Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desperation in Coakley Camp?

Oh where, oh where did Ted Kennedy's seat go? Oh where, oh where can it be??

You can explain it away, or try to rationalize, or say it was Martha's fault, or BHObama's fault...but Scott Brown even being CLOSE to Martha Coakley is the clear voice of the People to Washington DC: STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!

We desperately need Scott Brown. Massachusetts, help us!

Heaven help us.



USA_Admiral said...

Rats are jumping ship in earnest. It should be a fun day watching the fallout.

Susannah said...

Glory, glory hallelujah!!!! Can you just believe it, USA????

USA_Admiral said...

It is such a refreshing blast of good news.I am still pinching myself to see if it is a dream.

SarahG said...

Mr Obama, the people have spoken!
We’ve had enough of your “Hope and Change”.
We don’t want leaders who promise transparency, yet fail to deliver it.
We don’t want the government to own auto manufacturers.
We don’t want the government to own banks.
We don’t want Obamacare.
We don’t want your “Czars”.
We don’t want a government that FORCES us to buy health insurance.
We don’t want cap-and-trade.
We are tired of being raped by the UN.
We are not convinced that global warming exists.
We don’t want our children and grandchildren taxed into oblivion.
We don’t want the government telling us which light bulbs to use.
We don’t want Guantanamo closed.
We don’t want international terrorists tried in our federal courts.
We don’t want leaders who are weak on national security.
We don’t want leaders who make us look weak and apologetic on the international stage.
We don’t want 10% unemployment.
We don’t want leaders who think capitalism is our enemy.
We don’t want leaders who do not support small business.
We don’t want leaders who promise to reduce pork-filled bills, then don’t do it.
We don’t want leaders who promise “no lobbyists”, then fill their administration with them.
We don’t want “special deals” for unions. 87% of U.S. workers don’t belong to unions.
We don’t want to be called racists, tea baggers, wing-nuts, etc. simply because we disagree with your views.

And finally…..we’re tired of hearing that “it’s Bush’s fault”.

Susannah said...

USA~ You said it! It's a BLAST of good news!

SarahG~ Beautiful! I hope you've posted this @ your blog. If not, you should. Excellent!