Tuesday, January 19, 2010



We the People have spoken: STOP DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!

It's time to get our country back, people.

Thank Heaven.

Thank GOD!

Glory Hallelujah.


Anonymous said...

We are on the road to taking America back.

Susannah said...

You betcha, Fuzz!!!

DUTA said...

Congratulations! I'm glad you're so excited and full of hope.

Average Joe American said... said...

Hallelujah! And Congratulations to Senator-elect Brown. The Kenyan is now 3 for 3 in elections where he shows up.
Whether you call yourselves Democrats, Republicans or Independents, the people have spoken!!
The One should have gotten the message by now. Thank you to the people of Mass. for taking the first step to reigning in Congress and President Obama. To Congress and President Obama, the grass roots continue to grow. You can still make a difference and join in protecting America, and the Constitution. Its NOT too late. Please give the health care reform back to the people. Open up the debate to the public. Congress, stop all your back door politics and corruption. America, please keep this movement going. NO MORE CORRUPTION in Washington. God Bless Senator Scott and his family, and God Bless America. Sincerely, Joe American

Susannah said...

Duta~ Thank you so much. Now that the initial euphoria has died down - slightly - I must say that this is not as much a partisan thing, as a denial of the Leftists the unobstructed power that they've abused for 12 months.

And ok, it is about voices from the Right demanding to be taken seriously.

AvgJoe~ Glad you came by, & thanks for adding to the party. Given BHO's record on 'campaign support,' folks up for election in Nov. would do well to distance themselves from BHObama. Love it!

Indeed, the people have spoken.

ExPatMatt said...

Hey, congrats on the win! From what I understand, Mr. Brown won over a lot of Independents to his cause (I hear there are more Independents in Mass that Reps and Dems combined!).

Now, this means what, exactly, in the grand scheme of things? The Dems don't have a 'super-majority' in the Senate any more, I think?

I'm still pretty new to US politics so I'm just enjoying the passion for the most part (UK politics is so apathetic!)


ExPatMatt said...

Just reading-up on this guy's Wiki page - I like the cut of his jib. He seems like a solid choice and I'm sure he'll do a good job.

He's done a lot of work trying to get mental health care to veterans which is a really admirable pursuit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Obama, a Republican now will be sitting where the Liberal Lion once sat.

Watching those biased chumps on MSNBC last night was highly entertaining

Susannah said...

Matt~ You've surmised rightly. MA is a heavily Democratic state (more regist. I's than either, though), meaning that it falls the the Dems by 'default,' or has so for the past almost 5 decades.

In the grand scheme of things, this indeed, breaks the lock on 'one party dominance' in the Fed. Govt. It means that the Far Left will no longer have carte blanche on legislative agenda or their passage. It means that other voices will be heard & represented - which was NOT happening.

Indeed, Sen-elect Brown seems like a stand-up guy. He's not as 'conservative' on some issues as myself, but that's okay. It takes all kinds...I'm just so very relieved that 'all kinds' of voices will now be allowed to break through the DC elitist arrogance & entitlement, & will have a fighting chance @ being heard.

Glad you came back!

Joe'sAmer~ I'll bet it was entertaining, but still, I couldn't bring myself to watch it. Just too much for my battered political sensibilities to tolerate.

Joe said...

This is step one, brought on by pressures from free thinking New Englanders and mistakes by both Coakley and President BO.

There's still a lot of work to be done, but if it can be accomplished in Massachusetts, it can be done anywhere.

Freedomnow said...

Youre welcome for the graphic Susannah. It looks good on your blog!

Brown has a bright future ahead of him and our country is much better for it...

Susannah said...

Joe~ Yes, step one. I'm thrilled about last night. But, I'm cautiously optimistic in the bigger picture. Baby-step, though, right? ;)

Freedomnow~ Thanks!! I love it, too!

Jim said...

"It means that the Far Left will no longer have carte blanche on legislative agenda or their passage."

Yep, the country became a marxist system in 12 months because the liberals won every vote on every issue on their agenda.

What planet are you living on?

Susannah said...

Jim dear, not even your irascible antagonism will not dampen the mood here.

There's no more supermajority. That's great news for the country (& for the planet I live on)!

Bryan said...

Though many are rejoicing over Scott Brown's U.S Senate win in Massachusetts, what should politically involved Christians remember? They should remember that Scott Brown is not a messiah and that his election:

* Has not stopped the blood shed of unborn children
* Has not stopped the militant homosexual movement
* Has not stopped famine and pestilence
* Has not stopped America's moral degradation and idolatry
* Has not stopped government school indoctrination
* Has not stopped apostasy and lukewarmness in the church
* Has not stopped the rising of Islam
* Has not stopped the persecution of Christians
* And has not stopped the sins of America from filling the cup of God's judgment.

This is not a time to recline on the bed of ease. We are still in the last days and the times are still perilous. We are still a country and a people that need to be called to repentance.

We are a nation in need of more Holy Ghost filled preachers, watchmen, messengers, and prophets who will sound the alarm, and call a nation and its people to repent and turn to God.

"Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober" (1 Thessalonians 5:6.)

Cincinnati Rick said...

As Seen on the Progressive Eruptions!
It hurt to see the great Ted Kennedy's legacy supplanted by what I consider a light-weight:

And what legacy may that be? If it was made into a movie it would be called The "nightmare on elm street"?
He secretly contacted the Soviet KGB to attempt to undermine America's defenses against the Soviet Union. This began even under pansy Jimmy Carter. But Kennedy's efforts to undermine America really got going under Ronald Reagan. He attempted to arrange a propaganda tour for Soviet dictator Yuri Andropov. Thankfully, Kennedy failed and so did the Soviet Union. His treachery was exposed thanks to the discovery of documents in the Soviet archives following its collapse.
And did I mention Ted Kennedy was responsible for the killing of Mary Jo Kopechne while he was driving drunk with a suspended driver's license after taking her home from a party where he was screwing her!
Kennedy was also a leading supporter of cutting off all aid to South Vietnam. This is not American troops or bombing, mind you, but aid that America had committed by treaty to provide. This snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and led to the slaughter of millions of Vietnamese by the communists.
And did I mention Ted Kennedy was responsible for the killing of Mary Jo Kopechne while he was driving drunk with a suspended driver's license after taking her home from a party where he was screwing her! Contrary to the plaudits of liberals, Kennedy didn't give a damn about the common man. He cared about Ted Kennedy first and only. Where was Kennedy's compassion for others when he was letting Mary Jo Kopechne die?

Pelosi,Reid, and Obama have been pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people for over a year now and the liberal's follow the leader just like the three blind mice.
Only a moron like Pelosi would laugh about Obama's telling lies in his campaign about transparency, she laughs because she lies about as bad as Obama! To make a statement that the administration has been the most transparent ever? Lady are you on crack! LMAO, how about that!
And how about those democrat senators that have been bought and paid to vote for this healthcare bill. They know it will not lower cost, it will raise cost for everyone, it will cut medicare for seniors and it will not provide insurance for thousands of others. If this trash bill pass, I will boo Mr. liar Obama every time he praise it. Ignoring the repubs and the Majority of Americans who do not want this bill, makes him the fool he appears to be.
It's time Obama, Reid and Pelosi are stopped from SABOTAGING the country and the American people. They refuse to listen to the will of the people, and we refuse to be turned into a socialist nation. At least I DO!

ExPatMatt said...


You should check out the Daily Show from Monday (18th). It was the day before Brown won and Jon Stewart was reacting to the potential for the Dems to lose that seat - he has a total meltdown and it's hilarious.

I think you'll like it.

Susannah said...

Bryan~ Glad you came by. As I said over @ Z's blog , please be sure you understand that our exuberance is NOT about Scott Brown - the man. My further explanation can be found back @ Z's, or simply scroll up to the comment I made to Matt above... And to think, our Republic has been freed of bondage from the threat of radical Leftism by MA, of all places!! God has a cool sense of humor, no? ;)

CincinRick~ Great to have you here. First, a long time ago had to decide if I would ever again visit the blog you mention. Everyone must decide for themselves what is the best use of their intellectual time & efforts.

That said, you are correct in your assessment of the 'legacy' they bemoan tarnishing/losing, whatever. Thank you for your articulation of it. :)

Matt~ What a laugh!! Thanks so much for the tip. I NEVER watch Jon Stuart - really, just now is the most I've ever watched. He is very, very clever, even if I'm on the opposite side of the political fence!

FYI folks, the first 9+ minutes of this video is what we're talking about. (Warning: some offensive language...it is cable, after all...) ;)

ExPatMatt said...

I thought you'd like that! I haven't seen the one after the results yet though... ;)

He certainly is smart and, from what I've seen, he doesn't let his ideological position get in the way of satirizing anyone who deserves it. I mean, you know he's rooting for the Dems, but he's just as happy taking them to task for being useless as he is taking the Reps to task for [whatever].

By way of example, he had a go at Rush Limbaugh (spelling?) and Pat Robertson for their comments about the Haiti situation (Rush started going on about what good fortune it was for Obama and, well, I'm sure you've heard what Pat said). But then he also had a go at Rachael Maddow (something of a liberal poster-girl) for doing the same thing - bringing 'agenda' into it, when we should be talking about how to come together and help people - I like that he goes after everyone.

He's certainly preferable to Bill Maher!

Susannah said...

Matt~ I wouldn't know if Jon's preferable to Bill M. or not...I make it a habit to NOT expose myself to purposeful frustration... ;) I DID enjoy your clip, though. Shared it w/ my husband, too!

See ya soon!