade scheme like the House did in June, arguing that 'the world' won't make commitments until the U.S. does... [though] China and India will never be masochistic enough to subject their economies to the West's climate neuroses…The pointlessness of Copenhagen will now become part of Mr. Obama's argument that the Senate must inflict cap and tax on the U.S., as well as a justification for the EPA's nondemocratic carbon crackdown via clean-air regulation. If he and we are lucky, however, the Senate will fail to act too...and the economy will recover faster without the looming burden of higher energy taxes."

Bear with me: Cap & Trade hasn’t gotten much press lately, for all the HealthCare talk. But just wait, friends, it’s coming. One only has to read pieces like Black Star News’ to realize that all these issues are woven together: national sovereignty, climate change, carbon emissions, 'going green,' to effect one overarching outcome: Globalization.

Sound benign enough?

Please. Read the Black Star article. The disdain, envy & utter disgust that the author holds for developed countries is striking. Friends, ‘Globalization’ means binding the West's hands (esp. the U.S.) & siphoning wealth to the Third World. All done through an entity out of our sight & beyond our control -- New World Order orWorld Government. 'Globalization' is code for massive Wealth Redistribution.

Sound familiar?

Climate change, 'going green,' & wealth redistribution are woven together, alright. It’s no accident our political culture has been softening our ear to these phrases for some time. (Makes me think there’s a larger spider weaving the web than we realize…)

No matter. We’re waking up, & I think, hope, pray it’s just in the nick of time. As I said in the close of Part II:

"We have not been 'standing watch.'
And now we know better. It's time to live better.
For it's not only our own pulse at risk,
but the heartbeat of our very Nation that depends on it."


Bungalow Bill said...

Be careful. Things around Obama have a history of collapsing, and when the guard is down they come back to haunt us.

Right-Wing Libertarian said...

We stood up to the "Kyoto" bozosity ... we can stand up to this stuff, too!

Oblama and his socialists can do grave damage to the nation for 3 more years ... we can't let our guard down!

We survived Carter, having elected Reagan to unscrew his mess ... the same thing can happen again. I remember all the liberals and their name calling when Reagan wouldn't give 'em their way ... imagine the tantrum they'll throw when we turn things around THIS time!!!

When I read stuff like this, Suz ... I begin to get that "glass half-full" feeling. We could still turn it around ... but a lot of socialists have got to go. Perhaps Chavez is hiring?

Susannah said...

Clay~ You're right to say 'be careful.' I had to read several sources b4 I would believe that the WSJ piece wasn't just my wishful thinking (that's how I found the Black Star News). I'm so used to being gun shy, it was hard to think that the spiral could stop spinning downward. Maybe it hasn't, but as RWL says, maybe the glass is half full now?

RWL~ Your comments give me courage!! We've been in tricky spots b4, haven't we? 'Seems it has never been THIS tricky...We'll see. But, we do ever-more have to speak up!

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Bad enough that Obama bowed down to a Arab King but now after he had seen and heard the whole country angry over it, he had the attitude to repeat it to another head of state yesterday. Even worse that he did not bother to learn how one bows in Japan, and just winged it looking like a complete idiot. Well at least Michelle ma belle wasn't there to wrap her arm around the Emperess's shoulders. How many times has his less-than-Presidential antics been criticized and bashed as an embarrassment to our country? And yet he keeps on doing only what he wishes to do like a spoiled brat who refuses wise counsel to self-discipline. This isn't just arrogance, it is sheer classless behavior. And when you mention it to the Liberal bloggers, their answer is... “Well Bush did this and Bush did that” Damn it can those moronic imbeciles ever understand that BUSH IS NO LONGER THE PRESIDENT! Will they ever accept the idiocy of the Obama administration for what it is!

PS, I love the picture in your profile.

Dan said...

These are indeed scary times when videos like this are censored. My guess is that these two are probably liberals who are waking up from their honeymoon to realize they have just married a monster. Just a guess. I'm glad they are seeing this power bent administration for what it is, and who it is, who ever that is.

I ToldJah So said...

The Libs might do us a favor and free us from OBAMA?

Because Obama just can't seem to stop making a fool out of himself.

Susannah said...

DD2~ "And yet he keeps on doing only what he wishes to do like a spoiled brat who refuses wise counsel to self-discipline. This isn't just arrogance, it is sheer classless behavior."

Indeed! I REALLY hope we can hold on until we send him a new Congress.

Re: the picture - Otis & I were having some fun! :)

Dan~ I watched that video. Wow. Speaking of thug-ery. I agree w/ what you say about the 'liberals married a monster.' Like DD2 says, though, so many of them refuse to see the fascist bent here. I even have one blogger friend who's insisting that I examine my motives for 'Obama Derangement Syndrome,' & that I'm acting like the Hard Right.

My response? I am the Hard Right...And when you've got a pres. who does crazy things, it makes one a bit deranged. Please.

IToldJa~ He just can't help himself, can he?

Dan said...

And as the nation continues to the left we will appear to become even "harder right" without changing at all.

Susannah said...

Dan~ Indeed. It's the same perception of Fox News. All the other news outlets have been so Left-skewed for so very long that anything 'fair & balanced' is perceived as "Right wing."

Susannah said...

a comment via email from a friend of my mom's (& mine!):


Much of the smog we have in this country comes from China via the air currents. That is a convenient truth Al Gore and the rest of the Dems. seem reluctant to acknowledge in their desire to rush us into this Cap and Trade crap. I have never figured out just why these people want to get us into something so disastrous as the Kyoto Accord and now this environmental meeting in Copenhagen in December with the full intent on bringing ruin to the United States. Europeans don't seem to realize that if we fall, so do they and if they don't, they will be expected to step into our shoes to financially take care of third world countries. It really is in Europe's best interest to see us stay wealthy enough to prop up third world dictators who steal their countries blind.