Thursday, January 21, 2010

They're SINGING!

“Do you hear the people sing,
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people
Who will not be slaves again.
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums,
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes!"

December 16, 1773
Colonists disguised as Mohawk Indians dumped 342 chests of English tea in to Boston Harbor.

April 19, 1775
Revolutionary War began with the battles of Lexington and Concord.

July 4, 1776
Colonists declare their independence from the British Empire.

Friends, this is who we come from. This is the stuff we’re made of…This is who we are.

We’re fighters , & we have an exquisite sense of fairness & justice. When we believe that sensibility has been trampled, we’re not afraid to stand up against those who’ve perpetrated the offense (April 15th, 2009).

July 21, 1969
We can do things others have said we can't...

July 3, 2004
or shouldn't...

Or had better NOT...



Maybe we do know who we are,

Maybe we have begun to remember...

We still need heroes; now more than ever.


Can you hear it? Can you be it?

Do you hear the people sing?



Anonymous said...


We are on a roll now.. And this train ain't stopping until we win!

Crucis said...

That piece from Le Mez is one of my favorites. In fact, it's in my CD player playing right now.

ExPatMatt said...

"And this train ain't stopping until we win!"

You do realize that, whoever wins, the other guys (the losers) are still Americans, right?

It's really strange to see this continual 'us and them' when both the 'us' and the 'them' are the same people. At least in previous times the 'us' was against the English (I still haven't forgiven that outrageous waste of good Tea, by the way!) which is understandable. But now the 'us' is against another group of 'us' and it can only hurt the country for everyone to think that way.

Just my 2 cents. Love Les Mis.

Ciao Baby said...

Obama has said he had mistakenly neglected his direct connection to the American people, after a stunning Republican election win shifted the balance of power in Washington. Obama's aides meanwhile insisted his historic health reform drive was not dead, after Massachusetts voters handed the Swimmer Teddy Kennedy's former Senate seat to Republicans, casting deep doubt over the president's sweeping agenda..
By the way, I treat progressive socialist liberals the way the Savior treated the Pharisees. Go for the throat and feel no guilt, since you'll never convince them that their approach is not only incorrect, it's wrong. And, their opinion and intent for you will not change, so you may as well use the opportunity to bolster the convictions of those who do agree with you.

In other words, debating with them (however civilly) is fruitless, since the only thing that will change their narrow little minds is to be stung by the foolish choices they've made, i.e., big government, high taxes and ever decreasing liberty.

Crucis said...

ExPatMatt, it a sad state but it's true. We're now "Us agin them" here in the US. It started with socialist FDR and has continued ever since. It took a big step forward during Reagan when the dems made policy disagreements a criminal case. The dems and libs have worked hard to build the barriers between them and the rest of the country. It's not conservatives against liberals, it's now wanna-be tyrants against the rest of us who just want to be left alone.

I worry about that a lot. More so when I think how likely it is that my Grandsons and Granddaughter will be caught in the middle of a civil war.

Yes, it's gone about that far.

Pity. It was such a nice country but we let the libs mess it up.

Susannah said...

Matt ~

What I think we're all saying, is that things do seem to have gotten THAT serious. It is not only a political disagreement, but - especially as indicated by recent 'winner take all' politics -has become a fight for our very existence as a Republic; a fight for the heart of our nation.

Mr. BHO himself said he wanted to 'rebuild this country brick by brick.' I will never, in my lifetime, forget watching him say that & wondering what the h@## he was talking about. Now we know.

Socialism / Fascism at the hands of those whose will is to destroy our way of life.

'They' may be Americans by birth (though I'm not so sure about BHO), but 'they' do not believe in the same America as the ones who fought to the death against your countrymen for our freedom.

Buck said...

Yeah baby! - I was listening to Les Mis and singing this very song in my car this afternoon!

And to Matt's point, as despairing as it is - it has become us vs them. Why? Because radicals have infiltrated and taken over the Democratic party - in a two party system that's bad news. We have a president who is out to get ME and MY family. He wants to destroy the businesses we work for, he wants to confiscate our "wealth" and redistribute it to the less worthy, he wants to censor the only media that we feel is worth any attention whatsoever, etc., etc. So you better believe it's us vs them. We must pray that like the citizens of Mass., the rest of the country also realizes the siege that is underway and joins "us" - the doers, the producers, the givers, the tax payers - and kicks these dirty "progressive" dogs out of Washington.

Because when "they" - the cult of victimhood - the irresponsible, the takers - outnumber "us" - we're done.

Jim said...

"You do realize that, whoever wins, the other guys (the losers) are still Americans, right? "

ExPatMatt, don't think for a minute that you're getting the full picture from this blog. You're getting a perspective from "folks" who think that about one half of their fellow countrymen are traitors and/or idiots.

Just so ya know.

Susannah said...

Buck~ You're back! and never without your $0.02. Bravo!!!

Jim dear ~ I'm quite certain that Matt -& everyone else who happens by this small blog- can read what's available & discern for himself.

(You're still cranky after 1-19-10, aren't you?)

Jim said...

1-19-10 has nothing to do with it.

Cappy said...

Still enjoying the results even as we speak.

Z said...

that is one of my VERY VERY favorites! I've posted it 3 times, I think, and didn't think of it for SCOTT BROWN! GOOD ON YOU, GIRL!!!!

And, I'm with CRUCIS....good comment, Crucis.
EzPatMatt, I was an ex pat in Paris (though I refused to call myself EXPAT as everybody else did because I felt like it sounded like ExPATRIOT!) and you'd be VERY surprised how divided we are's ALL about PARTY now...nothing else. A very scary place to be. While we're arguing between parties, terrorists are licking their chops...especially with Obama, who apparently can only do one agenda at a time and is now saying it's JOBS he's been working on all year, not healthcare. You can'tmake this stuff up.

Joe said...

Jim is just naturally, and irrevocably grumpy.

I think this post was masterful!

rosey said...

January 2010 - Millions dressed as "tea party" participants voted in the historic Massachusetts Brown victory for the seat that John F. Kennedy then his brother Ted occupied for over 30+ years.

Jim said...

You folks are really a hoot, ya know. Are you still cranky about 11/4/08?

You betcha!

Buck said...

Yes - I am cranky about 11.4.08 and will remain so as long as a communist is president of the United States of America. And I'm cranky with you, Jim, and everyone else who voted for this monster and still stands by him after seeing what he and his progressive comrades in the Congress are trying to do to this great land of ours.

Crucis said...

And Jim, Buch was being polite.

Susannah said...

Jim~ Sorry if you're in a funk for other reasons. It just so happens that 1-19-10 is the topic of our discussion here. Seemed reasonable to me.

Cap! Long time no see! Happy New Year! It's really nice to have something like this to celebrate, no? ;)

Z~ Isn't Les Mis fabulous!! It's just great on SO many levels. There are some terrific comments here, right? And actually, YOU were the one who gave me the idea to post this again. The first time I posted it, you told me that you'd made a commitment to post it every few months...Time seemed right to me!

Joe~ Your're too kind. Can't lose w/ great material, though, right?

Rosey~ LOVE that! I would love to have been a 'fly on the wall.'

Jim~ ...what Buck said...

Buck~ You know how to slide in @ just the right time, don'tcha? Thanks for coming by again.

Susannah said...

Crucis~ I think so, too. Thanks for stopping back by.

Z said...

Perfect timing, Susannah..
And yes, there isn't a bad song in Les Miserables...
I remember now that I sang EMPTY CHAIRS AT EMPTY TABLES for Martin Sheen :-)

Listen To Me said...

So you were foolish enough to try and get along with the Liberal NAME CALLING Idiots over at SHAW'S Progressive Eruptions blog.

Some people never learn.
Here is what I found there

fldemo said...

ok let’s put this in perspective, this troll Susannah is a conservative shill who goes from blog to blog to spread her propaganda and to further the BS that Scott Brown is the new conservative's savior, now that Sarah Palin is dead in the water. I jyst visited her *BIAS* blog and read the jokes that she calls information.
If you want a good laugh go there ... but beware of the barn yard dogs that will attack you if you dare to disagree with her venom.
To say that she's a little over the top is an understatement. Suzanne needs to take a look at her own shtick and get a life somewhere in la la land.


This is want we get when we try to get along with these imbeciles.

Susannah said...

Z!! I know. I think Les Mis is my absolute favorite. If you think about the broad themes, it's all about redemption. wow.

LTM~ I know, I know...why did I go back there after restraining myself for so long.

Just for the record, I wasn't "trying to get along." I was actually having a little fun. But that only lasts for so long, then I have a life to live.

I disconnected from the thread after my last comment - now you see why~!~

Listen To Me said...

Susannah .. i know what you mean, i tried to express my opinion there two or three times until i was so insulted by that "person" who thinks she's the Queen "Shaw" Who called me every name in the book and then deleted my comment.

Now I know better.

Robert McCain said...

The libs and their blogs are so scared of Mr. Brown that they are as you said digging up all the old dirt that they can find. i.e. in Sarah Palin's case.
Mr. Scott Brown is the new hero of the republican party and the libs will try every trick in the book to destroy him as they already know threat he's the new threat to them. But it ain't going to work in his case. He's much to strong and to smart for that crap. And to Mr. Obama, you have made your bed, now your going to have to pay the price.
The American people have woken up. You Libs are going to have too Deal with it. Go spread your lies and BS on your disgusting blogs, It's not going to help.

Jim said...

Gee Susannah, do you expect that blog to be different from what one gets here if they disagree?

Susannah said...

Robert~ Welcome! Yes, I believe (I hope) the American people have awakened. There's LOTS of work to do!

Jim dear~ I don't recall you ever having been ill-treated @ this blog, @ least not by me. I make every attempt to be gracious, while stating my positions firmly. I do not brow-beat my visitors, don't repeatedly demand they factualize each tedious detail of their comment, esp. when a rational argument has already been put forth. Etc., etc.

Challenge is fine. I like challenge, & I hope my readers do too. I get a kick out of many who disagree here: you - when you're not being cranky (& even sometimes when you are), Matt, etc.; and even when some are being testy.

Sometimes that makes me laugh out loud! But it always challenges me to clarify, measure, retool my position. That's always a good thing. Disagreement is not met w/ the same spirit @ other blogs. I'm certainly not perfect, but I try.

Btw, anyone who doesn't feel welcome by their hostess here is absolutely free to go elsewhere. That includes you Jim, dear.

Slamdunk said...

Well said. I am not sure the socialists believe those singing are sincere yet. Yet that is...

the malcontent said...

Jim said...

Gee Susannah, do you expect that blog to be different from what one gets here if they disagree?

Jim I think you are on the wrong Meds..
Either that or you got lost on the way over here. What Susannah said in her reply to you was absolutely 100 percent correct.
"THAT" over place is well know for deleting, name calling, ganging up on commenters and you name it. Where as here on Susannah's blog it's just the opposite. I don't think I've ever seen her do any of those things.
Maybe you need a map to find your way back after getting insulted and told "NEVER TO COME BACK" by the Queen of Mean.. Shaw!

Independent Moderate said...

Suzanna, I read that blog and what "SHE" said about you and the things that she called you and then deleted what she said because she knew that she crossed the line. That blog is not tolerant to any opposing political views, and the author Shaw is just a egomaniac that is off her meds. ALL CONSERVATIVES/REPUBLICANS show stay away from her blog and let her and her dopey cronies like Truth talk to each other and have a good time patting each other on their backs thinking that they proved their points..

Prior to last November’s election, I seriously considered voting for Obama. I researched his background thoroughly, including reading both his books. There were a variety of issues that arose during that period that were cause for concern. However, it was one pre-election speech delivered by Mr. Obama which was a clear turning point in my thought process. Mr. Obama spent an entire hour promising “everything to everybody.” It was the most ludicrous display of bull@*$& I’d ever heard by any politician. I concluded that, if Mr. Obama was elected Emperor for Life, he couldn’t have delivered on half the promises contained in that one speech, which, in turn, lead me to conclude that Mr. Obama was a politician who excelled at being a politician.

Anonymous said...

These marxist scum are not going to go down without doing all they can to destroy capitalist America and our democracy. They are going to ram their marxist political ideology down all of America's collective throats. Anyone that does not believe these scums to be a clear and direct danger to America are a fool or are a marxist themself. Let the scum continue their marxist ideology if they choose, it will not be long before the majority will see the only clear way to remove them from office, and it will not be good for America, but it will be necessary. They will deserve everything that comes their way. This shall become the end of what was once known as the big tent democrat party.

AbetterBob said...

Just keep up your bullshit Shaw Everyone needs a good laugh...

ExPatMatt said...

For the record, I feel quite welcome here.

I will say that anyone who has a problem with Dems digging up old stuff on Brown must be suffering from short-term memory loss if they think the Reps didn't do the same while Obama was running for office!

Susannah, are you seriously in the camp that thinks that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii? Really? Why?

Susannah said...

Slamd~ Thanks, & you're probably right about those of us still not being taken seriously.

Mal~ Thanks for your kind affirmation! Feels nice to be well-understood! We do have better things to talk about, don't we? ;)

IndepMod~ Very glad you came here. And even more glad that you saw through the facade that is BHO, before your vote was wasted. You may have saved yourself some feelings of betrayal. Join us in fighting this fight, eh?

Anon~ Yes, I believe that the Marxists are intent upon re-making our country to suit their agenda. And speaking of clear & direct danger to our country, please see my most recent post.

AbB~ I suppose. The older I get, the more life teaches me not to take myself so seriously...

Matt~ I'm very glad you feel welcome; you are. Yes, the 2008 election was vicious - but mostly for Sarah Palin. THAT display was the worst it has EVER been.

As for BHO's birth, I wonder what makes you ask the question, Matt? But I'm happy to answer: I don't know if he was born in the US or not. I believe there are too many unanswered questions, & his 'origin' is too shrouded to know for sure. If I had to rely on his word, which I apparently do, I would say no. I don't believe he was born in HI.

Why? Because I don't trust him. Period.

Jim said...

"As for BHO's birth, I wonder what makes you ask the question, Matt?"

Well Susannah, maybe it's when you wrote:

"'They' may be Americans by birth (though I'm not so sure about BHO),"

"I don't know if he was born in the US or not. I believe there are too many unanswered questions, & his 'origin' is too shrouded to know for sure. If I had to rely on his word, which I apparently do, I would say no. I don't believe he was born in HI."

For crying out loud, Susannah! Surely you have come beyond this absurdity. Too many unanswered questions? There are no unanswered questions.

And you don't have to rely on his word (although it seems to have been good enough for every white man who ever became president). You can rely on the Secretary of State of Hawaii. The State of Hawaii certifies (many times over) his Hawaiian birth certificate and has no doubt that he was born in Hawaii. I believe even World Net Daily has even given up on this one.

Expat, got a better sense of what you're dealing with? :-)

Susannah said...

The 'birth' issue isn't going anywhere, but it does make one wonder. I don't think it's worth spending time & energy on - or I would written a post about it, right?

Since it has come up:
...Note that states typically have a long form (certificate of live birth) and a short form (certification of birth) for their birth documents. The long form, or vault copy, contains the more detailed information...certified signature of the doctor. In 1961, the document would obviously have been typed on a typewriter. The short form contains more limited information, and is the less desirable of the two forms when absolute proof is desired. When someone requests a copy of a birth certificate from a state (or county), the document provided is typically the short form...the vault copy is not retrieved and examined. The short form is then usually stamped or embossed with an official seal. The document provided by the Obama campaign, whether valid or forged, is the short form.

It's from this web site . But, there are a slew of sites out there that debate it.

Why did people latch onto this issue? Because it was unclear, people in other countries were claiming fame to his birth, & one MUST be born in the US to be Pres. (hmmmm...there's never been a shroud over the birth issue re: pres. candidates, but of course this guy gets questions b/c his skin is darker...yeah, that's it!) The Obama campaign was cagey about it, further arousing suspicion.

People who didn't trust BHO or the campaign asked for straight answers, delay tactics were used, & tensions grew.

When Mr. O's opposition demanded answers, they were called racist, like my friend Jim here has done.

See Matt, it's a very popular (& effective) tactic used when you want someone to shut up. All you have to do is simply whisper that they might be racist, & people turn tail & run.

(Just in case you want a better sense of what you're dealing with, Matt.)

That's all I'm gonna say about it, as it's not worth my time. BHO is the president, natural born or not, & nothing will change it. Why bother?

ExPatMatt said...


"That's all I'm gonna say about it, as it's not worth my time. BHO is the president, natural born or not, & nothing will change it. Why bother?"

I would suggest that, if this is your position, you refrain from making side-of-the-mouth comments about Obama's birth that can only serve to rile people up.

Just my suggestion.

"Yes, the 2008 election was vicious - but mostly for Sarah Palin. THAT display was the worst it has EVER been."

What, in your opinion, were the worst aspects of that campaign (directed at Palin)?


Susannah said...

Hey there, Matt~
I appreciate your suggestion. Thank you for offering it. The neat thing about blogging is that I get to say whatever the heck I want to! If I'm feeling a bit sarcastic, I get to sound like it! If I'm sad, I get to express myself that way too.

If somebody has a question about something I write, they can ask (as you did), & I'll answer as clearly as I can (as I did). Isn't that neat? I'm happy to do that all day long.

What I won't do is edit myself in order to spare the tender, hypervigilant sensibilities of random nameless, faceless individuals who may pass by this blog on happenstance. Sorry.

To answer your questions about S. Palin, the best I can do w/o boring everyone to tears (as everyone who didn't sleep through the 2008 election knows how terribly Mrs. Palin was treated), is ask that you see my label "Palin" & read a few of the pieces I wrote.

Two of them about which I felt the most intensity were: Women against Women and Paradigm Shift . 'Paradigm Shift,' especially, b/c of the broader implications for Women in America.

Thanks for asking.

Jim said...

John McCain wasn't born in the US. Did you ask to see his birth certificate?

See Matt, if one questions a candidate's lack of any previous policy positions, and body of policy work, any source or inspiration of political or policy knowledge, any questionable acts in office, if she's Sarah, then she's being unfairly attacked.

But if you question a candidate's certified birth certificate, you're simply seeking the answers to "unanswered questions."

Susannah said...

Jim dear,
"John McCain III was born on August 29, 1936 at the Coco Solo Air Base on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal Zone, which was United States territory."

...nyah, nyah, nyah...


Not that I thought you would, but you clearly didn't view the posts that I linked for Matt, et. al.

Apparently, you're in w/ the Janine Garafalo ilk , who view eviscerating someone's character, femininity, family, reputation, humanity as fair questioning of a "candidate's lack of any previous policy positions, and body of policy work, any source or inspiration of political" etc, etc.

Really Jim. You know better than that.

Crucis said...

Jim, John Mccain was born in the Panama Canal Zone in a US military hospital to American citizens while his father was serving in the military at the time. His birth was duly registered with the US Embassy according to US law. US Law says that John McCain qualifies as a naturally born citizen under those conditions.

And yes, he did show his Birth certificate. Obama's documentation is an altered copy of a copy and he has refused to let the original be examined. In addition, it is a certificate of live birth not a birth certificate. Much of the information that would be contained in a birth certificate is blank---like who delivered him.

Frankly, I don't know if he is a naturally born citizen. After all this time, it's a moot issue. He'll be gone after the 2012 elections.

Susannah said...

Thank you for providing a bit more dimension to this discussion.

See ya soon~

ExPatMatt said...


"What I won't do is edit myself in order to spare the tender, hypervigilant sensibilities of random nameless, faceless individuals who may pass by this blog on happenstance. Sorry."

I never suggested that you should censor or edit yourself or that you needed to apologize for not doing that! Not for me or for anyone.

I merely said that if you're going to hold a position that you don't want to talk about (because it's irrelevant) then, if it's a particularly contentious issues (like Obama's place of birth) then you should just simply avoid making reference to it. Otherwise you're going to get dragged into a discussion you said you had no interest in having. As is happening now.

I've got no interest in talking about how mean people were to that dumb bimbo Sarah Palin - why can't people just leave it alone and get on with their lives?

(see what I mean? You'd probably want to call me out on that, if I were serious and then we have to get into the whole thing!)

Anyway, it was only a suggestion and, of course, you are free to do whatever you wish and I will (and do) respect that, always.



PS. I'll check out those links in a bit, thanks!

Susannah said...

Your kind comments are so noted, sir.

(You're cool, Matt.)

Jim said...

"[McCain] did show his Birth certificate". Really? To whom?

"Obama's documentation is an altered copy of a copy and he has refused to let the original be examined."

Bovine scatology.

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